Bath and Body Works Beach House Collection

Oops, accidentally published this before actually finishing the post. Any-who, I went to Bath and Body Works again during the end of summer because I’d run out of Hand Soaps and I also wanted to pick up some Wallflower Bulbs (refills). Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any of the wallflower stuff (nothing, zilch, nada’) at the branch I went to (I wanna’ say Soug Sharq).

I got 3 more Deep Cleansing Hand Soaps in the scent Dark Kiss which is my usual go-to. Again, there was a Buy Two Get One Free deal on these.

Take a voyage to the tropics with the exotic fragrance of toasted coconut, warm vanilla, and South Seas orchids

I also picked up 3 stun-ning candles in the scent Bora Bora Tiki Beach. These were KD7/000 a pop but there was a Buy Two Get One Free deal on them as well.

Let’s just take a moment to take in the beauty of gorgeous frosted glass jar! Also, how cool is that diagonal wave pattern? I die! Sure I’ve had a few mishaps with Bath and Body Works frosted candle jars (broken candle pics – here) but that was then. I’d like to think we’ve grown past that ^_~

Cuteness overload! Who can resist all that?

“Not I”, said the duck.

I’ve burned Tiki Beach in the past (hauled – here) and it smelled delightful, all coconuts and vanilla, so I knew what to expect with these. The cold throw on Bora Bora Tiki Beach is excellent! In fact, I have one of these candles (unlit) on my desk at work and enjoy getting random whiffs of it throughout the day. I love tropical scents like these and honestly this Bora Bora Tiki Beach smells straight up delicious!

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