Dior Addict Eau de Parfum

“Its signature – Oriental and modern, smooth and vibrant.
Its bouquet – Intense and vibrant, it reveals a rare treasure. The opulent Queen of the Night is an immense tropical flower that grows in Jamaica and blossoms only once a year, liberating its powerful vanilla scent in a single night.
Its color – The deep blue of a summer’s night.
Its style – A low-cut black sheath dress in the most beautiful organza.” -dior.com

Top – mandarin leaf, silk tree flower
Heart – queen of the night, rose, jasmine, orange blossom
Base – vanilla, sandalwood, tonka bean

Before Victor & Rolf Flowerbomb, there was Dior Dior Addict. I used to purchase Dior Addict regularly because I kept running out of it and I needed it in my life. It was an absolutely intoxicating scent! Like I said, I don’t particularly care for florals but this was more of a spicy oriental scent with a kick to it. The base notes include Vanilla, Tonka Bean, and Sandalwood (I’m all about that life). What that means is it would dry down to a cozy, sweet, vanilla scent. With that being said, Dior Addict is such a potent scent that you only need a spritz or two. Anything more and it becomes overkill.

The gorgeous scent can and will linger so I prefer to use it sparingly. It’s scented my clothes, my room, everything (not my car because I still didn’t drive back then lawl) in the past, which delighted me to no end! I’d spray some on and still be able to smell it on myself the next day! Inspired by Rikku from FFX I got into scarves for a little bit. I used to have this extra long pink scarf that I especially loved (might still have it, actually) to wear. I’d spray some Dior Addict on myself and consequentially the scarf draped around my neck, go out, come back home, take the scarf off. A week or two later, when I’d wear the scarf again, it would smell gorgeous, still! The scent was so potent that unless you washed your clothes, they’d smell like you literally just sprayed them with Dior Addict.

You might have already gathered this from the context but I’ll say it anyway, this scent is most definitely for Winter. You can do whatever you want of course but honestly this is one of those scents that can be deemed offensive especially in small, enclosed spaces such as cars, elevators, etc… let alone during warmer weather (which in Kuwait is like, always). However, when the weather is so cold that it hurts to breathe (dead of winter) that’s when this sexy, oriental fragrance shines! Maybe it’s just me but I associate Dior Addict with most events that take place outdoors during winter-time. I also associate it with fur-lined Mukluks (faux fur, ‘course), Uggs, cashmere shawls, coats, and more recently capes. Dior Addict used to be my go-to Winter fragrance.

Even the slightly holographic (note the rainbow tint) packaging is pretty! The 100ml/3.4 fl oz bottle retails for $124.00 which is about KD38/000. I’m not quite sure how much mine cost because I purchased it a while ago (possibly 2012) but yeah this isn’t budget-friendly by any means.

Then again, holographic packaging so yeah… worth it!

I could do without the gold which was limited to the top (spritzer) but now the indigo bottles all come with a gold ring around the base of the cap as well (as shown in the photos). My main issue though is with the scent itself. Dior has reformulated my beautiful Dior Addict until it became barely recognizable. That’s why even though I’ve had this specific bottle for so long (many winters), I haven’t even reached the half-way mark yet. At this point, I’m not even sure which version I’ve got. The scent is all spiciness and florals but without any of the sweetness. It’s still quite strong but it’s no longer the intoxicating scent that I used to love which makes me very sad. Y u do dis to me Dior?

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