Colourpop Black Friday Haul

Now that for whatever reason I can no longer order online (from Sephora, Ulta, Cherry Culture, MAC, Nars, and more recently E.L.F.), I’ve been going through withdrawal symptoms which consequentially has put me in dire need of a quick fix… like any “normal” makeup junkie, obviously. Ever since the brand Colourpop first entered the scene, people have been singing them praises, nonstop. Based on my past experiences, I’ve learned (the hard way) that newer is not necessarily better and just because everyone loves Colourpop (like literally the world over) at this moment in time, might possibly have more to do with the brand being the “in” thing (read: trending) rather than the actual performance and quality of the products. I think of it like this, whenever a new iPhone is released, there’s always handful of bugs that need fixing and rather than get the first version, I wait for them to iron out the kinks and whatnot before actually purchasing a less faulty version. So I waited for the hype to die down… and waited… and waited… and waited. Finally, Black Friday rolled around and I figured I’d be getting a good deal on products that were already super inexpensive and insanely budget friendly and apparently still getting stellar reviews (worldwide) so I placed my first order ever with Colourpop. The package arrived to Kuwait pretty quick but got held up by the MOI for a good long while, as per usual (the thought of them puzzling over the unsual texture amused me immensely). This here is my attempt at an “unboxing”. I got out my trusty X-Acto Knife and made quick work of the packaging. Doesn’t the packaging look like it’s about to take flight (bottom left corner photo)? Kinda’ looks like a Transformer to me (lawl).

The box came properly packaged which I obviously appreciated because makeup products are generally delicate and can shatter, break, etc… My order also came with a little card that read Thank You on one side and a sweet handwritten note by 10 year old Mia with the cutest little drawing (with anime eyes! so cute!) on the other. They even included a brochure of other Colourpop products. Overall, very impressive marketing!

I ordered one of their Sculpting Stix, two Holiday Set, a few Eye Shadows, and a whole bunch of Highlighters.

Right off the bat, I noticed that the Sculpting Stix, Ultra Matte Lip, and two Eye Shadows seemed like they’d been tampered with. The Ultra Matte Lip looked like it had been hurriedly closed whereas the Sculpting Stix had arrived with straight up already opened packaging (wasn’t even closed). The Super Shock Shadow in the shade Nillionaire (bronze) seemed smushed to the side and the Super Shock Shadow in the shade Just Fur Fun (pink) had a clearly visible crack. Now it could be one of two things; either the people at the MOI or customs manhandled the products which resulted in the above or the people at Colourpop weren’t as careful with them (possibly in a rush due to the influx of Black Friday Sale orders). We’ll never know the truth so I guess I’m going to have to chalk it up as one of life’s mysteries (lawl).

At the top, we’ve got Never Not Chillin Shadow Kit (holiday/limited edition) and directly beneath are the Pearlized Highlighters in the shades Honeymoon (blue), Perilune (green), Over The Moon (pink), Wisp (bronze), Lunch Money (gold), and Monster (pink). The Super Shock Shadows in the last row starting with the smushed one are in the shades Nillionaire, BAE, Mixed Tape, and Partridge. Over on the other side, is the Sculpting Stix in the shade Dove and the Ultra Matte Lip (holiday/limited edition) is in the shade Wild Nothing. The Pearlized Highlighter (holiday/limited edition) is in the shade Fanny Pack. The Super Shock Shadows (holiday/limited edition) are in the shades Just Fur Fun (cracked) and Tinsel. All three products were part of the Nice Set (holiday/limited edition); Wild Nothing Ultra Matte Lip, Fanny Pack Pearlized Highlighter, Just Fur Fun Super Shock Shadow. Phew

I like the fact that the limited edition Holiday products came in unique packaging to differentiate them from the permanent products. Nice touch!

I like to think that I got a good selection of products (both permanent and limited edition) enough to get a feel for the brand.

If you read my Moon Jewelry Post (here) the fact that I picked up these three Pearlized Highlighters should come as no surprise. As soon as I saw these on the Colourpop website I was instantly charmed by them! I mean… how fun do they look? I quickly added them to my online shopping cart (these were the the first three items in my shopping cart) without even searching for swatches online or anything. Aside from having moon-inspired names and amusing descriptions, these unusual highlighter shades are so beautiful and unique! I purchased all three, just in case these were limited edition (because I didn’t want to end up kicking myself for missing out on purchasing them when I actually had the chance).

Honeymoon: No phases here, You’ll never stop loving this sheer opalescent pearl with blue and violet glitter
Perilune: You’ll see this sheer opalescent pearl with green and gold glitter from the moon
Over The Moon: The cow jumped over the moon to find this sheer opalescent pearl with hot pink and violet glitters

Wisp is touted as a favorite by people with medium skintones so I added it to my cart based on that alone but now that I’m looking at it in person, it seems kinda’ dark which is slightly disappointing. I purchased Lunch Money because of the description (see below) on the Colourpop website and I’m quite pleased that it looks exactly as described. I was looking up swatches of other Colourpop products when I saw a close-up of a well-loved Monster in its jar and fell in love! Also, kinda’ reminds me of Ri-Ri’s song. Monster looks so blah in the pan but you’ll see how gorgeous it actually is once I swatch it (future post).

Wisp: Lemme wisp-er in your ear, tell you something that you might like to hear, wait till you see our golden champagne with gold pearls
Lunch Money: Soft light gold..lunch $$ well spent
Monster: The cute – light pink with opalescent duo chrome flip – version

I really really wanted to get Fanny Pack so I purchased the 3-piece Holiday Set called Nice (y’know as in Santa’s List of who’s been Naughty or Nice) which included Wild Nothing (Ultra Matte Lip), Fanny Pack (Pearlized Highlight) and Just Fur Fun (Super Shock Shadow). Regardless of the horrible name, it actually seemed like it might be a pretty highlighter and since it was limited edition, I didn’t want to miss out. I’ve placed Honeymoon and Fanny Pack side by side so you can see the difference between the permanent packaging and the limited edition Holiday packaging.

Fanny Pack: Make a comeback in this icy silvery white

L-R First Row: Fanny Pack (LE), Honeymoon, Perilune, Over The Moon
L-R Second Row: Wisp, Lunch Money, Monster

They had Blushes and Bronzers available for purchase on the Colourpop website but I was only interested in the Highlighters. Colourpop Highlighters retail for $8.00 a pop, which according to google is KD2/450. I mean… a full sized highlight for less than 3 Kuwaiti Dinars is insane!

Dove: You’ll go coo coo for this light cool-toned taupe

I purchased the Sculpting Stix in the shade Dove because several years back, Chanel came out with a grey blush called Notorious (which I wanted for contouring and such) but I couldn’t find it anywhere in Kuwait (or abroad) and clearly never got over that fact and so to me Dove was the next best thing. Also Chanel Notorious was $43 whereas Colourpop Dove retails for $5 so there’s that. Dove is part of the permanent line which again is distinguished by the all-white packaging and holographic print. Dove was the one that arrived with obviously tampered with packaging.

Wild Nothing: When your friends cancel after you’ve already put on your dusty warm brown

As I’ve said earlier, Wild Nothing was part of the limited edition Holiday Set called Nice. I specifically chose that set because I really wanted Fanny Pack Highlighter but also because it included an Ultra Matte Lip in the shade Wild Nothing. I figured it was a good way to try out at least one of Colourpop‘s lip products. Plus, shades like these are have a moment. In fact, Wild Nothing kinda’ reminds me of Whirl (reviewed – here) at a glance. Instead of the all-white packaging with holographic print, this came in the colorful holiday multi-print. I’ve never owned any lip products (or anything, for that matter) from Colourpop but apparently the Ultra Matte Lip in the permanent line usually come in transparent tubes with a reflective silver cap as opposed to the frosted tube with a matte black cap. Wild Nothing arrived like it had been hurriedly packaged.

Super Shock Shadows in the shades Tinsel and Just Fur Fun (cracked). These were also part of the limited edition Holiday Collection as you can tell by the packaging but Just Fur Fun was part of the Nice Holiday Set (which also included Fanny Pack Highlight and Wild Nothing Ultra Matte Lip). They had a bunch of limited edition holiday Super Shock Shadows that were being sold individually (not part of a set) like Sleigh (ridiculously cute name!), Tinsel, Just Fur Fun, and Koosh but I only purchased Tinsel individually (not part of a set). Honestly, I really regret not getting the rest of the Holiday Super Shock Shadows, especially Sleigh.

Tinsel: Pack this baby on your lids and you’ll be ready for Tinseltown in this metallic finish grayed out icy lavender
Just Fur Fun: When you have nothing better to do…metallic finish soft pink with a pale gold glitter

L-R Nillionaire (smushed), BAE, Mixed Tape, and Partridge.

Nillionaire: You’ll be looking rich in this metallic bronze with pink and gold glitter
BAE: Ay Bay Bay, this is a rich eggplant purple with blue glitter
Mixed Tape: A pearlized taupey grey with silver sheen…a shoutout to the best way to proclaim your love in the 90’s
Partridge: A warm pearlized brown with a green and gold duo chrome flip

Nillionaire is so far out of my comfort zone it’s not even funny but I got it because I wanted to step out of my comfort zone (life begins at the end of your comfort zone… and all) and experiment more with shades I wouldn’t usually go for. This might seem silly but I purchased BAE solely because the name made me lol. Mixed Tape I got because it seemed like it might possibly be a dupe for my holy grail favorite eyeshadow of all time, Urban Decay Stray Dog (loved it for years and still just as in love!). I just feel more comfortable with cool-toned shadows for whatever reason. I’ve already got way too many shadows that are similar to Partridge like MAC Blue-Brown Pigment (hauled – here) and MAC Club just to name a few but I’m a fiend for duochrome shadows so I had to get this, especially since it’s in a completely different texture. These Super Shock Shadows retail for $5 a pop.

Finally, Never Not Chillin Super Shock Shadow Set which included 6 limited edition Super Shock Shadows and came in ridiculously fun packaging!

With that being said, I only purchased this Set because these specific Super Shock Shadows weren’t available for purchase individually (only part of this Set) but once I placed my order, they were available for individual purchase shorty after. I was a bit miffed about that but then when my shipment arrived, the ultra-adorable packaging more than made up for that, so I’m happy a camper as of this moment.

Peekaboo: Metallic ivory with silver glitter…Oh, we see you

Desert: From barely there to barely sober, this satin peachy tan is perfect for every occasion

Thirsty Girl: Quench your thirst with this metallic bronze with gold glitter

Patchwork: This ain’t your grandmother’s deep metallic turquoise with violet and blue glitter

Fairfax: Keep it California cool in this matte black brown

Babykins: Deepened metallic purple with violet glitter – shout out to our girl Meagan!

I wasn’t crazy about this Set as I only really wanted Peekaboo but it’s actually a pretty good selection of shades because you’ve got a few neutrals and a few of the brighter, more crazy shades, in a mix and match of shimmer, metallic and matte finishes. The fact that they named the gold shade Thirsty Girl seriously cracked me up! I’m not sure if I’ll ever have the guts to wear Patchwork as blue eyeshadow generally reads as lady of the evening (woman of ill-repute, street walker, prostitute, etc…) on most people, or so I believe. Vainglorious by MAC (hauled – here) which I unfortunately didn’t get along with, might be similar to Babykins. We’ll see how this different texture holds up. I feel like Desert can be used for everything, from an all over wash of color on the lid, to a crease shade. Fairfax though is the one that has my heart! I just have a thing for cool-toned shades. I don’t understand it. It just is. Like I said, I had my heart set on Peekaboo but once I saw Fairfax in real life, I was instantly smitten! It might look blah in the pan but I’ve got big plans for this baby! Actually, you know what? I don’t know if I’m just tired (this post is taking forever) but I feel like I should create an Eye Look incorporating all 6 of these Super Shock Shadows just for the heck of it and post it on my blog. Whaddaya’ think? Should I go for it or nah?

Just Fur Fun (top), Peekaboo (left), Desert (right)

L-R Partridge, Mixed Tape, Thirsty Girl, Nillionaire

L-R Patchwork, BAE, Babykins, Tinsel

Same order, with Fairfax at the very bottom.

You can definitely pick up on the duochrome quality of Just Fur Fun which is the cracked one at the very top. Peekaboo is clearly lighter than Desert. Below them, Partridge has a greenish tint whereas Mixed Tape comes across as more lilac. Thirsty Girl definitely seems more gold in comparison to Nillionaire which actually looks more bronze.

A different angle of Thirsty Girl and Nillionaire which are definitely different. Patchwork seems brighter than BAE which actually looks darker in-pan and more subdued. Babykins also looks quite bright in comparison with Tinsel even though they are both completely different colors. Fairfax is all the way at the bottom.

Obligatory overhead shot.

Same order at a different angle so you can hopefully pick up on all their little nuances.

In hindsight, maybe I should’ve placed Thirsty Girl and Nillionaire directly beneath Peekaboo and Desert but hey you live and learn. I’ll probably do that with that with the swatches instead. These Super Shock Shadows retail for $5 a pop. The reason why I haven’t swatched anything yet is because apparently Colourpop products dry up pretty quickly (if you don’t close them tightly) and here’s an actual quote from their website, “Don’t leave the jar opened for long periods of time, you may lose some of the magic that makes the Super Shock Shadow so amazing.” Obviously, I don’t want them to lose their magic so I’ll only be opening them up when I’m actually going to be using them which consequentially means that swatches and reviews might take a good long while. With that being said, if you’re curious about a particular shade (or shades), I’d be happy to move it to the top of the list.

So far, I’m extremely impressed with Colourpop‘s presentation and marketing! They have an extensive range of shades and are always coming out with more! The shades have funny names and are accompanied with tongue-in-cheek descriptions! A lot of these products have triple swatches (fair, medium, deep) on the website. The limited edition packaging is cool but the permanent packaging is especially aesthetically appealing! They seem to be using MAC‘s tactic of regularly churning out limited edition products which is in fact quite clever! Best of all, they have an incredibly low price point! *Hint* *Hint* To any Kuwaitis out there who would be interested in becoming the sole distributor of Colourpop in Kuwait. Also, they only advertise on social media (Instagram and such) which is very “of the times”, I guess. Worthy of note, Colourpop has allegedly been linked to the Illuminati. I’m not even joking y’all (check it on reddit)!

I’ll have to play around with these some more but if all goes well I’m definitely going to order some more stuff from Colourpop!

14 thoughts on “Colourpop Black Friday Haul

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  4. Heyy ! I was thinking of ordering colourpop products i stay in kuwait also.. but i was wondering does the import fees and all make the process expensive? Because i’ve been worrying about that. Thanks


  5. Hi Ameera!

    I use Aramex (mail forwarding service) for all my online orders. The price depends on the weight of your package. For example, if your ColourPop package weighs:

    1.10 pounds (.4 kilograms) you’ll pay KD 3/250 for shipping
    1.35 pounds (.6 kilograms) you’ll pay KD 6/000 for shipping
    2.15 pounds (.9 kilograms) you’ll pay KD 6/000 for shipping
    2.40 pounds (1 kilogram) you’ll pay KD 8/750 for shipping
    3.25 pounds (1.5 kilograms) you’ll pay KD 8/750 for shipping

    There’s also a Customs Duty Fee based on the “cost of goods” so for example, if your ColourPop order cost:

    $30 you’ll pay KD 1/500 for customs duty
    $40 you’ll pay KD 1/650 for customs duty
    $50 you’ll pay KD 1/800 for customs duty
    $70 you’ll pay KD 2/100 for customs duty
    $100 you’ll pay KD 2/500 for customs duty

    So for example, let’s say you ordered worth $100 (KD 30) on the ColourPop website and your order weighed 3.25 lb (pounds), you would have to pay KD 8/750 for shipping + KD 2/500 for customs. So the total would be KD 11/300.

    Hope this helps!


  6. Hi Ameera!

    Basically, when you sign up with Aramex, they give you a mailbox in the United States (as well as other countries) and when you order from websites that only to deliver to the United States, instead of using your address in Kuwait (because certain websites don’t have international shipping), you use the address of your mailbox in the United States.

    I’m sure someone at Aramex can explain all this much better than I can. Also, there are other mail-forwarding services in Kuwait, but Aramex is just the one I’ve been using all these years.

    Hope this helps!


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