Mascara Monday: MAC False Lashes Extreme Black

Intensely inky, this lightweight, innovative mousse-like formula saturates lashes in a carbon-black pigment that promises the deepest, darkest, richest look imaginable with full long-lasting coverage. Each stroke of the unique double-lush brush creates vixen volume and lift by filling in sparse lashes, magnifying and multiplying magnificently. Long-wearing polymers quickly coat lashes from root to tip, keeping them supple and flexible.

I believe this was released in 2011. I’ve never tried it before until recently, when I placed my final order on the MAC website (US) and chose False Lashes Extreme Black as a sample, which is why it’s so tiny. Funny how after years of wishing that MAC would include free samples with every purchase, they finally implemented it, except now, me and everyone else in my region are no longer able to order from the MAC website because we keep getting redirected to the “local” MAC websites which honestly is a joke (read all about it – here).

Personally, I absolutely love mascaras and even though I’ve been sorely disappointed by the majority of the mascaras from MAC in the past, I figured since this was a sample (read: free) I had nothing to lose. I’m quite pleased that I didn’t pay for this (if you don’t include shipping costs, which I had to pay anyway, for the rest of my order). I believe this would be a wonderful mascara for people who are blessed with longer lashes with a natural curl to them. Seeing as how I’ve got sad little lashes that are not only short, but actually point downwards, this did nothing for my lashes, besides clump them together. It didn’t lengthen them, nor add volume to them, and it didn’t even curl them. It gave my lashes that uneven, haphazard, crazy look (not un-similar to another mascara from MAC that I’ve reviewed in the past – here). Once again, this was a miss, for me. If you’ve got lashes that have a natural curl to them or if you’ve got longer lashes in general, this might work for you. I believe everyone else should just skip this.

No shade, MAC. Even after they’ve left me by the wayside without even so much as a glance in the rear-view mirror, I still love MAC, wholeheartedly! With that being said, they just can’t seem to create a somewhat decent mascara, for some reason. That’s okay though because the majority of their products are stellar!

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