Al Musbah True Love Eau de Parfum

Top Notes – Bergamot, Green Tea
Middle Notes – Jasmine, Rose
Base Notes – Musk, Patchouli

Ever since it was first released, Victor & Rolf Flowerbomb had become my most favorite perfume of all time! I repurchased it over and over again and went through bottle after bottle of Flowerbomb. I wanted to always be wearing it, regardless of the season, occasion, location, etc… I wore it in Winter. I wore it during Summer. I wore it on nights out with my “squad”. I wore it to family gatherings. I wore it to college. I wore it abroad on month-long vacations in Europe, and on weekend getaways to Dubai. I even spritzed a tiny amount on myself before going to bed so I can smell it while I dreamed. For the longest time, Flowerbomb was all I ever wanted to wear… It made me feel so happy! I swear I loved that scent with all my heart!

When it ran out, again, I was planning on picking up a new one, as per usual, but then I got engaged and I had to prep for marriage. During the engagement period, my fiance went on a pilgrimage to the Holy City of Mecca with his family. He was well aware (everyone was, really) of how in love I was with Victor & Rolf Flowerbomb so he brought me back True Love by Al Musbah as a gift. Al Musbah True Love judging by the packaging, was obviously a knock-off of Victor & Rolf Flowerbomb. I couldn’t give True Love away because I was marrying the guy and he’d expect to see it in my collection. I couldn’t purchase Flowerbomb because it seemed wasteful to when I already had a possible dupe. I was stuck. So, for the next couple of years, I had to live without my beloved Flowerbomb, meanwhile True Love remained unopened, still perfectly wrapped in it’s transparent plastic packaging, as the day it had arrived (as shown in photo above).

Until now. I was planning on reviewing (or doing a first impressions) of all the perfumes (including the unopened ones after I’d torn them open) in my collection, leading up to Valentine’s Day but then the net went down and I had no internet for a couple of days which threw a wrench in my plans and I missed the deadline and here we are.

Even the packaging of True Love is a blatant rip-off of Flowerbomb.

I didn’t quite know what to expect from the bottle but I was glad that it wasn’t Flowerbomb‘s iconic grenade-shaped bottle. In fact, I believe True Love‘s bottle strongly resembles Gucci II minus the large cap. I could be wrong though, because I’ve never previously owned any Gucci perfumes.

When I first spritz it on, I find myself saying “eww” repetitively, as it smells like an old lady (or L’Oreal Mascara). A few seconds later, it turns into Flowerbomb! It’s not kinda’ like it. It’s not similar to it. It straight up is Flowerbomb!

It’s not lost on me that a knock-off of my beloved Flowerbomb can be purchased at the one of the most holiest places on Earth (to Muslims). Oh, the irony. I don’t mind the sticker on the bottom of the bottle (c’mon let’s be real, this is a knock-off after all so the packaging is bound to be cheap) but who puts their number on there?

So yeah, True Love is a dupe for Flowerbomb. Apparently, Al Musbah “dupe” a lot of other best-selling perfumes. In fact, I just noticed one of their perfumes has suspiciously similar packaging to Elizabeth and James Nirvana (White) up on their website. Link below.

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