Anfasic Dokhoon January 23rd Eau de Parfum

January 23rd is an Oriental Fougere fragrance for men and is part of the scented diary collection by Anfasic Dokhoon. With a vibrant, ticklish top note of Saffron that hides the exotic heart notes of Frankincense, January 23rd evolves into a powerful Amber and Agarwood base note. By far one of the most successful and luxurious creations by Anfasic Dokhoon, January 23 is the extraordinary fragrance of pure luxury. Dedicated to spread awareness of Heart Diseases, January 23rd is a perfume close to the heart!

Top notes- Lime, Lavender, Saffron
Middle notes- Exotic fruits, Frankincense
Base notes- Amber, Wood Notes, Agarwood (oud)

“Making sense… making incense” Anfasic Dokhoon means “breathing incense” in Arabic. The new Arab world is sophisticated and modern, yet rooted in its strong traditions. To mirror this great history while retaining modern elements, Anfasic Dokhoon presents a unique collection of perfumes, oils, lotions, incenses, dokhoons and ouds to be cherished as an inseparable part of every occasion.A trendy, vibrant fragrance brand that represents our continuous search for everyday luxury and elegance, Anfasic Dokhoon was born as a concept in 2006 and opened its first store in April 2007.

Honestly, at first glance, I thought this brand was one of those cheap, no-name, knock-offs (because of the all the Arabic lawl). The Anfasic Dokhoon perfumes (75ml/2.5 fl oz) retail for 340 AED which according to google is exactly KD 28/228 but I believe I purchased January 23rd at 360 Mall for a little more than that. I did see the Anfasic Dokhoon booth at the Perfume & Makeup Exhibition (Mishref Fair Grounds) too. That said, the S.A. mentioned that they never have any sales, promotions, discounts, or anything like that (all their products are sold at full price) regardless of the fact that they were at the Perfume & Makeup Exhibition which I thought was interesting. “So you’re like Chanel?”, I asked the dude, which cracked him up (as intended). Anfasic Dokhoon is a United Arab Emirates (UAE) brand hence all the Arabic.

Anfasic Dokhoon has a varied collection of scents. Their scented diary collection is supposed to be unisex but in all honesty January 23rd is a straight up masculine perfume (or cologne for the american readers). It smells so, so good when you first spritz it on, all fresh and uplifting!

Shortly after the pungent Oud blend comes into play. I forgot what it’s called (possibly Teeb) but it comes in tiny little roll-on vials that Arabs love to dab on their wrists and other pulse points. That’s what this starts to smell like. Personally, I’m not particularly fond of this part of the scent. I never liked Teeb blends and always used to run off whenever I’d see my mom busting out the little roll-on vial before she could smear some on me for Eid or a wedding we were invited to or whatever else.

Finally, January 23rd will dry down to a gorgeous, smoky scent that smells incredibly sexy especially during cold weather! Again, this is definitely a masculine fragrance, but for whatever reason I’ve developed an addiction to masculine scents a la Mahogany Teakwood (Bath and Body Works Candle). The lime mixed in with the wood notes (and all the other stuff) just smells intoxicating to me! Even better is this perfume actually lasts (on my skin) and I love getting whiffs of it throughout the day! I especially love spraying it on before getting out of my car (for example, at work) and being able to smell it again (once it’s dried down 8-9 hours later) once I get back in my car (to head home from work or meet up with my friends or finish up some errands or whatever else). Looking at the bottle, I would’ve never have guessed that this had such an intoxicating scent! I wish there was a better way to describe this but it just smells like a really hot guy!

If you personally don’t enjoy masculine scents on yourself, then get January 23rd for the man in your life (what with Valentine’s Day coming up and all). Trust me, you won’t regret it!

6 thoughts on “Anfasic Dokhoon January 23rd Eau de Parfum

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  4. You know what Lulu? I’ve bought it a couple of years ago when I read your review. I was about to leave a COMMENT, but I just left it there. However, every time I smell it, I remember your spot on review. I was searching for an alternative to aqua de gio profomu which has that gorgeous sea notes with incense added to it, which made me fall in love with it when I first smelled it on someone passing by.

    Moral of the story is, I had to write this comment which I should’ve did few years ago, and thank you for your beautiful review!!!

    Two questions :
    1- How are you doing, and hope everything is going well?
    2- Do you still think that this is the best cologne you have smelled so far, or you have smelled something better? I actually still love this fragrance and bought another one!!!

    Note : there is a cologne which I discovered few weeks ago and it’s called ‘Encre Noire’ by Lalique… and it’s just mesmerizing!!! It’s not a cologne, it’s like walking through a rain forest with all the trees and grass. It’s just pure nature in a bottle. I’d like your take on that.

    Best regards

                 Abdullah from Riyadh

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Welcome, welcome, Abdullah from Riyadh!

    OMG I’m so sorry for the late response.

    I didn’t even know that you had left a comment on this post and what a lovely comment too!

    Thank you for taking the time to comment and leaving such a delightful comment and thank you for asking about me. I’m doing great lol What about yourself?

    Encre Noir sounds wonderful! I’m definitely going to have to track it down to give it a sniff.

    I’m so glad you liked January 23rd, although they seemed to have changed the name to just January now.


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