Soap & Glory One Pit Wonder Deodorant

I got this One Pit Wonder Deodorant Stick by the brand Soap & Glory at Boots a long time ago, so I can’t remember how much it cost or anything like that.

Fresh underarms guaranteed: give each one hit under with One Pit Wonder for really peachy pits!

Normally, I find Soap & Glory packaging exceptionally cute but the image kinda’ put me off. The blather on the packaging is funny though.

One Pit Wonder was safely/efficacy tested in the UK on a group of distraught and odor-addled ladies who after gambling their hopes on other under armours were hoping to pit the jackpot.

That is what it says on the back, seriously.

Personally, I hated One Pit Wonder. It had a gel texture which was pretty cool (no, literally it felt cooling, especially on freshly waxed/shaved underarms) but that’s pretty much all I liked about it. In the packaging the scent was delightful (uplifting zesty grapefruit) but once it came into contact with my skin, it pretty much scented me with the smell of a dirty hippy. I’m not quite sure what it is but it smelled ridiculously bad, like, patchouli-level bad! At first, it baffled me because I genuinely thought that I’d developed severe B.O. overnight but realized that it was this stuff (not me!) when I applied this fresh out of the shower and still smelled awful! Okay, after googling this, apparently the scent is a combination of grapefruit and peaches, which makes sense due to the endless amount of “pit” puns. Maybe my nose was only able to detect the peach-scent only after I’d applied the thing to my skin. In any case, I don’t do peaches. I absolutely detest the way they smell! As such, I hated using this! In fact, I even tossed it into the empties box to “review” on my blog before trashing it but due to the constant moving around, the empties box kinda’ got lost, which is why I’m only now finally getting around to reviewing the thing.

Thankfully, Soap and Glory have since discontinued One Pit Wonder.

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