Boots Bogo

I was at Soug Sharq when I noticed Boots were having a BOGO (Buy One Get One Free) deal. I’d run out of my favorite Nail Polish Remover (reviewed – here) but it was still out of stock in all of the Boots stores in the country. People, I know these are awesome but leave one for me! After months of fruitless searching, I was literally out of Nail Polish Remover so I bit the bullet and went with the green version by Boots, er, at Boots. I’m not in love with the green one but at the end of the day, a Nail Polish Remover is a Nail Polish Remover.

I’d recently replenished my stock of Bourjois Contour Clubbing Waterproof Eye Pencils (reviewed – here) but the reason I don’t haul them is I figure it would be boring for you guys since I’ve already reviewed them and there’s not much else to say besides that they are my favorite. With that being said, the Bourjois Eye Pencils come with cap taped on the pencil in lieu of a seal. I mean I appreciate the fact that it’s sealed and hasn’t been tampered with but the tape is ridiculously annoying, especially when you’re late (which for me, is kinda’ like, always). I had an important event to go to and since I was short on time (and had freshly painted nails swatched – here), I only pulled a corner of the tape/seal off and wiggled the pencil out of the cap, so I could do my makeup. I must have set the pencil aside and completely forgotten about it because the cap was off a day or two later. Unfortunately, I never replaced the cap and because of the tape closing in on itself (once the pencil was removed) forming a barrier at the mouth of the cap, I couldn’t even if I wanted to. Even when I came back from the engagement party, the last thing on my mind was my makeup, honestly. I didn’t realize the cap was off until much later, which meant by then that the emollient pencil had become completely dry. I couldn’t find a sharpener, as per usual (can’t find it when you need it) which is why I picked this one up from Boots during BOGO. Now that I’ve sharpened my Bourjois Eye Pencil, it’s all nice and soft again!

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