Givenchy Ange ou Demon Le Secret Elixir Eau de Parfum

Experience Givenchy’s best kept secret. Ange ou Démon Le Secret offers a glimpse into a fascinating realm with a scent filled with grace and elegance. The Ange ou Démon woman is dazzling and mischievous, with a hint of mystery that dwells within her. What is her secret? Who is she? Just a single mist reveals all… Elixir’s sensuality runs deep and rich bringing the seductiveness of the original fragrance to a graceful climax.

The composition is a floral with a bitter beginning and a wooden background of patchouli. It opens with freshness of Italian Lemon, Green tea and Neroli. The heart is made of white flowers such as Sambac Jasmine, Orange Blossom and Frangipani. The base notes are Vanilla, Patchouli, Cedar and White Musk.

I never really got into Givenchy fragrances, aside from Givenchy Oblique Play (2000) which I had when I was a kid because it was so unique (I loved the novelty of having to insert the perfume vial into the case myself), the cool-looking oblique shape (remember this was the year 2000 so that aesthetic was a “thing”), and its delightful fruity fragrance. I distinctly remember Givenchy coming out with Rewind, Fast Forward, and Play during 2000, all with their own distinct scents. They were such a huge hit the world over so of course they had to be discontinued. I wish Givenchy would bring them back! Later on, as a teen, I got into Givenchy Hot Couture EDT but it wasn’t sweet enough for me so I gave it away (both my bestie and my sister asked for it but my bestie has asked first so she ended up with it). After that, I never purchased another Givenchy perfume. I’ll eye up Givenchy Very Irresistible (or whichever reincarnation of it is out at the time) but I’d never actually bite the bullet and purchase one (fool me once, etc…) so I was pleasantly surprised when I received Givenchy Ange ou Etrange Le Secret Elixir Eau de Parfum (could the name be any longer?) as part of the “dazah” when I got married.

The one I’ve got says Ange ou Etrange (2012) but I couldn’t find anything online so based on the similarity of the color of the perfume bottles and the fact that the dates add up, I came to the conclusion that Ange ou Etrange was released to the rest of the world as Ange ou Demon. I suppose it might be a regional thing, since Demon translates to Devil, and Muslims (being uptight as they are) might consider the name of perfume offensive. That’s the only reason I could think of for them to just up and change the already well-established name of an already best-selling fragrance from a world-renowned luxury brand like Givenchy.

It goes without saying that I haven’t sniffed any of the Ange ou Demon fragrances (or their previous editions). What with all the moving and whatnot, I didn’t feel the need to open this up and use it… up until now.

First of all, the unique-looking, multi-faceted perfume bottle is very pretty! It might not be to everyone’s taste but I think it looks insanely cool!

It kinda’ looks like something everyone in a sci-fi movie would be fighting over; the shard of “Angels and Demons”!

When I first spritz this on, I get a burst of florals and citrus, specifically lemon. Then I get more florals (sorry all flowers smell the same to me, some I find less offensive than others but yeah aside from roses, they all smell the same to me). I’m not sure why but I don’t really hate this. In fact, the florals in this smell delightfully pleasant and dare I say it, fresh! I guess I’d describe them as “green” notes. Finally, on my skin, it settles into a pleasant musky scent that strongly reminds me of Tea! It doesn’t smell like fruity tea, or medicinal tea, or any one tea in particular, just regular good ol’ tea. Sadly, I don’t get any vanilla even though it’s listed as one of the notes. However, I’m not too broken up about it because this an absolutely charming fragrance! With its flashy packaging and suggestive name, I was expecting a sexy gourmand or a spicy oriental or anything else other than this chaste and charming, tea-scented fragrance. I’m not even a regular tea drinker but I’m already obsessed with this scent!

7 thoughts on “Givenchy Ange ou Demon Le Secret Elixir Eau de Parfum

  1. Welcome back, Mrs Strawbery Blonde! How goes it?

    I’ve only just now realized (thanks to you!) that I’ve spelled Elixir incorrectly in the title lol

    Yes, Ange ou Demon Le Secret Elixir (again with the ultra-long names lol) is a lovely fragrance and I’m completely obsessed with it! Do you you by any chance detect any “tea” notes in it, though?

    Nice to hear from you again :)


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