Marks and Spencer Haulage

When I was married, someone visiting my mother-in-law brought over two packs of hard candy (lemon-flavored) from M&S. Judging by how quickly I ate (read: inhaled) the handful that she gave me, my insanely awesome ex-mother-in-law asked her relatives to get me several packs the next time they went to M&S, which they did. Personally, I’ve always sorta’ associated Marks and Spencer with underwear because that’s pretty much all I bought from there (aside from my Twiggy Tote Bag). Even their makeup offerings never enticed me much. With that being said, I’m actually quite fond of M&S because it feels quintessentially English/British (er, not sure on the correct terminology, please nobody be offended and excuse my ignorance). I was especially fond of the huge flagship M&S store in Salmiya. However, I was actually at the Avenues when I decided to check out Marks and Spencer and ended up with all of the above.

I’ve been dying to try Pea Snaps (for years and years, dying!) but I could never seem to find them anywhere (I’m thinkin’ maybe I should branch out from Sultan Center and start giving other places a chance) so I was ecstatic when I found this at M&S.

Okay! Sure! Let’s call this “healthy”! They can pretty much call it whatever they want and I still wouldn’t care because I’ve finally gotten my hands on Pea Snaps! So, so happy!

Eeeeeeeeee! Can’t wait to try this out!

I picked up two, one for my younger brother and one for me.

I spotted a different kind, Piri Piri Pea Snaps and of course had to get them too.

They’re sticking with this whole “healthy” thing which is great because the rest of the haul is far from.

All of these sound so awesome bar the Jalapeno Pepper and Cayene Pepper because I don’t do well with overly spicy food (heartburn or is it acid reflux? Either way, no bueno) but I’m giddy with excitement to try this, regardless.

One for me, one for my younger brother.

These are just for me and they are the Reduced Fat Salt and Vinegar Flavoured Crinkle Potato Crisps (How cute? They say “crisps” instead of “chips”! I know it’s such a cliche but I absolutely adore Brits!)

These sound like they might actually be healthy (or I’m just biased because I love Salt and Vinegar Chips in general).

Also, suitable for vegetarians! That’s pretty much it for the savory bits. The rest are all sweet.

Super Mini Lemon Meringues topped with Sherbet Lemon Crystals. How stinkin’ cuuuute? Again, one for me, one for my younger brother.

Also suitable for Vegetarians.

Lemon Meringue Knickerbocker (huh?) Glories sounds ridiculously yummy! Sadly, as I’ve said before I cannot (read: do not) cook nor bake.

Lemon Curd Sauce for me because I can’t stand Chocolate Syrup, Honey or anything other sauce that’s overly sweet.

Nice to know that there are options for Vegetarians.

My younger brother (just like every other normal human being) likes chocolate so I picked up these Gigantic Milk Chocolate Buttons for him to try out. I hope he likes these ^_^

Something about the graphics on the packaging strongly reminds me of Playstation 4 Platform Games for some reason…

I got the Belgian Milk Chocolate Coated Honeycomb for my brother as well.

That said, I’m actually interested in trying one out, just to see what it tastes like. If I love it, I’ll probably be stealing the whole pack from my brother.

These festive Christmas-y treats were on display by the entrance.

Both these Jelly Stars (Raspberry & Blackcurrant) are for me because as I’ve mentioned before I really enjoy gummy candy, especially when it comes in a sour flavor. I believe these were Buy One Get One Half Off which doesn’t matter because these were very inexpensive to begin with.

This pack of Polar Bear Pals is also for me because like I said, I truly enjoy gummy candy (as evident by my Candy Haulhere).

Green Apple Flavor? I die! If you’re a regular reader of my blog then you might be somewhat familiar with my obsession with Green Apple everything and anything (talked about – here)

Lastly, these Christmas Cinnamon & Hazelnut Mini Stars Iced Festive Little Treats are also for my younger brother because I thought he’d get a kick out of them. For the record, he’s only 2 years younger than me.

So, so cute! For the record, I don’t do icing (blech) but these were just too cute to pass up, which is why I bought them for my younger brother.

Yeah… I can’t read that. To me that’s all gibberish but basically the total is KD18/400. If you’re interested in any of the food items shown, just click on the pic to enlarge it.

Basically, minus the doubles (stuff for my brother), this is the actual haulage and as always reviews to come. Hope you enjoyed this post!

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