Elle & Vire Fat Free Green Apple Yogurt Dessert


Also at Sultan Center (Salmiya branch) I came across this green apple flavored yogurt by Elle & Vire and obviously had to pick it up because I’m pretty much obsessed with green apple anything and everything!

I purchased six of them, three for me, three for my younger brother. After trying one out, he promptly gave the other two back to me. I have to be honest with you, these do have a strange after-taste, almost medicinal. Somehow, it tastes even stranger if you’ve had something sweet to eat or drink beforehand, kinda’ like Diet Pepsi. Personally, I think Diet Pepsi (or Diet anything for that matter) is vile! That said, I really enjoyed Elle & Vire Fat Free Green Apple Yogurt Dessert! Whenever I’d have some, I’d think “Ooh you taste so weird.” and go back in for more “So, so strange!”, and go back in for more. So yeah I kinda’ have weird taste when it comes to food and this isn’t really for everyone but I’d totally repurchase it!

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