Clarins Haul

I was at Harvey Nichols when I came across a Clarins counter (hidden away in a corner, for some reason). Generally, I tend to stay away from Clarins as I feel it’s more of a mature women’s brand and also because I bought an eyeshadow palette from them (way back in the day) which turned out to be a dud (unpigmented) even though the colors looked beautiful in the pan. With that being said, I’ve been dying to get my hands on an Instant Light Natural Lip Perfector. Personally, I prefer to leisurely browse in peace and quiet but every time I picked up a product to read what was on it, the hovering sales assistant would not only interrupt my thoughts by telling me what it was called (not what is actually used for or even how to use it) even though I was clearly in the middle of reading it and would actually try to lead me to a more expensive version of the same product. She was aggressively pushy! Since she obviously wasn’t going to get off my case, I decided to get straight to the point and asked to see the Instant Light Natural Lip Perfectors.

The shade I wanted was out of stock so I got 05 Candy Shimmer. Later on, at a different location, I picked up another one in the shade 01 Rose Shimmer which retailed for KD8/500 and was the one I actually had my heart set on. Both are shown in the photo above. Sorry for the horrible quality but that was my adorable yet sadly clearly useless new camera. I’ve since gotten yet another, better camera but I figured might as well use the photos that I’ve already taken. Along with the Lip Perfector, I also picked up a little set. I’ve mentioned this before but I believe the best way to familiarize yourself with a brand is to pick up a set of some sort. The rest of the stuff in the photo are just some samples (including Everlasting Foundation samples in the shade 111 Toffee) that I managed to wrestle out of the sales assistant.

Water Purify One-Step Cleanser with Mint Essential Water (10ml/0.33 fl oz) x2 was given to me freely along with x4 foundation samples.

She also gave me a full-sized Joli Rouge Brillant Lipstick in the shade 12 Litchi (3.5g/0.12oz) which I thought was highly suspicious. Why would she give me a full-sized product for no reason? Thankfully, I’m a neurotic person who has to sniff almost everything before applying it. Back home, I googled the shade #12 Litchi (which isn’t even on the official Clarins website, mind you) and discovered that it was actually part of the limited edition Clarins Neo Pastels Collectionwhich was released in 2011. Basically, this lipstick was about FIVE years old. That shed some light on why she so freely gave it to me (without me even having to ask if they had any samples). Worthy of note, this woman was wearing a hijab (lawl).

L-R Gentle Foaming Cleanser with Cottonseed (5ml/0.1 oz), Lotus Face Treatment Oil %100 Pure Plant Extracts (2ml/0.07 fl oz), Face Treatment Oil “Blue Orchid” (2ml/0.07 fl oz)

These, I had to actually ask for but in all honesty I was trying to decide whether I should purchase the Blue Orchid Oil or the Lotus Oil but I didn’t want to shell out the cash before being sure on what I wanted but she kept interrupting me and was being aggressively pushy that I asked for samples of each instead. In fact, I had such a horrible experience that I’m never going back to the Clarins counter at Harvey Nichols again, ever!

The set contained Delicious Self Tanning Cream (125ml/4.5oz), Exfoliating Body Scrub for smooth skin (30ml/1oz), Body Lift Cellulite Control (30ml/1oz), and a cute bag that housed all the products inside. The sales assistant kept pushing me to purchase a set (there were other sets) so I picked this one because I was actually interested in trying out the Delicious Self Tanning Cream and this set came with the nicest looking bag (out of all the other sets). The whole set cost KD15/000.

Body Lift minimizes the look of cellulite—even stubborn cellulite. It has a fluid-release action that enhances the skin’s beauty and increases the appearance of firmness while nourishing, moisturizing, and enhancing the look of beautiful skin.

So sorry about the quality (I don’t even know why it does that lawl) but here’s the Body Lift Cellulite Control which seems to be yet another topical temporary solution (which of course contains caffeine, surprise, surprise). The concept of these was fun, new and interesting when they first came out years and years ago (remember Nivea Goodbye Cellulite… and how they had to refund people after they were sued for the claims lawl) but I’m kinda’ over it now and wish the set included something more “fun”.

The essential first step to achieving a firm, youthful-looking body. This refreshing exfoliating treatment — with smoothing Natural Bamboo Powders — casts-off rough, flaky surface cells and impurities, giving body skin a sleek new start. Extracts of Mimosa and Shea caress skin with a delicate veil of softness. Preps skin for the treatments to follow.

Me gusta! I mean I’m all about exfoliating so I’m really excited to give this a try! Plus, it’s got some form of Bamboo so it’s bound to smell amazing!

This delicious self tanner smells like Cocoa and has a tinted caramel colour for easy application. Your skin will look and smell beautiful in an instant, with no help from the sun. Enriched with Aloe Vera, the creamy texture glides onto your skin to drape in softness and a natural-looking golden glow that will develop in just a few hours. Cocoa Butter helps prevent premature skin aging and leaves skin with a natural radiance and an amazing tan.

Yaaaas! I know I said I hate chocolate (as in eating actual chocolate) but I love the way it smells in some of my products so I can’t wait to self-tan with this “Delicious” Self Tanning Cream! I’m pretty sure unlike the other two products in the set, that this is a full-sized product. So that’s cool too.

Part make-up. Part skincare. One lip-loving formula! All the color-shine of a gloss—with treatment benefits your lips will feel good about. Acacia micro-pearls and vegetable waxes nourish, protect, soften and plump. Soothes the senses with a delicate vanilla scent. Wear alone, or top off your lipstick for the glossiest lips around.

The main reason why I visited the Clarins counter in the first place.

The reddish one is 05 Candy Shimmer and the pink-y one is 01 Rose Shimmer. As I said earlier Rose Shimmer was out of stock so I settled for Candy Shimmer because I didn’t want to leave without getting at least one of these Instant Light Natural Lip Perfectors (could the name be any longer?) but later on, I purchased Rose Shimmer at a different location because I’ve decided to stay far away from the Clarins counter at Harvey Nichols. I’m not sure how much Candy Shimmer cost but Rose Shimmer retails for KD8/500.

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