Techie Tuesday: Braun Silk-épil Soft Perfection Epilator


A Gentle Approach to Epilation
Silk-epil Soft Perfection takes a gentle approach to hair removal. It features a unique, four-way moving pain softener to ease you into epilation. Two active massage rollers with tiny nodes stimulate the skin before and after the hair is removed to minimize the pulling sensation. The Silk-epil‘s SoftLift system gives you extra-close epilation and can pluck out hairs as short as 0.5 millimeters, for long-lasting smoothness. And although it is a great way to get those legs gorgeously smooth, it comes with additional attachments for underarm and bikini — your most sensitive areas.

Ergonomically Designed for Better Control
The Soft Perfection is ergonomically designed to fit comfortably in your hand, allowing better control and maneuverability. Two speeds give you the choice between slow or quick epilation. The 20-tweezer epilator head has an Efficiency Pro Clip that covers a large area of skin in one stroke, for fast epilation that lasts. This lightweight device comes encased in an attractive soft pink case with grips for easy handling. This epilator includes a cleaning brush for quick, easy maintenance, ice glove, convenient travel bag and storage pouch, and an AC adapter.

Model 5318. I’ve talked about the history of hair removal and different methods of it including Epilating (here).

Of course the ice glove was one of the first accessories I lost but here’s the itty bitty “cleaning brush”.

Here’s the rest of the accessories including the travel bag and storage pouch. Honestly, they look and feel extremely cheap.

Once again, as opposed to a BS 1363 (UK) which is a three-headed plug that generally fits most sockets in Kuwait, the plug is a CEE 7/16 Europlug which is a two-headed plug and needs an adapter to fit. In my case, I grab any other electrical appliance with BS 1363 plug, and stick only the uppermost (top) head into the socket, leaving the other two holes empty for the CEE 7/16 Europlug to easily slide into, before removing the partially connected three-headed plug, leaving the CEE 7/16 Europlug connected and securely in place. It might sound more complex than it actually is, but basically the two-headed plugs won’t slide into the three-holed socket unless the top hole is… occupied (I feel like there’s a better word for it but it’s just not coming to me at the moment). Anyways, that’s just something I do with all my CEE 7/16 Europlug appliances (including the National Hair Styler reviewed here)

The other end of the plug fits into the bottom of the Epilator.

Like so (I am aware that everyone knows how to plug, er, a plug but I’ve taken a million and one pictures of this thing so what’s one more?)

Hopefully you can tell but the chord is quite lengthy. Unfortunately, that doesn’t deter from the fact that you still need to be very close to an electric outlet (which means no using this in the shower, etc…) which quite frankly I find inconvenient.

Here’s the Epilator without any attachments (first photo), the Epilator with the Efficiency Pro Clip, which is just the regular attachment, and the only one I actually use (middle photo), and lastly the attachment for underarm and bikini epilation (last photo).

It might look all innocent and unassuming (even the description of the color is “sweet pink”) but man-oh-man does this thing hurt! The first time I ever used an Epilator (also by the same brand but an older model belonging to my sister) was a looong long time ago, on a family vacation trip. I was sick of shaving my legs (it really does get tedious) so my sister offered to lend me her Epilator, promising that I wouldn’t have to shave my legs again for the rest of our summer vacation. Here’s the thing with people who regularly use Epilators… THEY GET USED TO IT!!!! She didn’t even think to warn me about the extremely high level of pain. No joke, it was jarring! In fact, I kept stopping every few seconds, to let the pain subside and to psyche myself up for the next bout of pain, but mostly to put it off for as long as possible. After about 40 mins of starting and abruptly stopping (the longest 40 minutes of my life!), enough was enough (it was getting ridiculous) so I decided to grit my teeth and power through, until I was done with both legs. Even waxing seemed like a walk in the park, in comparison! Epilating was the most painful thing I’d ever experienced in my life! “Never again”, I promised myself.

Several years later, I came across the Braun Silk-épil Soft Perfection Epilator (possibly at AlGhanim Electronics, Sultan Center, or my local co-op) and broke that promise, painful experienced long forgotten (the human brain really is amazing at protecting and shielding us from trauma). I figured an Epilator would come in handy, when my preferred wax technician (esthetician?) was overbooked and I didn’t feel like shaving. It was priced somewhere between KD15-KD25 which wasn’t bad. I wanted to use the Epilator on my underarms, so finding an electrical outlet conveniently situated next to a mirror was not ideal. Sufficient lighting was another issue that I had to deal with. The worst part, of course, was the extremely jarring, raw pain. The ice glove was effectively useless at numbing the area. Even the 4-way moving active massaging rollers that were supposed to minimize the pulling sensation did absolutely nothing for me.

I found that the best method for myself when it came to this Epilator was to use the regular attachment (not the smaller one which is actually meant for sensitive areas such as the underarms) and set it to speed setting 2 (which was the highest speed, 1 being slower, and 0 being “off”). Yes, it is more painful but I found that if I kept at it, without stopping, my skin will actually become numb. The regular attachment (not the small one) covers more surface area, which means a larger area goes numb at the same time. The lower speed setting (1) does not result in the numbing of my skin because it’s slower, so it gives my nerve-endings (…I think) more time to recover and become susceptible to the pain all over again. Basically, I prefer to power through and get it over and done with, as quick as possible.

So yeah, this thing does come in handy. I mean, it even grabs hairs that the human eye can’t see (I don’t see it but I can feel it so…). Plus, unlike shaving but just like waxing, depending on your hair regrowth, you won’t have to do it again until at least a month or more. However, to be able to use any Epilator in general, you have to have an extremely high tolerance to pain. That said, the more you use an Epilator, the more you adapt (read: get used to the pain). Personally, I don’t believe I’ll ever get used to it. On a scale of 1 – 10 (1 being the least painful and 10 being the most painful) I believe the pain level of any Epilator (in general) is a 20.

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