Essie Bordeaux Nail Polish

Deep red wine nail polish uncorks a positively intoxicating manicure. Everybody’s under the influence of this vintage beauty bottled at chateau gorgeous. This vintage red is straight off the vine, and ready to be relished.

I’ve always thought Bordeaux was a wine, which should explain the imagery and the description above but as it turns out Bordeaux is also a port city in France which also happens to be where said wine is made and I guess that’s how the wine got its name.

First of all, how cool is my Zombie-Geisha t-shirt? Right? Riiiight? Moving on, for some reason, I don’t like warm reds on myself. I love orange lipsticks and I love red lipsticks but I just can’t stand orange-red lipsticks. I dunno’… I just feel like warm shades clash somethin’ awful on me. Even when I’d get my nails painted a “classic red” for a special occasion or event or whatever, I’d notice how warm-toned the red would look and think “blech”. As such, I’ve really taken a shine to Bordeaux (deep red wine) which is actually much darker than it looks in the photos above. I came across Bordeaux by the brand Essie, at my usual salon, during October and have been obsessed with it ever since!

It’s a vampy red shade that’s quite appropriate for the cooler weather of the Autumn and Winter months. It’s also a great red for special occasions! In fact, I’ve already worn it to two weddings, one in October and one in December. I’ve also chosen to go with Bordeaux on my nails for my birthday (I’m a Sagittarius ^_~) and Christmas. I even plan on wearing it again for New Year’s. I’ve paired Bordeaux with everything from a navy military coat to a black cropped motorcycle jacket, from dresses to jeggings, from bright yellow flip-flops to cobalt-blue velvet (possibly suede? I dunno… whatever it is Louis Vuitton makes) peep-toe platform heels, and it has looked striking with each and every combo! Again, I believe if I had longer nails, this would look way more flattering. That said, I feel like Bordeaux is quite complimentary on me (I’m only wearing 2 coats in the photos shown) and would look equally complimentary on both darker and lighter complected people. Honestly, I think this would look flattering against all skintones, across the board.

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