Chopard Enchanted Golden Absolute Elixir de Parfum

Chopard wrote the first lines of a wonderful fairy tale with Enchanted (2012). Now comes the second chapter with Enchanted Golden Absolute (2013), a magical, heady bouquet of white flowers and woody notes distilling its magic power with every step for a woman impossible to forget. From its opening notes of intoxicating jasmine, this powerful fragrance gives way to succulent plum, hypnotic ylang-ylang, intense patchouli and fine Gaiac Wood for utter enchantment.

Top Notes – Plum, Jasmine
Heart Notes – Ylang-Ylang, Patchouli
Base Notes – Gaiac Wood

I got this as a two-part birthday gift from my ex-husband. Basically, he got me two perfumes, one in my style (light, sweet, fruity) and the other perfume was what he wished my style would be or as he put it, “one for you and one for you to wear for me”. Guess which one I’m reviewing.

Let’s pretend that you don’t see the reflection of my camera being balanced on a perfume box, Ok? Ok! Right out of the gate, I was shocked by how small the perfume was in comparison to its bulky packaging. For a 75ml/2.5 fl oz bottle the box it came in felt kinda’ excessive (read: wasteful) but whatever Chopard, you do you.

The bottle of the original Enchanted was “inspired by expensive diamonds that shimmered in the night and the magic of imagination”. The bottle of Enchanted Golden Absolute is pretty much the same thing only with gold (yuck!) all-over. Both bottles are shaped like a fig which I think is ridiculously cute but Enchanted is transparent whereas Enchanted Golden Absolute is all-gold (ugh!). Aside from the gold being hideous, it’s also reflective (as you can clearly see) which made taking photos for my blog pretty much a nightmare (lawl).

Remember back in my Moon Jewelry post where I talked about Chopard’s Happy Diamonds? Well take a look at the cap. It’s in the same style! It actually reminds me of Victoria’s Secret Sexy Little Things Eau de Parfum (hauled – here). The floating beads (highly doubt Chopard green-lighted the use of real diamonds in their perfume packaging) move around and everything as well! So cute!

Now as for the scent – how should I put this? – I absolutely despise it!!!! Yup, that pretty much sums it all up nicely. The patchouli is so overpowering! The florals are nauseating and worst of all, I don’t detect any wood notes. The patchouli coupled with whatever else is in this makes it smell distinctively like what I would personally classify as an old lady perfume (or L’Oreal mascaras lawl). I would never in a million years buy this for myself (especially since I’m sure it costs a pretty penny). I do not enjoy wearing this, at all. There is no time, no season, no outfit, no event, no nothing that can ever make me enjoy the scent of Enchanted Golden Absolute. With it’s obnoxious, all-gold packaging and offensive, overpowering scent, I’ve dubbed Enchanted Golden Absolute the “Typical Kuwaity” perfume and even referenced it as such in my OPI Taupe-less Beach nail polish review – here. With that being said, I’ve reserved this strictly for formal events where I know I’m going to be around a lot of elder women (read: grandmothers and such) as it seems the most fitting (I can’t exactly strut in there with my Aqualina Pink Sugar mist and be all “Oh hai guys! Wassap?” as it wouldn’t go over too well) but consequentially they seem to appreciate this vile patchouli concoction. It’s stuffy enough to appease the older set and I’m pleased that I’ve found a practical use for it in the proper setting, so everything worked out! Surprise, surprise, Chopard has discontinued Enchanted Golden Absolute.

2 thoughts on “Chopard Enchanted Golden Absolute Elixir de Parfum

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