Colourpop Haul

Before my first order had even arrived, Colourpop were having yet another really good deal on their website and so I decided to take advantage of it and quickly placed my second order with them.

It came well-packaged, as per usual, with a brochure of their products, and a really cute thank you note from the Colourpop Team that reads “Merry Everything and Happy Always

The names and descriptions are delightful! Well, aside from the limited edition products because their descriptions are less humorous and more, er, descriptive (color-based). You’ll see for yourself in a second, when I go over each product.

I picked up a Full Size Lip Kit (5 Ultra Matte Lip) called Blues Baby for $30 ($6 a pop). Directly underneath that is an Ultra Matte Lip ($6) in the shade Ribbon and is what actually pushed me to place a second order so soon after my first. I also got an Ultra Satin Lip ($6) in the shade Marshmallow because I wanted to try a different product from Colourpop and because I’m obsessed with uncommon shades like this one. The last item in the first row down is a Sculpting Stix ($5) in the shade Illuminati. Next row over is a Foursome (4 Super Shock Shadows) called Peachy Keen ($18). I also picked up another 4 Super Shock Shadows ($5 a pop) in the shades Sequin (metallic copper), Tea Party (sparkly peach), I Heart This (sparkly taupe), and Sailor (glittery beige). Last row over, I got 3 more Pearlized Highlighters ($8 a pop) in the shades Churro (marbleized), Might Be (rose gold), and School is Fun (Hello Kitty Collection).

Mink: Deep greyed out mauve brown (Limited Edition)
Smitten: Dark blackened violet red (Limited Edition)
Play Date: Rich blackened magenta (Limited Edition)
Avenue: Deep yellow red
Notion: Rich red violet

There were other Lip Kits both in Full Size and Mini Size with a lot of the more trendy shades but I went with Blues Baby because those shades were calling out to me. Plus it was limited edition (as you can tell by the packaging). and I didn’t want to miss out.

I placed them in the same order as listed to avoid any confusion. Mink (1st) is one of those trendy colors that I mentioned earlier and I’m honestly not too excited about it. The one I had my heart set on was Notion (5th) but now that they’ve arrived, Smitten (2nd) and Avenue (4th) are looking pretty good too! From it’s description, I was hoping Play Date (3rd) would be a dupe for Revlon Strawberry Suede but in the tube, it seems way too pink. If anything, Notion (5th) seems like it would be more of a dupe.

Avenue (4th) – Sleep all day, stay up all night in this deep brick red
Notion (5th) – We are pretty positive you are going to love this deepened raspberry

Clearly, I’m having a moment with reds and berries. Awww doesn’t that sound cute? Someone (*cough*Colourpop*cough*) should totally come out with a collection and name it Reds and Berries! Thankfully, you can still pick up Avenue or Notion or both!

Ribbon – Rich Blue Red (Hello Kitty Collection)

How gorgeous is that color? I was lusting after Ribbon from the moment it was pre-released to beauty gurus on YouTube and they started swatching it on their channels. Ribbon was part of the Sanrio Hello Kitty Collection but it previously came in a Set (with a bunch of other stuff that I wasn’t interested in) that quickly sold out, even if I had decided on biting the bullet and getting said Set. I made my peace with never seeing Ribbon again, until it popped up on the Colourpop website one day and not only that but was also available for individual purchase (by itself, not as part of a set). Not wanting to risk it being sold out again, I quickly placed my order.Even the name is adorable and that packaging is ridiculously cute! Hello Kitty‘s signature ribbon is everywhere from the packaging to the actual cap of the product itself.

I’m super excited about playing around with Ribbon! I feel like because of my now dark(er) hair, Ribbon might potentially be quite flattering on me, regardless of my odd, sallow complexion. Even if it looks horrible on me, I’m quite chuffed that I’ve managed to get my hands on Ribbon because it’s just so stinkin’ cute!

I really like the whole color-coordination thing that Colourpop‘s got going on. I’m still new to the brand but from my first Colourpop haul, we’ve already established that their regular (not limited edition) packaging is usually all-white with holographic print. Going only by what I’ve ordered, apparently the products from the permanent line are all color-coded; Pearlized Highlighters have a pink tab, Super Shock Shadows have a light teal tab, Sculpting Stix have a brown tab, and an Ultra Satin Lip comes with a yellow tab (as shown above). If they ever do decide to open up an actual physical store, I imagine the whole color coordinating thing will come in quite handy for customers.

Marshmallow – We weren’t fluffin’ around with this grey lavender, it’ll make you want s’more

It’s one of the more uncommon lip colors and could easily go either one of two ways and look extremely flattering or extremely awful but I decided to risk it for a biscuit (or graham crackers… ‘cuz of the smores… That’s right Colourpop, I see your pun and raise you with one of my own.) Unique lip color, cute name, funny description, and a possible dupe for my beloved long-discontinued MAC Relic Lipstick? Sold!

Illuminati – Get in on the secret in this soft yellow butter cream

I’d purchased a Sculpting Stix in the shade Dove earlier for contouring and I figured Illuminati would be great for highlighting. Also, let’s not ignore the fact that this shade is legit called Illuminati!!!!

The packaging of Peachy Keen what caught my eye, initially. I know it’s a removable sleeve and all but still, it’s pretty cute!

Crimper – Soft gold with multi-dimensional gold glitter in a metallic finish (Limited Edition)
Kennedy – True mid tone peach in a matte finish (Limited Edition)
Cornelious – Mid-tone warm caramel in a matte finish (Kathleen Lights Collection)
Bandit – Warm rusty brown with a matte finish
Bandit – Yippe Ki yay Mother lovers, introducing your new favorite matte warm rusty brown

Cornelious and Bandit are still available for purchase. Apparently, limited edition products don’t get funny descriptions as you can tell by both descriptions of Bandit: as part of the set (limited edition) and the regular description (not part of a set, when you purchase Bandit individually).

Honestly, Kennedy (boring description for limited edition products but charming name!) was what sold me on the whole thing. Although I can’t stand actual peaches, as in the fruit (or their scent), I’ve always loved peachy blush, peachy nail polish, peachy lipgloss/lipstick, and peachy eyeshadow. There’s something I find extremely appealing about certain peach-shades and Kennedy is no different. I was lusting after it from the get-go. When it comes to gold eyeshadow, I actually prefer a light yellow-gold as opposed to a darker orange-gold or darker green-gold, as I find it more flattering (since I usually skip foundation) so Crimper sounded great. Once it arrived, I was delighted by how beautiful it looked! Kathleen Lights is a well-known beauty guru on YouTube so I’m pleased that I got Cornelious because it’s one of the shades that was part of her collab with Colourpop. Also, Kennedy, Cornelious and Bandit are matte shades which are always pretty handy as they can always be put to good use.

Sequin – A metallic copper penny-like shade with mutli-dimensional glitter. Find a boy, pick him up, all day long You’ll get good….
Tea Party – This soft peach with silver sparkle is made for you if: you love pink champagne, sparkles, and tea parties (duh)
I ♥ This – Our fearless leader loves this taupe with a silver sparkle SO MUCH that we naturally had to name it “I Heart This”!
Sailor – Fight evil by moonlight and win love by daylight in this warm beige with multi-colored glitter

I just couldn’t decide between Sequin and Tea Party so I got them both. I don’t do well with copper, especially on my eyes, as they always end up making me look sickly. Sequin however has multi-dimensional glitter so hopefully that would make the copper more forgiving. Plus, I’ve never tried Super Shock Shadows before (first order hadn’t arrived yet) but the consistency of their shadows aside from sounding fun could also potentially be quite flattering (read: not do all that weird stuff that regular metallic eyeshadows always do). The name and description of Tea Party sounded ridiculously cute and I was instantly smitten with it… before it had even arrived. Just look at that gorgeousness!!!! Sorry, Aerosmith but taupe is my favorite color and I ♥ This being a taupe made it a total no-brainer purchase. I’d actually had my eye on it the first time around but skipped it because I didn’t want to order too many products for my first order with the brand. If you selected the “Best Sellers” from the drop-down list on their website, I ♥ This and Sequin were both in the second row, which further cemented the fact that I needed to get them asap. So Quiche was actually in the first row of “Best Sellers” and sounded like it could be really complimentary, but I couldn’t decide on I ♥ This and So Quiche and didn’t want to get them both so obviously I went with I ♥ This. As for Sailor, I just can’t resist a sparkly neutral. As an added bonus, the description is a nod to Sailor Moon (Anime) which I never really got into (believer it or not, I haven’t even watched a single episode, ever, but people talked about it so much that I feel like I already know what it’s about and dont’ feel the need to watch it) but it’s cute, just the same. I actually skipped Sailor first time around as well.

Here’s all of the Super Shock Shadows from this haul. I set them side-by-side so you can get a better idea of the actual colors.

The majority of the Super Shock Shadows I got this time – aside from Sequin which might possibly make me look sickly if not applied properly – seem like easy-breezy, wearable colors. I mean how gorgeous do those two peach shades, Tea Party and Kennedy look? I can’t decide on which one I like more out of the two. I feel like Kennedy could totally double as a blush and Tea Party could double as a highlight, if I ever felt inclined. Those three at the top, Sailor (top), Crimper (gold), and I ♥ This (taupe), are so sparkly and beautiful! Those three at the bottom, Kennedy (peach), Cornelious (caramel brown), and Bandit (dark brown all the way at the bottom) are mattes, and who would turn their nose up at a sensible matte? Kennedy is everything! Cornelious could be a decent transition shade. Bandit could be used in the crease, or to line my brown eyes as I suspect it might make them look more green.

Finally, I got a couple more Pearlized Highlighters because I’m a sick, sick person, obviously.

Churro – Feel as golden as this sweet treat in this coppery peach with flips of gold shimmer and silver glitter

Might Be – You’ll never know what this metallic rose gold might be up to

School is Fun – Pale yellow gold (Hello Kitty Collection)

Churro mainly interested me because it was marbleized, which is unique to Colourpop (look at me acting like I know all about the brand when this is only me second order lawl). Apparently, Churro had been released before, and sold out crazy fast, the first time around. Rather than risk missing out on a potential favorite (read: being a good little sheep lemming) I purchased one for myself. Going by the swatches online, it seemed like it might suit me. Due to its description (metallic ROSE GOLD!) I got suckered into purchasing Might Be. I say suckered because looking at it now, it’s ridiculously dark. I’m actually dreading swatching it. I guess I could use it as a bronzer. I really wish Colourpop had better, more accurate swatches on their website because their descriptions although delightful (and hilarious!) can be way off sometimes. I can’t stand gold, especially when in jewelry, but for whatever reason, I find that light yellow gold shade in makeup products very appealing. As such, I purchased School is Fun. Aside from the fact that it was limited edition, it was also part of the Hello Kitty Collection, ergo must-have.

I justified this purchase (to myself… lol) by going for Limited Edition items like the Blues Baby Lip Kit and Peachy Keen Shadow Kit as well as the two products from the Hello Kitty Collection Ribbon and School is Fun. Basically, the deal was if you ordered $100 worth of stuff, you’d get a $25 gift certificate in your e-mail two weeks later…and you know what that meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeans, yup, another Colourpop haul on the way!

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