Septona Double-Ended Cotton Q-Tips

SEPTONA is a Greek company and is established nowadays as one of the leading export companies of personal hygiene products.

SEPTONA exports in more than 72 countries worldwide, enjoying a strong position in Greece as well. Continuous investment in new technologies, in combination with a sophisticated quality control system in each production process, ensures the production of personal hygiene products of high quality.

Thus, SEPTONA is nowadays synonymous to QUALITY, PURITY, and NATURALITY in the personal hygiene of million consumers worldwide.

Recently, SEPTONA, introduced a new brand, Welly, in the health snacks market. Welly consists of two differentiated product lines, Cereal bars & Rice cakes. All products combine high nutritional value with indulgence. Welly natural pleasure!

I’ve spoken about Cleanic (reviewed – here) which is a well-known brand in Poland. Well today I would like to talk about another brand that I’ve been seeing a lot of, in the local co-ops all over Kuwait. Septona which is apparently a Greek company, specializes in Personal Care products such as cotton pads, cotton buds, plaster strips for blisters, antibacterial wet wipes, nail polish remover wipes, etc… They do sell other stuff and more recently have been branching out into rice cakes and cereal bars which kinda’ seems random but whatevs.

The reason why I decided to purchase these (100pcs per pack) for KD/350 was because these were double-ended, which I thought was pretty cool. One side is rounded like a regular q-tip while the other side is more pointy and tapered. I’m sure I’ve seen double-ended cotton swabs from other brands before, but I don’t recall ever purchasing any prior to the ones from Septona. I believe these are from their Lady Care range. It says “Ideal for Make Up” on the side of the packaging.

I figured the tapered side would be ideal for fixing any mistakes I’ve made when using the MAC Brow Set (reviewed – here) and getting rid of mascara smudges on my eyelids, or even perfecting my winged liner. If you wear liquid liner, you know how it applies perfectly every single time until… you’ve got a special event coming up, which is when liquid liner chooses to misbehave and even though you’ve pretty much become a pro at winging it, somehow you revert to a scrub and start making all kinds of ridiculous beginner mistakes! No? Just me? Well in any case, these double-ended swabs seem like they’d be handy for nail polish art, maybe… (I’m hopeless when it comes to anything nail-related so I’m not quite sure), in addition to fixing any makeup boo-boos. Plus, they’re extremely inexpensive and they can be found in most cooperatives in the country.

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