Lady Gaga Fame Black Fluid Eau de Parfum



I’m not a huge fan of Lady Gaga (the last song I actually enjoyed of hers was “Just Dance”) but I was desperate to get my hands on Fame (2012) because of all the hype surrounding that perfume (which was insane!). It was supposed to have “blood and semen” (hella’ gross but also expected from Gaga) for starters and even though my rational side was skeptical (I mean bodily fluids in a perfume doesn’t sound very sanitary does it? I figure that’s gotta’ be at least a dozen health code violations right there.) my other much less rational side (the one that delights in conspiracy theories and such) kept taunting me with “but what if?” It was also supposed to include other “dark” ingredients like Belladonna. Now, I’m not big on plants, er, flowers but I’m well acquainted with Belladonna thanks to my old-school RPGs (Playstation) so I know for fact that Belladonna is pretty much poisonous so I was quite curious as to how it would smell like in a perfume. Mysterious ingredients aside, even the way Fame is supposed to perform (I’ll go into more detail on that shortly) as a perfume was unique! The liquid was actually black (hence Black Fluid) but turned invisible once you sprayed it on. That sounded insanely awesome! If nothing else, I had to get my hands on Fame for that reason alone. Even the perfume bottle itself was meant to be shaped like an egg (sooo cute) and for a cap, it had a metallic claw gripping the egg!

Naturally, I searched high and low, all over Kuwait for Lady Gaga Fame Black Fluid Eau de Parfum but never found anyone who even knew what I was talking about. I figured my best bet was to wait for the Perfume & Makeup Exhibition (Mishref Fair Grounds) and search for it there because that’s where all the new(er) perfumes tend to pop up first. Thankfully, I did find it there but they didn’t have any testers (#thirdworldproblems) so I bought it anyway. It was a legit “blind buy” (I believe that’s the term for purchasing perfume without smelling it first). There was no discount on Fame because it was new. I purchased it for KD26/250. What with all the drama and craziness going on in my life, I never got around to opening it up… until now. I’m making it a point to review or do a first impressions on all my perfumes (which means opening up the unopened ones as well).

This is what’s depicted on the back of the packaging. I know she calls her fans “monsters” or something so the claw makes sense. I have no clue about that other stuff. It is different though and I quite like it. As always, click on the photos to enlarge them.

Here’s a close-up of the claw-shaped cap. It kinda’ looks like a weapon. I don’t love the fact that it’s gold (ugh) but I’ll mind it less when the cap is replaced on the black egg-shaped bottle (the combination of black and gold is slowly growing on me). Not only can it be used as a cap but also as a stand for the cute egg-shaped perfume bottle! I thought that was pretty nifty! Notice how it’s three-pronged… dun-dun-duuuuuuun Illuminati symbolism! Just kidding… or am I? Not to add Black Fluid to the fire (lawl) but there’s a lot of rumors linking Gaga to the Illuminati. Just sayin’.

Traditionally, perfumes usually have a pyramid structure of top notes, middle notes, and heart notes but apparently that’s not the case with Fame which utilizes “push-pull technology” (you get all the scents or notes or “doses” at once, without any hierarchy). Fame has a trampoline structure (notes rising at different rates that are quite random ergo push-pull). Supposedly, based on that, Fame will smell differently on different people.

Dose 1 Madness (also known as the dark accord): Atropa Belladonna, incense and saffron which represents Gaga’s dark, wild, dangerous side.
Dose 2 Pleasure (Sensual accord): Honey and apricot to illustrate Lady Gaga’s velvet, ultra-sensual nature.
Dose 3 Glory (Light Accord): Tiger Orchid and Jasmine Samac. Dose three is described as luminous and pure, which delivers an important contrast to the dark elements as this dose is fresh and dewy.

When I was younger, I used to be a bit of a tomboy (kinda’ still am regardless of my shopping tendencies and penchant for pink) and would get cuts and scrapes regularly. My maternal grandmother would always have a huge bottle of Pompeia perfume (dunno’ why it says lotion on the packaging when it’s obviously perfume but whatevs) and dab some on my cuts and scrapes. My mother used to do that to me too. At the time, I didn’t quite understand why they were torturing me because that stuff burned! I also hated the way it smelled (Pompeia is actually what turned me off perfumes in general). Now that I’m older, judging from what I remember of it’s god-awful scent, I’ve deduced that Pompeia probably had a high alcohol content and was therefore used by grandmother and my mother in turn as a disinfectant. Consequentially, I seem to have picked up that habit as well, and will spray whichever Bath & Body Works Fine Fragrance Mist (high alcohol content) I’ve got laying around, on my latest cut or scrape.

Judging by the celebrity behind this scent, the hype surrounding it, the ingredients rumored to be in it, the technology that went into creating it, and the design of the whole thing, I was expecting something that would justify all that. To me Fame smells exactly like that horrid Pompeia fragrance that I was tortured with, as a child. It’s a bit lighter and less alcohol-y but yeah to me they smell pretty much the same. I don’t get even a hint of sweetness or fruit notes from it. This is a straight up floral to me, blech! After an hour on my wrist, the scent has completely disappeared (which I count as a blessing). For some reason, I’ve never purchased a celebrity fragrance prior to Fame (unless you count Jessica Simpson’s Dessert line of edible body sprays), not any of the Britney Spears Fantasies or the Taylor Swift Wonderstrucks or any of those, so my first experience with celebrity fragrances has turned out to be pretty disappointing. Sure it looks pretty cool with the whole black liquid thing and the adorable egg-shape and the claw doubling as either a stand or a cap but that’s pretty much it. Fame stinks, literally.

Sorry, Gaga! Don’t come for me!

With that being said, I did purchase another celebrity fragrance along with Fame at the Perfume & Makeup Exhibition (Mishref Fair Grounds) but more on that in my next post.

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