Louis Vuitton Shoes

These arrived on my doorstep along with some fancy-shmancy (Godiva) chocolates and a huge bouquet of flowers (with two tiny teddy-bears clinging to the flowers) and two perfumes La Perla J’Aime Eau de Parfum (reviewed – here) to wear when I wasn’t around him because it gave him a headache but it was what he perceived my style to be and Chopard Enchanted Golden Absolute Elexir de Parfum (reviewed – here) to wear for him.

They were a birthday gift from my ex-husband (after I’d left him but before we’d gotten divorced). The sandals were for me because that’s what he perceived my style to be, while the significantly higher blue heels were for me to wear whenever I was around him. At first glance, all these gifts might make any normal girl melt but the fancy-schmancy brands, the quantity, everything really, just screamed “over-compensating”. Not to sound ungrateful but I’ve always thought flowers stink and chocolates are vile and was very vocal about my preferences. If after several months of marriage, he still hadn’t bothered to get to know me or even my preferences, there was no hope for a reconciliation. Honestly, I would’ve run straight back to him if I’d gotten a bag of Skittles, small shower gel gift set from Bath and Body Works, or even any KD5 “jewelry” from Claire’s. That said, I was touched by the effort but it was too little, too late. We kept in contact but he quickly slipped back into old ways saying he wasn’t obligated to honor our marriage (which was precisely why I’d moved out in the first place) until the day I moved back in with him. We kept going around in circles but since Kuwait is an Islamic Country, only the guy has the ability to divorce a woman. I had to break it down to him – all the way down to the fundamental reasons – why we just don’t work as a couple. A little over two years later (3 years in total), we finally got divorced. I’m toying with the idea of doing a future blog post on the whole thing.

Anyways, this post is about the shoes so on to that. I don’t really own any fancy-schmancy shoes, unless you count the one pair of Michael Kors Sandals I own as fancy. The reason for that being fancy shoes are expensive and I have a tendency to be thoughtless and rough when it comes to my shoes. I’ll splash around in puddles (yes, even as an adult because it’s fun!) when it rains, I’ll wobble all the way down to the water whenever my friends and I pass by any beach, I’ll even kick around a football (or soccer ball as the Americans call it), all without giving a second thought to my footwear. I’ll smush them together in a drawstring dust-bag and stuff them in my suitcase when I’m traveling abroad and even back home I’ll store them incorrectly. I’ve got no less than three different pairs of heels in my car at any given moment, always squashed under the passenger’s seat. If I spent a frivolous amount of money on a certain pair of shoes, I’d be less inclined to wear them because I’d have to treat them with care. I mean I could do all the things I normally do but that would be like flushing money down the toilet. Only yesterday I was emptying out the sand from my studded, black, suede booties after an impromptu trip to the beach with my younger cousin after he’d picked me up at my place to go Ikea-browsing with him (as we are both in the process of decorating our apartments except he’s moving next week and I moved into mine about 3 years ago but I’m still living out of a couple of suitcases and putting on my makeup practically in the dark (horrible lighting) because I’m wary of committing to anything (read: or just insane). This is why I can’t have nice things (lawl)!

Fitting song, no? Lyrics are spot-on too ;)

How gorgeous are those heels, though? Even though they are crazy high, they’re actually pretty comfortable… for about an hour. After that, fuggedaboutit. In addition to having huge platforms at the front (so comfy) they’ve also got padded insoles. Also, that color is everything! In certain lighting, it looks navy, but in the dark it can look almost black, while in direct sunlight it looks straight up cobalt! The color is always changing and I love that about these shoes! Also, how ridiculously cute is that little gold padlock on the back? I’m a huge fan of any detailing (wings, bows, anything, really) on the back of shoes. I mean generally, I’m not a huge fan of gold (actually despise it) but on this thing, I kinda’ don’t hate it. I’m not a huge fan of peep-toes especially since my toes kept slipping through these ones but once my ex had them exchanged for me (he’d gotten me a size 39 when I’m a size 38) they fit perfectly and I kinda’ like the fact that my nail polish is always peeking through. Can you imagine those shoes with a matching nail polish, or a neon orange polish, or neon yellow, or black, or something irridscent-y? Ooooh the possibilities are endless! Initially, I wanted to feature these shoes on my blog because velvet is trending but once I googled theme, I found out that these are actually called “Oh Really!” and are apparently calf-skin suede – sorry, I don’t know my textiles – and have been worn by Beyonce, Michelle Williams, Jessica Chastaing, in different colors (and textures).

Apparently, these were part of the Louis Vuitton Fall 2013 Collection.

From the moment I got them to this day, I’ve only ever worn them once, which was to a wedding on October 2016.

These on the other hand were much more practical for everyday wear. The heel was significantly lower. It was mostly all black suede aside from the front which was also suede but had white, tan, and black stripes. Once again I didn’t mind the gold hardware on the ankle straps or on the signature “V” at the front. Somehow all the colors fit together nicely. I’ve been searching on google endlessly (well, only when I started this post) but I still couldn’t find out what these suede, ankle-strap sandals were named. Also, I have yet to wear these.

They are both lovely, in their own way. The “Oh Really!” blue suede pumps are ridiculously sexy while the black suede ankle-strap sandals have an understated classic appeal to them.

However the heels (on both) are what makes my heart leap with joy!

That said, since they’re fancy-schmancy and expensive, I don’t have to heart to wear them and consequentially end up destroying them…

Which is why they live in these dust bags (that they came with), in their LV boxes.

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