MAC Sized To Go Collection

I’m completely obsessed with the MAC Mineralize Volcanic Ash Exfoliator (reviewed – here), and MAC Prep + Prime Fix+ (hauled – here) and since I’ve had such good experiences with the few skincare items that I’ve tried from MAC, I really wanted to branch out and start using their other skincare items, but I was hesitant on purchasing a full-sized item, lest it turn out to be like the Complete Comfort Creme (hauled – here) which was okay but nothing special, and consequentially ended up expiring before I got to use it all up.

Once again, I placed another order (little did I know that it was going to be my final order) on the official MAC website (before this happened) and picked up a few travel-sized products at $10 a pop and got to pick out free deluxe samples. Can you guess which is which from looking at the photo?

MAC False Lashes Extreme Black was one of the samples I got to pick out as a gift with purchase (gwp). I’ve reviewed it in my previous post (here). Long story short, it did nothing for me.

MAC Strobe Cream is a long-time favorite of mine! Before discovering MAC, I used to use Revlon Skinlights Face Illuminator which was a straight up frosty light pink that clashed horribly on my olive/brown/tan skintone but it was the only shade available in the entire country (and could only be found during the Perfume & Makeup Exhibition at Mishref Fair Grounds) but I was a teen and knew next to nothing about makeup and basically just wanted to “highlight”. Revlon Skinlights Face Illuimator did highlight alright… in fact it highlighted every single imperfection and even created some of its own along the way. Then came the Strobe Cream by MAC which gave me that gorgeous dewy look that I was forevermore obsessed with! It made my sallow skin look healthy! It made my eyes look brighter! It just made everything look and feel… better! With that being said, that was a looong time ago and technology-wise, makeup has come so far since then and you can get a similar effect from drugstore items such as the Clean & Clear Morning Energy Skin Brightening Daily Facial Moisturiser (reviewed – here) which as I’ve said in the review, veers more towards makeup rather than skincare. I chose the the MAC Strobe Cream (6ml/0.02 fl oz) as a gift with purchase (gwp) because it appealed to me the most (out of all the other samples available at the time) and I knew I liked it, so I was going to enjoy using it.

MAC Tranquil Cleanse-Off Oil was one I’ve always been curious to try, but was hesitant about committing to a full-size, especially since I’m not a fan of oil (as any residue on my skin can make me go insane) so this deluxe sample size (30ml/1 fl oz) at $10 wasn’t exactly breaking the bank and was just enough for me to figure out if I liked the actual product or not. It sounds lovely and it looks lovely but I have yet to use it because, y’know… oil (invisible residue = ew). However, I’m equally squeamish about falling asleep with my makeup on (I’m looking at you Star Wars Covergirl Super Sizer Waterproof Mascara – reviewed here). It’s a fantastic mascara but unfortunately it is also a waterproof mascara and consequentially refuses to budge. So, the true test of the MAC Tranquil Cleanse-Off Oil is yet to come (read: when I muster up the courage to wear Star Wars Covergirl Super Sizer Waterproof Mascara, again). We shall see.

MAC Melon Pigment (2.5g/0.09oz = deluxe sample size) retails for $10 and is described on the MAC website as a soft bright golden peach with a frost finish. Honestly, I didn’t even want Melon at first, but because I have way too many eyeshadows that are similar to Violet Pigment and Kitchmas Pigment, and already own Blue Brown Pigment and Naked Pigment (reviewed – here, just refresh if the photos don’t load), and Vanilla Pigment seems awfully close to Lithe Pigment (which I hauled – here), and I wouldn’t even know where to begin with applying Rose Pigment, and Old Gold Pigment did not appeal to me, at all, I decided to go with Melon Pigment. I was actually disappointed when Melon Pigment arrived because it looked straight up gold (ew). With that being said, it’s actually a beautiful color that flashes gold one minute and peach the next, i.e. duochrome! I tried to capture the duochrome quality in the photos above, so hopefully you’ll be able to tell. Personally, I’m obsessed with duochromes so once I actually got around to playing with it, I was very pleased with Melon Pigment. In fact, I paired Melon Pigment with Outré Eyeshadow (hauled – here) only yesterday. Also, I’m not positive on this but I feel like Melon Pigment could double as a lovely highlight. Only time will tell.

Okay, people who run MAC Middle East, either update your website (please?) or let us order from the U.S. MAC website. Also, think about including samples (as a gift with purchase, of course) when people purchase from the actual physical MAC stores in Kuwait. You are guaranteed to sell more products that way (especially skincare) because people will be more inclined to purchase a full-size product, if they know for sure that it does what it is supposed to do and doesn’t break them out. Sleep on it and get back to me.

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