Lolita Lempicka L Eau de Parfum

The salty kiss of the Everlasting Flower
Elixir of abandon, the oriental freshness of this fragrance caresses the skin with the salty kiss of Everlasting Flower. A delicately spiced Everlasting Fragrance with woody vanilla oriental base notes. Bergamot creates a luminous opening, which is accompanied by a burst of Bitter Orange. The salty and spicy notes of Everlasting Flower merge at the heart with the sensuous and woody notes of Musks and Cinnamon Bark. It leaves a sweeping wake of Vanilla that lingers, underscored by mellow Tonka Bean and Mysore Sandalwood.

Top Notes – Bitter orange, Bergamot
Heart Notes – Cinnamon, Immortelle, Musks
Base notes – Sandalwood, Tonka Bean, Vanilla

A treasure from the depths of the sea
Like a randomly shaped pebble, the aquamarine bottle is in the form of a heart and beckons to be held. This jewelled bottle protects different treasures from the depths of the sea in its golden net…
A mythical mermaid protected by the sea

After creating a fairytale for women, Lolita Lempicka transports us to a legendary world of a dangerously feminine myth. Between desire and abandon, it reveals an enigmatic femininity, that attracts and bewitches.

“This is the fragrance that I have always dreamt of. The fragrance that is true to the memories of my skin gently kissed by the sun and the waves, it leaves a taste of salt on my lips, my everlasting fragrance” -Lolita Lempicka.

Long before I discovered Escada and it became my go-to brand for gourmand scents, I used to be obsessed with Lolita Lempicka! The bottle was shaped like an apple (with the stem being the spritzer) that had an intricate design which struck me as quintessentially “kawaii”, like something I’d see in a “Slice of Life” Anime/Manga. It was just so whimsical and cute! Even the outer packaging it came in was lovely! The scent itself was a delightfully sweet concoction which was what got me hooked and so I kept repurchasing it over and over again. Once I discovered Escada, I never repurchased another Lolita Lempicka perfume again (mainly because the stem-shaped spritzer annoyed me) but I never ever purchased DKNY Be Delicious (or any of its flankers) either even though I’m obsessed with anything apple-related (especially green apples) because it seemed disloyal to Lolita Lempicka as I believe that they came out with the apple-shaped perfume bottle design first. I haven’t outgrown Escada but their recent offerings are floral-y (cherry blossom and whatnot) and I don’t do florals. As such I haven’t purchased any Escada perfumes recently (read: years) either. L de Lolita Lempicka was released in 2006 but I believe I purchased it about a year or two later because as soon as I came across it, I was instantly smitten!

For starters, L came in an aquamarine, heart-shaped bottle which was very mermaid-esque! The top of the bottle had jeweled cursive L for the name of the fragrance (which kinda’ looked like an anchor or an octopus or maybe I’m just overthinking the whole marine theme), a tear-shaped charm and a star-shaped charm dangling off the gold wire entwined around the neck of the bottle, and a ridiculously adorable starfish embossed in a corner of the charming bottle. Even the spritzer is meant to look like an embedded precious stone. The liquid was blue once upon a time but as you can see it has turned into an amber since. Normally, I’d find all of the above a bit too busy (especially with all that gold) but somehow it just works! I could do without the jeweled L charm if I’m being honest but that’s about it. They went with a mermaid theme and in my humble opinion they nailed it!

When I first spritz this on, I have to hold my breath because it smells gag-inducing, like burnt rubber and alcohol. Only a few seconds later, it’ll start to smell like delicious orange-flavored chocolate! I know, I know, I said I hate chocolate but for 24 hours, once a month, I crave it (and even then, can only handle certain kinds, orange-flavored chocolate being one of them). Shortly after, my nose can detect the immortelle or everlasting flower which surprisingly for a flower ‘aint so bad! I’m not sure what immortelle is actually supposed to smell like but in this perfume, it’s pretty light and inoffensive, as opposed to other more obnoxious flowers. I’d even describe immortelle as slightly aquatic, reminiscent of sea-breeze, because it has that clean, almost masculine scent with a tiny hint of citrus. It’s very faint though as it’s strongly overpowered by the horrid cinnamon. Once it’s fully dried down, the sandalwood finally comes into play giving the scent a comforting warmth, which I think is the best part. The scent doesn’t disappear as fast the Bath and Body Works Fine Fragrance Mists or Victoria’s Secret Body Mists but on my skin it doesn’t last as long as other perfumes in my collection either. I find it too overpowering during the warmer months which is why I prefer to wear it during cooler weather but I’ll only wear this on a whim because I don’t love it but I don’t hate it either. If you like Shalimar (blech!) this is Shalimar‘s younger, second cousin, twice removed.

L is described as an oriental vanilla but I found it to be too spicy and not sweet enough for me. With that being said, the bottle really does look lovely (like I said, very mermaid-esque) and I always enjoy seeing it (who wouldn’t?) perched on my vanity table!

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