Merry Christmas!

Merry Chrismukkah! Happy Holidays! Whichever you believe (or don’t believe) I wish you a happy, safe, and most importantly fun time! ^_^

In Arab World, we refer to Santa Claus as Baba Noel. Although my family are practicing Muslims, my mom would put up a Christmas Tree and we’d “decorate” it with baubles, and all kinds of other ornaments, and of course fairy lights as well. My dad thought it was hilarious that we would leave the Christmas Tree up for so long, only taking it down towards the end of February. Back during school, I was also a happy participant in Secret Santa which is how I picked up the habit gifting people with what I thought to be was the perfect gift. My stubbornness spilled over into birthdays and other events too! It was partly because it was immensely satisfying and partly because I’m a Sagittarius and we are known to be obnoxiously competitive (my gift always has to be the best, always) both reasons resulting in my going to great lengths to acquire the perfect gift. Even now, as an adult, my newer friends and I would exchange gifts every Christmas! It’s also how I discovered that apparently I’m quite hopeless when it comes to gift-wrapping, sadly. We’d also hang up stockings (mine always included Skittles and some makeup-y bits!) and fill them up with all kinds of stocking stuffers. The most enchanting part of Christmas for me are all the Christmas-y decorations everywhere you go! The Christmas Trees, the twinkling fairy lights, the tinsel, the life-size Santas, the wreaths, the holly, everything really. One of my friends would always host a Christmas Dinner but it’s not really my thing so I only participate every now and then. Finally, the ubiquitous Santa Hat is sported by everyone from friends to co-workers, some who happen to be Atheists. Overall, I love how everyone sets aside their differences and for that one moment in time, come together! Whatever you believe in and wherever you come from, if you let it in, the magic of Christmas can be fun!

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