Teavana Tea Haulage

I tried to drink the tea I’d purchased earlier from Gschwendner but couldn’t because I kept choking on the little bits of leaves (Y u do dis to me lemongrass?). So I did what any sane person would do and bought more tea!

I got the strain mesh thing-y for KD4/000

They were also selling Tea Filter Bags

So I got a pack (100pcs) for KD2/000

I also decided to get Toasted Nut Brule Tea, Blueberry Bliss Tea, and Choco Banana Foster Tea because they all sounded yummy!

While waiting in line, I was smitten by these pretty-looking Tea Tins which retail for KD4/000 (not including the Tea). Don’t they look ridiculously pretentious and fun? Like something you’d see in the luggage of a Chinese Tattoo Artist on a train headed towards the mid-west (America) in the 20’s (or whenever the Gold Rush took place)! Just me? Ok!

The airtight, light-blocking design is crafted in Japan from tin-plated steel and hand-wrapped in vibrant washi paper.

I always wondered what washi paper was… anyways so yeah, these Tea Tins are supposed to preserve the Tea for up to a year.

In-store I chose to have the Tea Tin filled with Honeybush Vanilla Tea.

Lastly, the price of the tea is by weight.

Teavana is located at the Avenues (facing Harvey Nichols).

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