Celebrity Big Brother Season 19 Finale

L-R (top row) James Jordan (38), Spencer + Heidi a.k.a. Speidi (33 & 30), Nicola McLean (35), Jasmine Waltz (36), Austin Armacost (28), Coleen Nolan (51), Calum Best (35)

L-R (bottom row) Ray J (35), James Cosmo (68), Stacy Francis (47), Bianca Gascoign (30), Brandon Block (49), Jamie O’Hara (30), Angie Best (64)

I can’t believe we’re only one episode away from the Season 19 Finale! I wish Celebrity Big Brother lasted for more than 31 days like Big Brother (which I believe lasts for about 2-3 months) but I guess as opposed to the non-celebrities in Big Brother, the “celebrities” in Celebrity Big Brother can’t clear their schedule for more than a month at a time… or something. With that being said, this season of CBB was thoroughly entertaining! I’ll be giving my thoughts on each and every housemate (and surprise housemate), as well as predict this season’s winner (Jedward or James Cosmo, hopefully), in just a second. It’s going to be another lengthy post so grab something hot to drink and get settled in!

First, let’s take a look at the latest remodel of the CBB House which had a comic book Superhero theme. Personally, I found that hilarious because the majority of this season’s housemates were quite, er, mature. I’m not an ageist or anything like that. I just think that this season’s theme might’ve been more appreciated if the housemates happened to be younger. Personally, it’s not to my taste as I found all the pop-art and color – although fun – a bit too “busy”. However, what with the whole slew of tv shows and movies in 2016 and several more to be released in 2017 revolving around Superheroes, I thought this season’s theme was quite fitting! As always, click on the pictures to enlarge them.

Celebrity Big Brother and Big Brother would not be the shows that they are to me, without the host, Emma Willis. With her striking good looks and horrible puns, I look forward to seeing Emma just as much as I look forward to seeing the housemates themselves! She’s just got such a beautiful face (that brings images of a gorgeous Siberian Husky to mind) that you never get tired of looking at! I also really look forward to seeing the way her hair, makeup, and clothes are styled! She also seems to have such a likable personality! I simply adore her! Remember, I started watching Big Brother in 2016, so I’ve only ever known Emma to be the host (I haven’t watched any of the earlier seasons when someone else was hosting) so I can’t imagine Big Brother or even Celebrity Big Brother without her.

I’m pretty sure I’ve seen James Jordan in a previous season and from what I can remember, he liked to push people’s buttons and antagonize them until they’d flip. He’d try to get under people’s skin and more often than not, he did. This season was no different. He had a great sense of humor and so he brought mischief into an otherwise boring house! However, he also had a cruel streak, as I distinctively remember him viciously attacking Austin (whom I don’t even like) when the guy was obviously going through something. He also spoke to Kim in a degrading manner even though she’s an older woman (you just don’t speak to older women that way). As a housemate, he was entertaining to watch (sometimes) but as a human being, I thought he was horrible. In fact, he reminded me of a typical Kuwaity boy; obnoxious and rude, with a mean streak.

For whatever reason, I’d always assumed James Jordan was gay. Imagine my surprise when after he got the usual interview with Emma she said he was free to go back to his wife (Emma interviews housemates immediately after they are evicted from the CBB house). Finding out James Jordan was not only not gay but also married, blew my mind! It wasn’t just this season! I’ve watched this guy on a previous season as well! In all this time, I’ve always thought he was gay and it never, ever occurred to me that he might be otherwise. I kept racking my brain trying to find out how I could be so wrong. Was it that his claim to fame was a dancer (ballroom dancing, no less)? Was it the Glamour Shots posted up during one of the CBB tasks? Was it it his catty attitude towards… well, everyone else (besides Nicola)? In any case, that was the most shocking thing to me about James J, that he wasn’t gay.

This picture pretty much sums up what I thought of Spencer and Heidi aka Speidi; stockholm syndrome. The two are practically inseparable, to the extent that Coleen even said something along the lines that she’s not convinced that he (Spencer) doesn’t take the batteries out of her (Heidi) back at night. The last time I’d seen those two together was on The Hills years and years ago, so I knew next to nothing about them now, except that they’re one of the more hated couples in the U.S. but after watching Speidi on the show, I’ve got newfound respect and admiration for their relationship. I believe Speidi were married in 2009 but they’ve been together for longer. Say what you will about them but they’ve made it past the 10-year mark as a couple which is longer than most “celebrity” marriages.

I thought it was hilarious (if not border-line ridiculous) how every single housemate was scared of Speidi! Right out of the gate, those two (still counted as a single housemate) had a target on their backs. I couldn’t believe how every person in that house was grossly over-estimating Speidi! From the moment Emma ushered them into the CBB House, it was painfully obviously that Heidi was not the best conversationalist in the world. It seemed to me that whenever anyone besides her husband spoke to her, Heidi would easily get flustered. She’d always take too long to respond before finally blurting out something irrelevant. Sometimes, she’d just repeat what the person said back to them. I could be incorrect (this is just my theory) but I believe that might possibly be due to the fact that when you spend literally all your time with the same person for years and years, you get accustomed to only talking with that one person, and eventually lose your people skills. From Day 1, when Stacy went in on Heidi, I was rooting for Heidi. I wanted Heidi to stand up for herself. I wanted Heidi to shut Stacy up. Unfortunately, Stacy wouldn’t let her get a word in edgewise. Again, when Austin started yelling at Heidi, I wanted her to defend herself, maybe even yell at him (not half-heartedly). Heidi was an easy target yet didn’t even know how to stand up for herself. It was so frustrating!

Meanwhile, you’ve got the rest of the housemates running around anxious and wary of Speidi… LOL I mean, every other housemate at one point or another has said that Spencer is one to watch out for, because he’s “sharp” or “quick” or “witty”. I started wondering if it was a cultural thing… like how when someone with a British accent automatically sounds smarter to someone with a different accent, so maybe it works the other way around too and Spencer‘s American accent makes him sound intelligent to the Brits. Spencer did not come across as witty, to me. In fact, he came across as more loopy because most of the time, he talked about things that weren’t really happening. He also talked really, really slowly which again made him seem loopy. Heidi didn’t talk much but Spencer talked enough for the both of them. Again, everyone in the house was extremely wary of Speidi which I cannot stress enough. To me, Speidi didn’t come across as the sharpest tool in the shed and yet people in the house were so anxious and always worried about their next move, as if Speidi had any actual power in the CBB House.

As it turns out, Speidi weren’t the horrible monsters everyone (read: mainstream media) has made them out to be! Speidi won me over when James Jordan was evicted and they were genuinely sad about his departure, to the extent that they cried. When all is said and done, Heidi was quite sweet and Spencer was pretty funny (which I guess takes some semblance of intelligence) and I not only enjoyed watching Speidi but I actually quite like them now and was genuinely shocked when they got evicted.

Nicola McLean seemed cute and harmless as a bunny! I had no idea who she was but I was glad that there was at least one pretty female in the house which meant I could look forward to beautiful makeup, pretty hair, and cute clothes…

Little did I know that she was going to be a monster!

Sure, she had long shiny locks, wore cute clothes, and applied makeup beautifully (at one point during the show, she was using Anastasia’s Modern Renaissance Palette which I was thinking about getting but now I’m definitely not going to). Nicola was very pretty on the outside but so ugly on the inside!

Although she’s married, she and Jamie O’Hara were kissing each other’s necks after an alcohol-fueled evening!

She was also constantly fighting with Kim (notice how gleeful Spencer looks whenever there’s a fight lol) whom we’ve already established is an older woman and therefore should be respected, regardless.

Worse and most unforgivable of all, Nicola was always badgering my beloved Jedward, constantly picking on them! She even had a horrifying cackle to match her horrible personality. I really hope Nicola does not win Celebrity Big Brother!

I vaguely remember Jasmine from a previous season so I was glad to see someone sorta’ familiar. At first glance, she seemed strong, independent and most important of all, fun!

I mean, how cute are those cat ears? I was also looking forward to seeing her do her hair and makeup but didn’t expect much clothes-wise.

Straight away Jasmine started flirting with Calum (whom she was with in the past) and then with Jamie O’Hara and then back to Calum and then back to Jamie and so on… The boys shared a bed so Jasmine just got in between them, flirting with both, in turn. Her behavior turned me off, at first but then it occurred to me that society had brainwashed me into expecting this behavior from men but finding it distasteful and rejecting it in woman. If a guy could do it and everyone encouraged him with things like “Play on, playa’!”, why couldn’t a girl?

Then, that horrible Stacy called Jasmine‘s face fake, which technically it is but still, you don’t embarrass a woman in front of her, er, men. That’s like girl-code 101. When Jasmine started crying, I was like ok, everyone has their “off” days and started feeling sorry for her but she also started getting loopy and even deep-fried her microphone. I was like “Ummm… excuse me what happened to strong, independent, and fun?”. Shame on Stacy for going after another girl’s insecurities (I mean, if you’ve had plastic surgery and whanot, that’s a sure-fire sign that you weren’t happy with what you had before) but still if you’re gonna’ act tough, crying and petulantly destroying things ruins it.

I didn’t appreciate how Jasmine embarrassed Jamie O’Hara by choosing Calum over him. I also didn’t like how Jasmine was practically begging for attention from Calum. She’d get into his bed and he’d promptly but politely kick her out. She demeaned herself over and over again which seriously grossed me out (again, what happened to being tough?). The thing that really made me dislike Jasmine was how she spoke to Jedward. She was rude to them on a regular basis and I was so glad when she left (kinda’ felt bad for the way she left but whatever she was mean to Jedward so good riddance).

Austin Armacost was also on a previous season of Celebrity Big Brother. Dunno’ what he does but he’s the one with the strange half southern accent, have British accent, which physically hurts my ears to listen to. As I said before, those two accents do not go together. I never liked Austin because he whines, a lot, and can’t handle his drink, so he turns into even more of a drama queen once he’s had a glass or two. However, I truly felt bad for Austin when James J was bullying him when he was having a bad day. Also when that idiot Stacy made that remark about someone not wanting to share a bed (because that’s what they usually do at the start of the CBB season) with Austin because he was gay. Nevertheless, I’m glad Austin was evicted early on because he was such a downer!

I didn’t know who Coleen Nolan was so I was expecting her to be a boring older woman but she turned out to be one of the more interesting housemates! She had a cute round face and a girlish voice (Nicola would even style her hair into little-girl-curls) so at first Coleen came across as all naive and innocent but she actually had a sassy side to her! She was always smoking outside with James Cosmo and usually gossiping about someone (which would always lead to drama in the CBB House). I thought it was hilarious every time she cursed! Her feelings toward Angie Best (who was only trying to help) especially cracked me up! I didn’t like how she broke down and was constantly crying after the public labeled her as two-faced (because she honestly was) but I did feel sorry for her and I was glad she got over it and moved on. She had a good sense of humor, which was apparent during one of the tasks when she said “trust me to pick food over seeing my own child”. She regularly brought it up but Coleen was an agony aunt of sorts on one of the talks shows called Loose Women. That said, at 51 years of age, Coleen was a mess! However, the fact that she was such a mess was also the reason why I found her so endearing and also made her seem less one-dimensional (as opposed to the other housemates). I was sad for her when I found out her marriage was on the rocks and shocked that she was on Celebrity Big Brother. When you’re going through something like that, you’re not in the right head-space, so you’re likely to say something you’ll regret later on, or even worse, over-share. Overall, Coleen certainly did not behave like a proper middle-aged women and as such was fun to watch. If Jedward or James Cosmo don’t win, my third pick would be Coleen because she could really use a win right now.

Calum Best, ugh! For some reason, this dude is like catnip to women. They just can’t get enough of him!

He’s been with Bianca Gascoign when they were both younger so supposedly she entered the CBB House to reconnect with him or whatever.

He’s also been with Jasmine Waltz in the past and yet she couldn’t stay away from him in the CBB House. Stacy has commented that she’d love to get “intimate” with Calum and even Coleen has given him a lap dance at one point during the show.

Chloe Ferry kept trying to steal a kiss from him until he sent her to her bed… alone.

Even Jessica Cunningham was not immune to his “charm” and was constantly giving him massages.

Sure, when he was younger he might’ve been classified as good-looking…

but now? I just don’t see it.

When he first entered the house, I immediately remembered Calum Best because of his strange hybrid accent. I hadn’t made up my mind on whether I liked him or disliked him but when his mom Angie Best entered the house and his jaw dropped, I warmed up to him. He was very protective of his mother and his relationship with her was quite endearing!

Once his mother was evicted, he quickly became one-dimensional and boring.

Worst of all, Calum was passive-aggressive and if there’s one thing I cannot stand in a man, it’s passive-aggressiveness. He’d sulk and pout but wouldn’t tell anyone what was wrong if they asked him. Coleen Nolan feeling sorry for Jamie O’Hara (because Jasmine regularly chose Calum over Jamie), when asked by the other housemates (while they were all outside smoking together) said that she’d choose Jamie for marriage and Calum for a one-night-stand and it set Calum off! He went on and on in the diary room about how he was trying to disassociate himself from the “playboy” image he’d had in the past. Keep in mind that Coleen is 51 years old and this was purely hypothetical but Calum seriously got upset! That’s the first time I noticed his “gentleman” facade crack.

I didn’t dislike him but I wasn’t as in love with him as most of the females (regardless of age) seemed to be. In fact, I thought his bromance with Jamie O’Hara (until Jasmine got in the way) was endearing. Up until Calum stabbed his “bro” in the back by calling Jamie and Bianca‘s blossoming love a “showmance” (romance just for show). When Calum repeatedly kept bullying my beloved Jedward, well, that was the nail in the coffin. I was so over Calum Best and glad to see the back of him when he got evicted!

Ray J was an anomaly to me because I only knew him as the brother of Moesha, er, Brandy. I loved her on the show The Game and so I wanted to love him as well.

However, from Day 1 he rubbed me the wrong way. For starters, he was wearing a Union Jack suit which to me seemed like straight up pandering to the crowd. Also, when Nicola offered to share a bed with him (the beds are limited because the producers wanted the housemates to share) he went around telling people about it and making it seem like she wanted more but that he’d refused on account of both of them being married. He also seemed to be obsessed with Nicola’s chest but tried to be coy about it saying she had some nice “sparkles” going on there, as he gestured at his own chest area. He struck me as super sleazy!

All he did in the CBB House was pretty much sleep… all the time.

For someone who wasn’t happy about mostly being known for his sex tape with Kim Kardashian, he sure did bring it up a lot. Even worse, he kept bringing up Whitney Houston‘s death and tried to play the victim saying Whitney was his girlfriend at the time, and that he blamed himself for her death. He kept reiterating the fact that he’s never talked about Whitney‘s death before and that he doesn’t like talking about it, yet he was the one who kept bringing it up over and over again, unprompted.

Apparently, Ray J and Stacy were friends from way back in the day but when America turned on Stacy for something that had to do with Whitney Houston‘s death and Stacy needed Ray J to clear things up for her because he knew what had actually gone down, he never spoke up. Somehow, he had no problem talking about Whitney‘s death on CBB. In fact, he wouldn’t shut up about it!

During his stay in the house, Ray J had admitted to one of the housemates that he’d smuggled his cellphone (in his behind area) before having a change of heart and relinquishing it (from his behind area) to the producers. I was so glad when the housemates were informed that Ray J wouldn’t be returning to the CBB House. He wasn’t even evicted. He just left to see the dentist for his “tooth-ache”. Since smoking was permitted in the garden outside and alcohol was allowed as well, I strongly suspect he just wanted a break to go out of the CBB house to smoke weed and possibly check his social media to see how he was faring with his “fans”. Thankfully, the producers wouldn’t let him back in the house, even though he threatened to sue them. Ray J was a such an entitled, manipulative, sleazy human being. Yuck!

I was pleasantly surprised when James Cosmo walked into the house! He was in the movies Braveheart, Trainspotting, The Four Feathers, Troy, The Chronicles of Narnia, and many more but you’d probably recognize him as Jeor Mormont from the tv show Game of Thrones.

I had my hand on my heart the whole time because I honestly did not think he was going to last. What with the constant bickering between the housemates, complaining, and over-all drama, I’m amazed the poor dear didn’t just ask to leave!

However, it was pretty funny watching James Cosmo going about his day while the rest of the housemates squabbled with each other around him. During most of the fights, James Cosmo could usually be seen in the background, washing the dishes. Here was this dignified, respectable, true gentleman amidst all these shallow, self-absorbed, high-strung lunatics and the stark (see what I did there? lawl) contrast was hard to miss! He just seemed so out of place among all the crazies so the absurdity of his situation was hilarious to me!

He was such a good sport during the tasks!

My all-time favorite part of this season was when James Cosmo dabbed during the Rockstar task! The man could not be more adorable if he tried!

He even let Jedward style his hair which was hilarious! It kinda’ reminded me of that scene in Beauty and the Beast (Disney cartoon) when the Beast gets a “makeover” (lots of curls) but instead just ends up looking ridiculous. His expression looks priceless as well!

When he got the giggles in the diary room (after Big Brother had given him a secret mission and he’d accused Kim and the twins of stealing his chocolate) that to me was everything! I absolutely adore James Cosmo and truly hope he wins Celebrity Big Brother! If not him, then Jedward.

Stacy Francis… what an obnoxious woman!

From Day 1, Stacy played the victim and started whining and whining and whining some more. I’m pretty sure she was the first person to cry in CBB House this season. I love how James Cosmo learned how to tune Stacy out, early on (smart man) and just napped while she complained about everything and anything.

When she realized playing victim didn’t work, she quickly switched tactics and started viciously attacking people, relentlessly going at them, bringing up things that had nothing to do with the argument at hand.

She was angry with Spencer but took it out on Heidi by bullying her. She made a homophobic comment about Austin. She gossiped about Ray J behind his back, even though supposedly they were friends and their friendship went way back. All within less than 24 hours of her entering the CBB House. I couldn’t wait for Stacy to be evicted.

One minute she was all joy and smiles. The next, she was screaming at anyone and everyone. Shortly after she’d be crying and acting like a victim. The next minute, she’d be back to singing. Oh God, the singing was the worst of it! Just because you’ve got a “singing voice” doesn’t mean you should be singing 24/7. Heck, if Beyonce herself was singing in the kitchen that early in the morning, I’d straight up strangle her. With that being said, Stacy is no Beyonce. I wouldn’t say they’re not even in the same league. I’d say they’re not even in the same galaxy. So yeah, Stacy was pretty much bonkers, which I could swallow but what I couldn’t swallow was her constant singing. So obnoxious! However, I know a lot of local “musicians” (irl) and they tend to break out into song at the most random moments (in public, at a restaurant, etc…) so I’m well aware of how self-absorbed “musicians” can be.

Aside from the constant complaining, obnoxious singing, and all the bullying, Stacy came across as sleazy too. She sounded obsessed with Ray J. When he left, she moved on to Brandon Block. Coincidentally, he left too. After that, she admitted that she wanted to be “intimate” with Calum Best and pretty much started flirting (read: harassing) to the extent that she made him (a guy) feel uncomfortable around her (a girl) and he nominated her so he wouldn’t have to put up with it anymore. I could not be happier when Stacy was finally evicted. Compared to her, the rest of the housemates were angels! In all honesty, I’ve never disliked a housemate more than I’ve disliked Stacy (or her voice, ugh)!

When Bianca Gascoign entered the house, based on her get-up, I figured she was going to be feisty and bring the drama! I mean, look at what she’s wearing, but turns out, a sense of style is the only thing Bianca brought to the CBB House.

Her hair was was always on point!

Bianca always wore the cutest and trendiest clothes on the CBB House this season!

Bianca‘s makeup was perfection (just look at that highlight)!

That’s pretty much it. She was an absolute sweetheart, didn’t start arguments with people, and was kind to almost all the other housemates but aside from being nice to look at, all style and no substance, Bianca was pretty much boring…

Until she and Jamie O’Hara started a romance (even though he’d previously chosen Jasmine over her… to her face, but it seems that was all forgotten).

They’d sneak off to the bathroom (for “privacy”) and start making out. They started sleeping in the same bed at night. It was all quite cute, actually! I was rooting for them and everything…

… up until it came up (during a task) that Bianca was already in a serious relationship and already had a boyfriend (UFC Fighter) on the outside… and was already living with him, no less! Naughty Bianca! I looked into it (read: googled him) and apparently the dude was getting ready to propose but after her antics on CBB he promptly moved his things out of their shared home. Obviously, I don’t approve of what she did. If their feelings for each other were real, Bianca and Jamie could’ve definitely waited for the show to end (the whole thing takes a month and they were half-way done) and then taken care of things on the outside without all the cameras. On the other hand, this “scandal” makes Bianca seem less boring and also more drama equals more entertainment for me. I hope Jamie was worth it and I hope things work out for her but I wouldn’t want her to win and I can’t believe she’s even made it this far.

Apparently, Brandon Block was a popular DJ in the 90’s or something. Aside from Stacy making some weird sexual comments about him, I barely remember the dude as he was pretty quiet and mostly kept to himself, up until he decided to leave the CBB House. I don’t get why people join if they’re just going to quit, right from the start. I’m not saying Brandon was the most fascinating housemate but he didn’t even give it a chance. I feel like he wasted such a good opportunity for himself. Then again, the dude was 49 years old so I guess I understand (but not really). Quitter!

When Jamie O’Hara first entered the CBB House, he looked all bright-eyed and bushy-tailed I couldn’t help but like him. He seemed (past tense) like a genuinely nice guy! I thought his bromance with Calum was quite cute! Even when Jasmine kept pitting the two against each other and constantly picking Calum over Jamie, it only made me like Jamie even more. He came across as such a nice guy that I wanted him to get the girl, not Calum.

The second Jamie turned on my beloved Jedward and went off on them, I realized that this guy wasn’t as nice as he pretended to be. If Jamie had wanted to prove that he wasn’t a Beta to Calum‘s Alpha he should’ve picked on someone his own size, not the youngest (and skinniest) guys in the house. He also threw some major shade at his ex-wife disclosing personal matters which was another red flag. You don’t put the mother of your three children on blast… on national television! He also got pretty nasty with Kim who as you can ascertain by now can be quite troublesome but again is a much older woman and should be regarded with some semblance of respect. Towards the halfway point, I really wanted Jamie gone. Overall, I felt like I’d been tricked by Jamie into believing he was a “nice guy” when in fact he was actually spiteful, callus, and weak.

I didn’t think much of it when Jaime set his sights on Nicola (drunken antics in the garden) then quickly switched back to attempting to win Jasmine over, the next day. I didn’t think much of it when Jasmine was evicted and Jamie quickly shifted his attention to Bianca. I didn’t think much of it when after starting something with Bianca (drunken antics in the bathroom) he casually mentioned to Nicola that he had an explicit dream about Nicola, the next day. I do think Jamie O’Hara is thirsty and a huge tell-tale sign was the fact that after Jamie got evicted from the CBB House, he went straight to a strip club with Calum. Dude, what about Bianca? The girl who destroyed her relationship (just as her boyfriend was about to propose, too) for you?

It’s funny how after blubbering about his kids on the show, even though he’s been evicted, Jamie has yet to see his kids. Jamie is my most disliked housemate, after Stacy.

I thought Angie Best was simply delightful! I love the way she looked, dressed, and talked! It was pretty funny when she joined the rest of the housemates (the final twist of the first day) shocking Calum as he had no clue she was going to be there. Aside, from being Calum‘s mom (which made him seem slightly more interesting) her presence in the CBB House added whole new dimension to the equation! For example, if Angie wasn’t there, Jasmine would’ve dressed more provocatively to attract Calum (and tease Jamie). Funny enough, Spencer was the one that actually pointed this out. When Stacy attacked Angie (because that’s just what Stacy does) I loved the way Angie stood up for herself! I honestly felt like I wanted to give Angie a hug because I was just so proud of her!

Unfortunately, Angie being a personal trainer to the stars (Daryl Hannah, Sharon Stone, Cher, etc…) tended to bleed into her everyday life as she was always lecturing the housemates about their unhealthy habits. Even though she was only trying to help, it annoyed them so much that they nominated her, which consequentially got her evicted. I would’ve loved to have seen more of Angie but they never gave her a chance.

Seeing as how housemates were dropping left and right (Brandon Block and Ray J had left the CBB House) at the end of the first week, the twins John and Edward Grimes (25) were added to the list of housemates. However, the twins would only count as one housemate. I’ve never ever heard of these two before but judging from their intro video my first impression was Beiber-wannabes.

However, once they joined Emma on-stage before going into the Celebrity Big Brother House, I was instantly charmed by them! They seemed so lively and energetic (like Labrador puppies) practically bouncing all over the place! Even Emma had no control over the interview, as one of them straight up grabbed the mic in her hands and said what he wanted to say. Rather than go down the steps into the CBB House as she ushered them away, they just jumped off the stage which a bemused Emma commentated on.

Jedward introduced themselves to the housemates after putting on a little show for them where they sang one of their own songs, complete with the stage, props, lights, everything! It was so obvious that the housemates were not impressed, at all. So rude!

Sure it was cheezy (or camp as the Brits call it) but that was the fun of it!

I’ll be honest, I still can’t tell them apart. The fact that they dress in matching (sometimes identical) outfits doesn’t help either.

Personally, I thought Jedward were hilarious! The thing they cared the most about was their hair (lawl)! Even when one of them was on his way to the hospital (because he sprained something when they both jumped off the stage before entering the CBB House) he asked his twin “How’s my hair?”. They also had a delightful, magical, accent! Apparently, I love Irish accents because it always seems to sound magical to me! Jedward killed me with their little quips! Jedward were hilarious, witty, and adorable! How could anyone not love them?

I found Jedward to be ridiculously adorable!

It seriously bothered me how all the other housemates kept picking on Jedward! It was either exclude Jedward or bully them.

Nicola in particular, seemed to hate Jedward for some reason, which was why the men took turns championing her cause by yelling at Jedward.

Jedward still managed to entertain themselves and have fun…

… always coming up with their own songs, dances, skits, and whatever else came to mind. They were mostly being silly but still it was infinitely more entertaining than all the rest of the housemates put together (excluding James Cosmo of course).

It hurt my heart to see the housemates taking turns picking on Jedward, especially that witch, Nicola, who would over-exaggerate about whatever Jedward was doing to rile the rest of them up and would scream bloody murder given half the chance. Imagine living in a house with people who not only didn’t respect you, not only didn’t talk to you unless they really had to, but also didn’t like you and made it common knowledge… for an entire month. I felt disgusted by how these so called mature adults were ostracizing Jedward and not only that but kept it up for the entire month! Personally, I believe the misunderstanding stems from the age difference. Jedward being millennials have a different sense of humor, which the older set are obviously not familiar with and therefore anything said by the twins could easily be misconstrued as “snide”. It’s like trying to explain “internet culture” to someone who doesn’t own a computer. They just won’t get it.

Jedward have to win! I feel they’ve earned it, especially after a month of living with Nicola. If not, at the very least CBB should arrange a meet-up with Ed Sheeran (their idol) for them or something along those lines. I believe the twins should at least be getting something from this horrible experience!

L-R Chloe Ferry (21), Jessica Cunningham (29), Kim Woodburn (74)

About 10 days (more or less) into the show, 3 more housemates were welcomed to the CBB House.

I was pretty excited when I saw Chloe Ferry from Geordie Shore had entered the CBB House!

I was well-acquainted with hurricane Chloe but I couldn’t wait to see the rest of the housemate’s reactions to her antics. Within less than 24 hours of her joining the house, Chloe got into a fight with fellow newcomer Jessica Cunningham over Calum Best. Both girls literally just met the guy so to already be fighting over him was beyond ridiculous! Of course, the fight was instigated by none other than Stacy (root of all evil) who seemed a bit territorial with the newcomers over Calum. Meanwhile, Calum had no clue about any of the above and was off somewhere being his usual boring old self, probably sleeping or something, which just made the whole thing even more hilarious!

I wish someone would sit her down and explain the concept of “playing hard to get” so she would stop throwing herself at men and unintentionally scaring them away. The worst part is, she’s crazy loyal (mostly crazy, though) and none of them even deserve her as she’s too good for them but she’s young and naive. I just want to see Chloe get what she wants for once (as long as ‘aint Calum, yuck!).

This has nothing to do with anything but I saw her using an Urban Decay palette on CBB so I figured what the heck, why not include it?

Her loyalty (to Stacy, no less) was what got Chloe evicted only a week after she’d entered the CBB House. Loyalty to Stacy -_-

If Stacy hadn’t stabbed Chloe in the back and gotten her nominated which led to her being evicted, I feel like this season would’ve been way more entertaining with Chloe in it!

Jessica Cunningham was known for her stint on The Apprentice. Once Chloe was out of the picture, Calum and Jessica started freely massaging each other which for some reason made Calum feel like he had the right to yell at Jessica for listening to Nicola’s drunk ramblings. He straight up told Jessica that she was not the one Nicola should be talking to about whatever she was feeling because she Jessica was new to the house, unlike the rest of the housemates. Rude!

The other rude one, Jamie, made a comment to Calum that Jessica is actually pretty hot which they both agreed upon. It’s her personality he didn’t like, which they also both agreed upon. As if either one of them had a leg to stand on. They both had horrible personalities! In fact, their entire conversation took place while they were both being creeps and staring right at her, while she was completely oblivious and having her own conversation with someone (Bianca, maybe?). I mean I get it, that’s just what guys do but still who are you two to objectify and judge her? Especially when both of them did not like it one bit when they were being objectified and judged by others. Hypocrites.

I actually liked Jessica because unlike the rest of the head-cases in the house, she seemed down-to-earth, even though her head was in the clouds (she was into all that woo-woo business, hence all the reiki talk, massages, and whatnot). Jessica was empathetic, polite, and had a great sense of humor! She even seemed baffled by everyone’s negativity towards Jedward as she found them amusing as I did (that’s what won me over, mostly)! Sure, she was dating a handful of guys at once but she’s an adult woman and most of them were aware that they weren’t exclusive. At least she was honest, open, and upfront about it (unlike Nicola who was married but open to whatever and Bianca who straight up cheated on her boyfriend). I was annoyed when Jessica got evicted because she was a favorite of mine and if James Cosmo and Jedward couldn’t win, I would’ve wanted her to win.

Last but certainly not least, Kim Woodburn who is most known for co-hosting the show How Clean Is Your House? was the answer to my prayers! She entered the CBB House late, along with the Chloe and Jessica. Instead of making them feel welcome (very classy people) the housemates ostracized them, claiming that they’d already bonded during those 10 days (bonded after ONLY TEN DAYS!!!!) in the CBB House and that the newcomers couldn’t even begin to understand what they’ve been through, as a group -_- Once again, it was Stacy spouting all this nonsense. Less than 24 hours in, Kim was yelling at Chloe (who was apologizing profusely) before moving on to yelling at Jessica. I was all set to dislike Kim for being mean to the younger women….

… when Kim turned on Nicola! It was about time someone stood up to Nicola and I’m so glad it was Kim! She always came up with the most obscure insults! It was so funny!

They clashed constantly over everything and anything! Again, notice Spencer watching gleefully from the sidelines.

It. Was. Awesome.

I’d never seen security haul someone away during any of the past seasons so I felt bad for Kim. Plus, she was an older woman and the housemates weren’t treating her as such. At one point, James J was even goading her by telling her to go clean a toilet (in reference to her show). I really wished someone would’ve slapped him, then.

I genuinely found Kim entertaining and enjoyed her sense of humor. When she flirted with the cop, even winked at him and told him that her husband used to be a cop, I was dying! I’m pleasantly surprised that Kim has made it to the Finale, even if she’s just there to taunt Nicola!

Overall, Season 19 was yet another enjoyable season of Celebrity Big Brother! I’m going to go watch the Finale now even though I accidentally saw who won while googling Kim‘s age for this post -_-

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