Escada Island Kiss Eau de Toilette

Steal away to a deserted tropical island where every day is summer when you wear Island Kiss by Escada. Crisp and refreshing top notes of zesty orange, ripe mango and sweet white peach blend with floral notes of passion flower, magnolia and hibiscus to deliver a paradisaical fragrance. Warm musk, blond woods and juicy red fruits add layers of depth and intrigue to your captivating scent.

Launched by the design house of Escada in 2011, Island Kiss is for the woman who longs to feel as fresh as the summer breeze all year long. Wear this eau de toilette and the included palm tree charm to make every day feel like a beach vacation!

I’ve always loved Escada perfumes, namely Pacific Paradise (2006), Sunset Heat (2007), and Rockin’ Rio (2005). Back in the day, I even used to buy Escada Magnetism Deodorant (in bulk) from VaVaVoom (Marina Mall) up until it got discontinued. When Moon Sparkle (2007) came out, I gave it a sniff and didn’t fall in love with it so I passed on getting it. After that I sorta’ never got another Escada perfume again, which was a shame because their absence was strongly felt. During the Perfume & Makeup Exhibit (Mishref Fair Grounds) I came across the latest Escada offering at the time, Cherry in the Air (2013) and was so turned off by it. I figured I’d just outgrown Escada‘s sweet, tropical fruit concoctions, so I just avoided them. Like I said in my last post, I was at the dollar store buying some materials for DIY projects (which I’ll probably never get around to doing) when I came across a previously owned Island Kiss (2011). The man assured me (he promised!) it was authentic and aside from missing the cap, was in perfect condition. I didn’t even care to sniff it. I just purchased it, on the spot.

I mean, just look at the packaging. With her long, gravity-defying hair, nonchalant hip sway, and those aviators (my favorite style of sunnies!), to me that is the very definition of effortlessly cool or in layman’s terms, girl got swag. I don’t want to be friends with her. I want to be her! I’ve always loved Escada‘s cutesy graphics (even though they’re slightly different from my preferred Anime graphics) and it’s partially the reason why I’ve purchased so many of their fragrances over the years. It doesn’t hurt that it says “limited edition” on the back, either. Based on my previous experience with Escada fragrances (they wear off pretty quick, just like most EDTs) I figured the bigger the better, which is why I was pleased with the ginormous size (100ml/3.3 fl oz) of this. With that being said, it’s not like the guy selling this had it in a smaller size. He just had the one so it wasn’t really a choice. It was awhile ago so I don’t really remember how much I bought it for but it was something insane because it almost full and had already been discontinued (I don’t know how to haggle and honestly don’t enjoy doing so).

Even the bottles of Escada fragrances always look pretty! There’s just something I find aesthetically appealing about them. How cute is that charm though? Sadly what with all the moving around and whatnot, I never got to wear this and it just lived in a cardboard box up until now. Like I said, I was going to set all my perfumes aside, open up all the unopened ones, and review (or do a first impressions of) every single perfume in my collection, leading up to Valentine’s Day. Sadly, with Island Kiss, I’m not sure if it’s been tampered with (guy sold me a fake) or if it’s just really old now (6 years later) or if this is genuinely what it smells like but I hate it. I don’t smell any fruits in it. I can’t detect any sweetness, at all. The only thing I’m getting is flowers, and lots of ’em. This smells like something floral-y from Bath & Body Works. I’m gonna’ hold on to it for a bit longer so I could test it out some more but if nothing changes, I’m going to have to let it go. With that being said, I’ll definitely be keeping an eye out for the newer Escada perfume called Agua del Sol (2016) because it’s suppose to be a gourmand and also because I’ve been missing my Escadas.

Moral of the story, don’t purchase perfume (or anything, really) from shady sellers, neither online or irl.

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