Om Telolet Om

Om Telolet Om was having a moment in the EDM scene, about a month back. Basically, it’s the sound of a customized bus horn. If you grew up in Kuwait during the 90’s, chances are you’ve heard it before. More recently though, kids in Indonesia would literally yell out to passing bus drivers “uncle/om honk the horn/telolet uncle/om” because the sound of the customized bus horn amused the kids. It became a “thing” in Indonesia. They even started making signs with the phrase “Om Telolet Om” and held them up for the passing bus drivers. Videos of the Om Telolet Om craze went viral. Naturally, they started spamming the rest of the world with the phrase “Om Telolet Om” including but not limited to their favorite artists. The artists started tweeting it and including it in their music and because music transcends language barriers “Om Telolet Om” became a world-wide thing (at least in the EDM scene).

Some of the artists reactions are pretty funny! To read the rest (there’s a whole lot more) click – here

Personally, I worship Aoki and I’m quickly becoming fond of Marshmello! Both have chimed in on the Om Telolet Om craze – here.

Dillon Francis tweeted “Bun Up The Telolet” (the cheering sound suspiciously like something from Halo Reach but maybe it’s just me lawl)

Firebeatz decided to give the people what they wanted and made this track.

Personally, I find the whole Om Telolet Om craze to be surreal. Like seriously, what is life? With that being said, it’s also pretty funny (to me, not to the artists being spammed obviously). Just when you think you’ve seen it all ^_~

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