La Perla J’Aime Eau de Parfum

La Perla has launched another pearl in the line of the very sensual company’s fragrances. The producers have announced it as floral chypre, with fruity and sweet notes. It therefore continues La Perla‘s tradition of seductive fragrances, sweet exactly enough to evoke gourmand associations that will lead the thoughts to more intimate spheres… La Perla J’Aime (translated from French, I love) is a universal language that goes straight to the heart. J’Aime was launched in 2007.

Top Notes- Pepper, Lychee, Bergamot
Heart Notes- Egyptian Jasmine, Water Lily, Raspberry
Base Notes- Caramel, Patchouli, White Musks, Amber

As I mentioned in an earlier post (here), I’d received a two-part birthday gift from my ex-husband, both of them being perfumes. One nowhere near my style (Chopard Enchanted Golden Absolute Elixir de Parfum) that I was encouraged by him to wear around him and the other was what he perceived to be my style (La Perla J’Aime Eau de Parfum).

It came in a pretty pink box (well, it did look prettier when I took the photos the first time around with my older camera but like I said the SD card was corrupted then the camera just died on me which is why I had to take them again).

I was delighted to find that the perfume actually came in an adorable black organza pouch.

I know it’s not exactly luxe but there’s something I find quite cute about these pouches!

I was also pleasantly surprised by the size and shape of the perfume because I was expecting a tiny little thing but this baby actually housed 100ml/3.3 fl oz. in a hefty rectangular bottle.

It also had the most darling pink cap meant to be shaped like a gemstone, I’m assuming.

One thing I thought was a little strange is that in all the ads, promo pics and such, J’Aime looks to be all-pink whereas with mine, only the cute cap is pink.

As for the scent, as soon as I spritzed this I was very disappointed. It smelled very floral to me. I kept sniffing it and noticed there was a hint of zesty freshness (still floral) much, much later on. Sadly, I can’t detect any of the caramel but I can most definitely detect the patchouli (blech!). I’m completely baffled by people’s claims that this could pass for a gourmand, or an Escada perfume even. My ex-husband had assured me that this was “light, fruity, sweet” (my style) but the fact of the matter is, on my skin it’s “light, floral, musky” (not my style). With that being said, of course I graciously thanked him for both perfumes because that’s just good manners but secretly hoped I could find a good use for them since I didn’t have the option of giving them away. If you’ve read my earlier posts, you’ll know that I’ve dubbed Chopard Enchanted Golden Absolute as a “Typical Kuwaity” perfume and as such have reserved it for fancy-schmancy events which tend to include a lot of elder women with a strong sense of social propriety).

As for La Perla, first of all, I have to be honest and ‘fess up that I keep confusing La Perla (Italy) and Agent Provacateur (UK) with each other but hear me out. They are both sexy lingerie brands, big on the black and light pink aesthetic (okay fine most lingerie brands do black and pink too), and both have come out with their own line of fragrances, beauty products, etc… as such it’s easy for me to confuse the two. Seeing as how I’ve finished up Dolce and Gabanna #3 L’Impratrice (reviewed – here), I figure J’Aime could be my new “lady-like” perfume as I have a sneaking suspicion that it’s going to be one of those girl-pretty (mostly appreciated by women, less so by men) perfumes. I’ve only worn J’Aime a handful of times but I think I’ll pull it out again during spring and wear it more often then. I’ll be able to test my theory on my girlfriends, cousins, and sister (lawl) by gauging their reactions because like I keep saying over and over again to anyone and everyone, I just don’t do florals. Lastly, J’Aime really does look quite cute on any vanity table!

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