Bath and Body Works Fiesta Collection

I still stop by Bath & Body Works every couple of months to replenish my stock with a few necessities (Deep Cleansing Hand Soap, Wallflower Refill Bulbs, etc…) but I figured it would be boring showing you the same things over and over again, simply because it’s usually the same products, in the same scent (Dark Kiss).

Case in point, Dark Kiss Deep Cleansing Hand Soap (x2) and Cactus Flower & Coconut Deep Cleansing Hand Soap. As always, there was a Buy Two Get One Free on these, which is why I got 2 in my tried and true favorite scent (Dark Kiss) and only chose one from the latest collection (Cactus Flower & Coconut) for free.

Beautiful blend of cactus flower, iced coconut and lemon sugar

This was a pleasant scent that smelled clean, somewhat masculine, and a bit perfume-y.

I also got 2 full-size Shower Gels and a Sugarcane Scrub all in the scent Agave Papaya Sunset. They had other scents in the Fiesta Collection but the Agave Papaya Sunset was the only one that I was really drawn to. Again, there was a Buy Two Get One Free deal on these.

Top Notes: Sugared Agave, Golden Papaya, Chilled Pineberry, Bergamot Zest, Tart Pomegranate

Mid Notes: Strawberry Blossoms, Sheer Jasmine, Watery Freesia, Violet Petals

Dry Notes: Dulce de Leche, Exotic Musk, Coconut Sands, Caramel Woods

Call it what you want Bath and Body Works but you don’t fool me! After frequent use, it dawned on me that Agave Papaya Sunset is actually my beloved Peach Citrus (hauled – here)! No wonder I was drawn to Agave Papaya Sunset right off the bat. I know, I know, I go on (and on and on) about how much I despise the scent of peaches (and the actual fruit itself) but this doesn’t smell like peaches at all. To me, it smells like yummy orange creamsicles! Agave Papaya Sunset is a gorgeous, warm, sweet, cozy, fruit scent! I’ve already finished up one shower gel and I’m absolutely dreading finishing up the second (and last) one.

Agave Papaya Sunset Sugarcane Scrub
(Sugared Agave, Golden Papaya and Coconut Sands)

Leaves skin feeling irresistibly soft:

  • Luxurious formula creates a rich, indulgent lather to soothe and smooth skin
  • Sugarcane crystals exfoliate while Avocado Oil and Cactus Flower Extract condition and nourish skin
  • I’m obsessed with exfoliating products so of course I had to pick this up in the same gorgeous Agave Papaya Sunset scent! I have yet to use it because I’m working my through another body scrub at the mo. Super excited to try it out though!

    The total was KD20/500 which isn’t bad considering I only visit Bath and Body Works every few months (read: once I run out of their Deep Cleansing Hand Soap). So glad I stumbled upon a Peach Citrus dupe of all things!

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