Shake Shack Alpine Burger

There’s Snowhere like Shack! Meet the Alpine Burger: 100% Angus beef topped with melted Alpine style cheese sauce (Appenzeller Cheese) and smoked veal bacon.

Unfortunately, there is no angle that can make this not look like someone sat on it (which is a common theme with Kuwait’s fast food joins which I touched on previously – here). With that being said, it’s actually quite tasty (at least, to me). I like Shake Shack burgers in general but their limited edition (Dec 15 – Jan 11) Alpine Burger has become my new favorite!

As you can see, I’ve been stuffing my face with nothing but Alpine Burgers for the past few days. When I really like something, I have to have it every day (twice a day, for lunch and dinner) until I get sick of it and can’t stand it anymore… which is totally healthy (read: not insane, at all). I usually go to Jabriya (which is coincidentally where my sister lives) for my Alpine Burger fix under the pretense of visiting my sister. That said, she’s starting to become suspicious as to why I keep bringing them Shake Shack for lunch every other day. My friends have already gotten sick of the Alpine Burger and my younger brother refuses to even try it but I’m still just as obsessed. I mean, it’s only gonna’ be available for a few more days.

That said, I have no doubt that I’ll get sick of it way before then ^_~ Anywho, give the Alpine Burger a try, if you like.

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