Celebrity Big Brother Season 19 Finale (Thoughts, Loves, and Regrets)

I have to preface this by saying that I knew who was going to win before watching the finale. I wanted to finish writing up the Celebrity Big Brother Season 19 Finale post before watching the actual finale so the post would be as unbiased as possible but I only finished writing the first half before passing out and promising myself I’d work on the second half the next day, which is what I did. None of the channels in Kuwait air CBB so I have to watch it a day after it airs in the UK anyway. I thought I could make it in time but since I had a lot to say (as always) not only was the episode available for viewing but the winner was all over the internet by then. I was down to the last paragraph of that post (literally, the last one) when I remembered that I hadn’t included the age of the last three surprise contestants (that entered the CBB house ten days later) and as I was googling Kim’s age, I accidentally stumbled upon the winner of this season. I was so disappointed because that pretty much took away all the suspense. I would be watching the finale knowing which one of the final six contestants had won. With that said, I still watched the finale (duh) and even watched the rest of it on Bit On The Side or as Emma keeps calling it, BOTS.

Speaking of Emma, she looked gorgeous, as always!

She wore a striped maxi coat over black wet-look pants and a black top. Literally, everything she’s wearing makes normal people look fat and yet Emma looks stunning! I used to own a long, striped, coat just like that when I was sixteen (except it was wool, shapeless, and the black and white horizontal stripes were smaller) and it made my 5’1 frame look even shorter, rounder, and all around chunkier. I straight up looked like a wrestler (horizontal stripes on big arms)! My aunt who is pretty much obsessed with fashion (clothes, jewelry, etc…) asked for it so I gave it to her because it would look infinitely more flattering on her 6’something frame (she’s a slender, long-limbed, giant… so basically typical model-frame). As for the black top Emma is wearing, for all intents and purposes, it’s supposed to be an unflattering length (cuts off the midriff and/or emphasizes typical problematic areas) but somehow it looks great on Emma! The wet-look pants are what convinced me that the beautiful Emma is not of this earth, because I’ve got something similar (purchased from Amazon around 2007-2008 when wet-look pants were trending) and let me tell you, I never ever wore them out once because my thighs pretty much looked like trapped sausages (with the added bonus of highlighted cellulite)!

Emma on the other hand not only pulls it all off but looks like a goddess while doing so!

They say a picture paints a thousand words, well there you go. This one is of Ray J during his time in the CBB house. Thankfully he didn’t make it to the finale (for whatever reason).

Sadly, hurricane Chloe didn’t make it either.

I believe the rest of the evicted housemates made it to the finale and were seated together (just like every other finale) and acting all happy and giddy which just came across as so fake. It feels like they were milking their last few minutes of fame, honestly. I could barely stomach looking at Jamie and Stacy. Ugh!

I wasn’t shocked when Bianca was the first to be evicted out of the final six. I was however so shook with her choice of hairstyle (which I strongly suspect Nicola had a hand in) because say what you will about her but this girl’s hair, clothes, and makeup was always on point!

We’ve already established her white cape-dress is exquisite!

But that hair though! Why, Bianca, why? I mean yeah it does give me strong warrior-princess vibes and all but I don’t believe it’s finale-worthy… especially since Bianca had been hiding framing her face with her hair during her entire stay in the CBB house… only to unveil it during the finale! I barely recognized her with her hair pulled away from her face like that! No shade but she straight up looked like a chipmunk! All I could see were cheeks! She was still just as cute but that’s more than I’ve ever seen of her face before… which is what basically threw me off.

Her eye-makeup was a bit much (her eyeshadow literally overshadowed her normally mesmerizing false lashes) but her face-makeup was perfection (as you can hopefully tell)! During her exit interview (with Emma) she mentioned her ex-bf (they’d been living together for 5 months prior to her entering the CBB house) trashing her in the papers (which baffled me because this was seconds after her leaving the CBB house so how exactly did she know all that?) and gushed about Jamie (yuck) and their plans for the future (win or lose, he’d asked her to go to Dubai with him once they both left the CBB house) as the camera panned in on him in the background.

Bianca entered the Celebrity Big Brother house wanting to be known for more than just being a famous footballer’s daughter and I think she succeeded, as she’s now known as a cheater, a very stylish one, but a cheater nonetheless. Oh and less than three days after the finale aired, Jamie O’Hara broke up with Bianca. She only found out that he didn’t want to be with her when she read about it in “The Sun”. Her UFC fighter ex-boyfriend claimed it was “karma” for Bianca cheating on him with Jamie during her stay in the CBB house.

Nicola was next to be evicted, in fifth place. She totally blanched Kim (understandably) and Jedward (unforgivable!) and only said her goodbyes to James Cosmo and Coleen before leaving the CBB house, which I thought was very petty behavior coming from a grown woman. I’ve made my feelings towards Nicola very clear. I don’t really like her. With that said being said, I felt bad for her when she stepped out into a wave of boos and jeers from the crowd. Aside from being embarrassing, it also seemed quite scary.

Emma had to struggle to be heard over the crowd’s jeers! Guess I wasn’t the only one offended by Nicola‘s treatment of the twins (Jedward), disgust at her flirting with Jamie (even though she’s married), and annoyed by her constant bickering with Kim.

All that aside, I really liked what Nicola was wearing! Her all-black jumpsuit seemed both dressy and glam yet casual and comfortable, at once. Personally, I don’t particularly care for how exposed the chest area seems but a lot of women seem to prefer that look, so it’s all a matter of preference. I suppose since Nicola payed for her overly large chest, she might as well flaunt it.

In all honesty, Nicola was a vision! Her makeup was beautiful as always but her hair was beyond!

She went for that Old Hollywood look and it suited her perfectly! I mean… her hair totally gave me mermaid vibes! For a Glamour Model or whatever she doesn’t seem to be very photogenic as none of the pictures of her at the finale that I found online seemed to do her any justice, let alone look flattering. I promise you though, during the finale (video not photos) Nicola looked absolutely beautiful!

I felt bad for Nicola when she got her red lipstick all over her teeth (that’s the worst!) which automatically put her in self-conscious mode during her exit interview with Emma. I also felt bad for her when they played back her videos which showcased her filthy sailor’s mouth. It felt like CBB producers wanted Nicola to be known as a “villain”.

Honestly, if not for her bullying my beloved Jeward literally all the time in the house, I might have grown to like Nicola.

Not gonna’ lie, the more the series progress, the more charmed I was by James Cosmo. He was very quiet at first and so his personality was overshadowed by the other, bigger (read: louder) personalities so I didn’t quite get a sense of who he was until much later on. James Cosmo and Jedward were my favorite housemates of Season 19 so I was very shocked when he was evicted right after Nicola, putting him in fourth place. I thought he was a shoo-in for second if not first place! I mean… he got evicted before Kim! What? Whaaaaaaat?

I am the Lord Commander, and this is my steed.

Most of my favorite moments of this season revolved around James Cosmo! He seemed fully aware of the absurdity of the situation they were all in (unlike the rest) and yet took it all in stride. He stayed out of all the arguments (which was a regular thing in the house), didn’t gossip about people, and never played up to the cameras which made him all the more likable!

How exactly did Kim make it to third place, I’ll never know. Granted she’s a fiesty old lady but still she’s rowed with the majority of the housemates at one point or another. I have no issue with the fact that she made it to third but more so with the fact that she outlasted James Cosmo (who apparently was a fan-favorite). However, what with her naughty humor and obscure insults, I honestly found her thoroughly entertaining! Kim even went in on Emma (jokingly) which was hilarious!

Which is why I felt awful for Kim when the rest of the housemates were jeering her on-screen (in the background) during her exit interview with Emma. Notice how in the picture all of them were booing Kim and giving her the thumbs down sign, apart from Calum who fancies himself a “gentleman” and Jamie (who aspires to be like Calum but that stupid grin on his face belies his actions or lack thereof). I’d expect this from Stacy (upper left corner behind Calum) but from “sweet” Bianca too? That constitutes as bullying to me. The boos were bad enough but Spencer was straight up giving her the finger at one point. How humiliating for poor Kim :(

Again, she’s an old woman so I can’t believe they’d treat Kim that way. I’m even slightly disappointed in Emma (but not really because who can stay mad at that face?) for letting it happen and not telling them off, or something. As a viewer, I found Kim thoroughly entertaining and I actually quite like her!

Even though I’d accidentally stumbled upon the CBB winner of season 19, I still found myself hoping against hope that out of the final two, Jedward would win.

Sadly, Jedward were next to be evicted putting them in second place. They were such good sports about the whole thing as they immediately started clapping for Coleen and congratulating her! Even as they left the CBB house, without even taking a minute to compose themselves (imagine how devastating it must be to come so close to winning the whole thing, again) Jedward were bouncing all over the place and doing their usual cheesy poses for the cameras (basically just being their usual fun-loving selves)! I felt devastated on their behalf!

They brought magic, mischief, and mirth into an otherwise uneventful (some might say boring) season!

Nobody had anything nice to say about Jedward for their best bits and yet Jedward only had nice things to say about everyone! I almost started crying then and there! That seriously broke my heart!

In my humble opinion, Jedward were amazing and should totally be invited back to CBB, only with better housemates next time!

Coleen, bless her, was still in shock when they called her out of the CBB house. As I said in my previous CBB post, from the women, Jessica and Coleen were my favorites to win but since Jessica was evicted early on, if it wasn’t Jedward or James Cosmo, I wanted it to be Coleen. I would’ve had a brain aneurysm if it had been Bianca, or worse, Nicola.

I really liked what Coleen was wearing; black top, black pants, black coat! The black top was a bit too sparkly for my taste but I suppose the occasion called for it. If you think about it, Emma and Coleen are kinda’ sporting the same outfit but since Coleen is a bit overweight, the ensemble looks less stunning on her. I classify myself as overweight as well and in fact would look exactly the same as Coleen in that outfit, cool but not stunning, as opposed to Emma who could pretty much wear a potato sack and still look high-fashion.

My main reason for liking Coleen was because she was a mess and therefore relatable.

Also, I felt bad for her because her marriage was in jeopardy, which is another reason why I was okay with Coleen winning Season 19.

Normally, I find it irritating when people are constantly crying over every little thing (especially if I suspect they are playing up the cameras a la Jamie O’Hara) but from Coleen, it seems genuine as she was pretty much crying every other second so it’s safe to say that crying is her default-mode.

I’ll be honest, I was irritated with all the waterworks at first (I’m all heart) but as the season progressed, I just came to accept that it was just part of who she is. When that one guy told her off saying something along the lines of “Who are you to advise people? You eat too much. You smoke too much. Your marriage is in trouble.”, on account of her being an agony aunt on the show “Loose Women”, I got triggered. I mean, he’s not wrong but the condescending way he said it and embarrassing her on national tv like that was cruel. To her credit, Nicola defended Coleen then and there (I suspect Nic was only playing up the cameras but whatevs) whereas Coleen‘s response was to cry about it… ’till the next day. Poor thing.

Even during her exit interview with Emma, she still couldn’t quite believe that she’d won and kept alternating between crying and looking around with that endearingly, bewildered expression (above photos)!

I thought it was so cute when Emma high-fived Coleen!

When she badmouthed my beloved Jedward (behind their back), I was seething with Coleen but she won me over when she herself admitted that even though she does it herself, she actually doesn’t like it when anyone else (*cough*Calum*cough*) does it to Jedward or mistreats them.

Coleen wins! Congrats, Coleen!

Normally, I don’t watch Bit On The Side (BOTS) hosted by the dude (Ryland?) next to Emma but I will watch the finale to help ease my withdrawal symptoms which already starts kicking in once Emma mentions the runner-ups. Usually, all of the housemates of the season show up on BOTS which is hosted by Ryland. I’m not sure if it’s a regular thing or just for the finale but Emma joins him for a bit as well. They open up their predictions and read through a few of them. Then, Ryland has a chat with the final six housemates but he doesn’t go easy on them. Ryland was straight up bullying Kim at one point, while Emma was just sitting there! Does nobody care that Kim is an old lady? The woman is obviously socially awkward and yet every single person felt it was okay to not only antagonize her (Spencer), bully her (both James J and Jamie O’Hara), and bully her (Stacy) but also constantly start fights with her (Nicola and sometimes Bianca). I know BOTS is supposed to be a comedy show but Ryland (the host!) joining in on the bullying wasn’t funny! It was just disgusting and pathetic!

BOTS does have some fun, er, bits like the funny song that includes all the housemates singing, the little rap or whatever that also mentions them in turn (Jamie O’Hara washed up footballer comment is revived, yas!) and finally a “comedian” impersonates all the housemates. Almost forgot to mention that each season finale on BOTS, a housemate puts on a show (sings on stage). Stacy (yuck) sang screeched and yodeled at the start of BOTS but Jedward sang and danced at the end of the episode which was all kinds of awesome! It was great to see the twins in their element!

I enjoyed Celebrity Big Brother Season 19 even though it was somewhat less eventful, save for Jedward and their mischievous antics. I still can’t wrap my head around how horribly everyone in the house treated them. Honestly, how can you not like Jedward? Kim was pretty entertaining too, as was James Cosmo when the mood struck him. The rest were pretty blah. There were no cute guys for me to crush on but Bianca and Nicola had pretty hair, stunning makeup, and trendy clothes, which was a fair alternative. I felt such strong distaste for Stacy and Jamie O’Hara to the extent that I watched them solely to reaffirm and further cement my distaste. Overall, I think it’s safe to say that I prefer Big Brother over Celebrity Big Brother. Speaking of Big Brother, I can’t wait for the next season because Emma urged people to sign up… in pairs!!!! That could mean anything from lovers to besties to siblings (maybe even twins!), unless people actually sign up with their parents/grandparents or coworkers, or people they met years ago while traveling abroad and never got to see again, or exes… the list of possibilities are endless! I can’t wait! <3

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