Yet Another Body Shop Haul

I was at Marina Mall when I noticed these beautiful red exfoliating Bath Gloves at The Body Shop and quickly made a beeline towards them.

They had other colors but these aside from being so beautiful also seemed quite Christmas-y (and I suspect might possibly be limited edition) so I snagged two at KD3/000 a pop. Incidentally, they were having a Buy Two Get One Free deal so I picked up a travel-size Wild Argan Oil Body Scrub (50ml/1.8oz) which was originally priced at KD2/500 for free.

To fully benefit from the BOGO deal, I had to make several different transactions.

I haven’t really talked about this as much on my blog but I’m kind of a makeup brush collector (read: hoarder). It started with MAC but I’ve since collected inexpensive brushes from E.L.F. to the more pricier brushes from Nars… and everything in between. As such, when I noticed that The Body Shop had updated their brush collection, I just had to get some. These babies were KD8/000 a piece but there was also a Buy Two Get One Free deal on them. The top brush is from the Spa Of The World line and is a Body Mask Brush for easy body mask application. I love showering, exfoliating, and most products related to the two, so picking this up was no-brainer. Plus, I thought it was so interesting! I’d actually been eyeing a similar brush from Morphe but then E.L.F. came out with one too and rather than deal with the hassle of ordering online, I decided to go with The Body Shop version. I hadn’t even known it existed (The Body Shop version) until I saw in in-store that day. Look at that handle! Doesn’t it look gorgeous? The next brush is a Slanted Contour Brush which I already own way too many versions of (my first one was from Illamasqua way back in the day, but then I got one from MAC and then Sigma just to name a few) but I’m a sick, sick person and need to own them all. Also… future comparison blog post, yeah? The one on the bottom is a Pointed Highlighter Brush which I wasn’t in love with (actually had my eye on another brush in-store which was KD7/000 but since the other two were KD8/000 and I figured I was getting one for free, I could always go back and pick up the KD7/000 brush somewhere down the line). These seem to be very well-made brushes with super soft synthetic bristles (ideal for “wet” or cream products), beautiful dark brown wooden handles, and an infinitely more appealing demi-matte black ferrule (as opposed to being reflective). There’s something so appealing about the overall look of these brushes! Honestly, they look and feel way more expensive than they really are! I’m definitely going to go back and purchase a couple more; the Angled Blush Brush (KD7/000 which was why I passed on it the first time) and the Fan Brush. I’m so glad that The Body Shop revamped their brush line ^____^

So I payed KD16/000 for three brushes valued at KD8/000 a pop which I thought was a pretty good deal.

Lastly, I picked up a travel-sized Wild Argan Oil Shower Gel (60ml/2.0 fl oz) from one of the bargain bins for KD1/000.

I’d purchased a Wild Argan Oil Set earlier (hauled – here) but I didn’t get to use it because I’d actually given it to someone after they saw it with me and asked for it. With that being said, I was still curious to actually try The Body Shop version of Wild Argan Oil but since I’ve got way too many shower products in rotation at the moment, I figured I’d go with one or two minis. Depending on how well I like these, I could always go back and repurchase the full-size version of those same products whenever I want.

Overall, I payed KD23/000 when I should have payed KD33/500 for tools and personal hygiene products (read: vehehehery practical).

5 thoughts on “Yet Another Body Shop Haul

  1. That Wild Argan Oil scrub and shower gel sound fantastic. At first I thought it was something honey-based, which would have been great too. I love that the Body Shop sells a lot of travel-sized stuff. So handy. Cool blog by the way.

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