Bath and Body Works Big Sale Haulage

Since the Bath and Body Works offerings at Marina Mall were pitiful, I decided to check out what they had in stock at The Avenues, and brought my adorable sister-in-law with me. We also stopped by a Sephora but that’s another haul for another day.

Poolside Punch – Sweet Mango, Chilled Raspberries, Juicy Blood Orange

Boardwalk Vanilla Cone – Marshmallow Fluff, Vanilla Bean & Creamy Caramel

Strawberry Picnic – Sugared Strawberry, Sparkling Lemon & Summer Breeze

I picked up a couple of Deep Cleansing Hand Soaps in the scents Poolside Punch, Boardwalk Vanilla Cone (gag), and Strawberry Picnic. Poolside Punch smelled nice and fruity in-store as did Strawberry Picnic (Summer Breeze indeed, I think it’s hilarious when B&BW make stuff up and list them as notes) but Boardwalk Vanilla Cone was purchased un-sniffed because I figured it had vanilla and I usually tend to love vanilla. I haven’t used the other two fruitier ones just yet as I’m currently working my way through my first Boardwalk Vanilla Cone. Apparently, these were KD/750 a pop as opposed to KD3/000 each.

Cup of Warmth – Vanilla Chai, Toasted Biscotti, A Sprinkle of Nutmeg

Twisted Peppermint – Cool Peppermint, Sugared Snow, and Fresh Balsam

I sniffed Cup of Warmth Shower Gel in-store and it smelled oh-so-delightful! It straight up reminded me of my beloved Peach Citrus… I’m just as confused as you are. Naturally, I grabbed two (because who knows if B&BW is ever going to re-release these again). Normally, I can’t stand the scent of minty anything and everything (unless it’s a foot scrub lawl) but for whatever reason I decided to give Twisted Peppermint Shower Gel a sniff and was instantly smitten. I envision myself using this stuff in the midst of Kuwait’s stifling hot summers.

What is happening? There’s a vanilla-scented product I don’t like (me!) and a minty-scented product I’m crushing on. Crazy, right? The three Shower Gels were purchased for KD1/000 a pop as opposed to their regular price of KD4/750 each.

Honeysuckle – A beautiful blend of Sweet Honeysuckle Nectar, Creamy Vanilla and Peony

Once I saw these, I started grabbing them and maniacally tossing them into the B&BW canvas shopping bag they hand out by the entrance (slightly scaring my sister-in-law, as she hasn’t seen this crazy side of me, ’til now). I’ve expressed my love for Honeysuckle before, so I was on Cloud 9 when I noticed these. I purchased them for KD2/750 each when normally they’d be KD7/000 a pop. With that being said, I’d gladly have purchased them for triple the asking price as I love this scent so so so much! I know I’ve stated several times that I hate florals but this is such a delicate, fresh, and overall clean scent that I just simply adore! I’m glad I’m fully stocked up because I was loathe to use the one Honeysuckle Candle I had lest I burn the whole thing and end up Honeysuckle-less. If Bath & Body Works ever had other products in the same scent available for purchase, I’d gladly buy them all (even their pitiful Fine Fragrance Mists).

All of the above and then some for a little over KD20 ‘aint bad. My sister-in-law picked up some shower gels for her and my brother but that’s pretty much it. I was like “grab some more” but she was all “nah it’s fine, we’ve got enough now to last us for the next couple of months” (see normal people purchase stuff they use up, not stockpile it in fear of it ever running out), so my shopaholic tendencies didn’t sway her in the least.

Overall, I was pretty disappointed by the “Big Sale“. I mean I found some pretty good stuff as evident by this haul but I would’ve liked to have seen a better selection. Where were all the cool limited edition knick-knacks (like this Snowman Scent Bug, for example). Where were all the really good products they’d been churning out all year? Most importantly, where were all the Wallflower Bulbs? I mean this was hands down, the worst Big Sale they’ve ever had!

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