Milton Llyod Colour Me Sky Blue Eau de Toilette

Finally, the last fragrance in my 3-part first impressions, for Colour Me Oud – click here, and for Sapil Nancy (Green) – click here. Now, on to Colour Me Sky Blue.

A very sensuous, feminine fragrance with complex top notes of sparkling citrus lemon, soft juicy fruits of cherry and peach, enhanced by diffusive floralcy of peppery summer freesia. The rich floral heart of jasmine, green floral muguet and velvety roses is scintillating.

Top Notes – Orange, Blossom
Middle Notes – Honey, Amber
Base Notes – Woody, Musk

As you can see, Sky Blue comes in similar packaging (plastic encasing, cardboard sleeve) as Oud. However, underneath the name of the fragrance on the cardboard sleeve, Sky Blue has a tiny symbol for females. Also, Sky Blue comes in a transparent bottle that’s in a delightful shade of blue.

Once again, there were no testers for this at Sultan Center but I purchased it anyway as it was dirt cheap. Based on the color, I figured it would be an aquatic fragrance. Sadly, it’s yet another floral. With that being said, I can easily detect the powder-y quality of the roses in the scent (which I love!) and I’ll get a faint whiff of honey every now and then but that’s the extent of the “sweetness” in this scent. However, on the tissue that I sprayed this on, the orange is very apparent but on my skin, all I get is flowers (ugh!) and then that lovely powder-y rose scent with some muskiness (yay!) and then other flowers (ugh!).

I purchased Colour Me Sky Blue hoping it would be in the same fragrance family as Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue (reviewed – here) seeing as how they’re both, well… blue. I figured I could hold off on purchasing another Light Blue if this one turned out to be similar. Even though it’s nowhere near the same, Sky Blue does have a somewhat zesty quality to it, regardless of the fact that it’s a floral. I suppose I’ll use it some more before I make up my mind on whether I’m keeping it or getting rid of it. I won’t count this as another cheap-y perfume “win” but I won’t count it as a loss just yet, either. I’ll end this post with an “undecided” :/

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