Milton Lloyd Colour Me Oud Eau de Toilette

A rich warm fragrance opening with citrus accords on a warm cardamon, rose, jasmin heart. The honey sweet base notes are a rich tenacious blend of precious woods, tobacco and warm ambery musks.

Top Notes – Orange Flower, Cardamon
Middle Notes – Rose, Jasmin, Honey
Base Notes – Patchouli, Oud, Musk

Since the beginning in 1975 Milton-Lloyd has always offered the finest quality of fragrance at the lowest possible price. There is no great secret to what makes an excellent fragrance – It is not the expensive bottle it comes in; we offer our outstanding fragrance in simple packaging. An excellent fragrance is not the created by the advertising that promotes it; we do not spend money advertising our fragrances.

It is our consumers genuine recommendations have been our advertising and promotion and has been the best endorsement of our fragrance. An outstanding fragrance is created by the essence that is contained inside the bottle; the fragrance is what we invest in, develop and focus our attention on.

We buy the finest quality; longest lasting oils, and we put them in at the highest concentration to ensure we repeatedly delight the final consumer. We take great pride in the fact that all of our products are made in England, to an exceptional standard.

This was another perfume I found at Sultan Center (see previous post) and I actually purchased all three together. Once again, the packaging is what caught my eye. The EDT came in hard, plastic encasing with a cardboard sleeve over the whole thing. I would’ve sworn that Milton-Lloyd is the brand and Colour Me is one of the many ranges or lines but apparently Colour Me is also a brand… so I know nothing. They didn’t have any testers so even though it clearly shows the symbol for males (you can see the tiny symbol right underneath where it says Oud on the cardboard sleeve, first photo) I wanted to purchase it, regardless. I figured it might be another intoxicating scent like my beloved Anfasic Dokhoon January 23rd (reviewed – here) which also happens to be for males. The fact that it’s straight up called “Oud” doesn’t hurt either as I find myself slowly but surely being drawn to Oud fragrances.

This is an extremely, extremely, extremely potent scent! Not gonna’ lie, at first it smells straight up rank! Shortly after it turns into a delightful Oud scent before finally settling into a teeb blend (like the ones that come in teeny-tiny little roll-on vials) that Arabs are so fond of dabbing all over their pulse points. I mean for a British brand, their interpretation of teeb is spot-on! With that being said, I’m not really a teeb connoisseur (so I couldn’t really tell you if it’s good quality or bad). It’s also not really my cup of tea…b (couldn’t resist). I guess I could alternate between this and the “Typical Kuwait” perfume (reviewed – here) for fancy-schmancy events. I could also bust this stuff out before I go to late-night social gatherings during the Holy Month of Ramadan and make it seem like I’ve made an effort (burnt some Oud or dabbed some Teeb) when in reality, I’ll have only spritzed this stuff over-heard letting it lightly mist me all over, before I walk out the door, giving it enough time to settle (dry down) into a comfortable, Ramadan-appropriate scent.

I mean it’s not my favorite scent in the world (Oud, Teeb, etc… are an acquired taste after all) but I foresee Colour Me Oud coming in pretty handy down the line. Also, the bottle (nightmare to photograph) is actually quite beautiful and would look lovely erected on a wooden vanity table (or even in the living room, or guest bathroom, or wherever else you’d like to place it for your own personal use or for others). Once again, another good, cheap-y perfume!

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