Mascara Monday: MAC Studio Sculpt Lash Mascara

Studio Sculpt Mascara features a unique brush with two specific and patent-pending rows of bristles. Each bristle has a prong to catch and grab eyelashes for better separation, definition, curl and length. The small brush is perfect for reaching every last inner, outer and lower hair, while the creamy and velvety formula conditions lashes without weighing them down. Your lashes are left well-combed and loaded with product. The non-clumping mascara is flake-proof, smudge-proof and lasts all day long.

I purchased the Studio Sculpt Lash when it first came out (2014) from the MAC website, with extremely high hopes that it would be somewhat similar to my beloved, long-discontinued Rimmel Extreme Volume Comb Mascara (reviewed – here) based on the uniqueness of the brush.

I figured hey, it looks crazy so it’s probably going to be awesome! Yeah, no.

Here’s a front view of the brush, and a back view. As you can see, the front has bristles whereas the back has nothing.

Here’s a view of the mascara from the top (so you can see the two rows of bristles) and a side-view.

I had no issues with the formula, as opposed to the bristles (teeth), which were pretty much a nightmare! Not only did they refuse to cooperate but they also scratched my lids and got everywhere, except where I wanted them to (lashes). I tried almost everything to make this mascara work for me but sadly nothing did. It did not curl my lashes. It did not lengthen my lashes. Worst of all, it did not add any volume to my lashes. Take it from me, anyone who claims that Studio Sculpt Lash worked for them is straight up lying to you. This is one of the most useless mascaras on the market, not unlike L’Oreal Voluminous Million Lashes (reviewed – here). If my lashes were pitiful to begin with, somehow this mascara made them look even worse! MAC is always coming out with fantastic products but I find that when it comes to mascara, MAC tends to completely miss the mark, because all (not one, not two, all!) of the MAC mascaras I’ve tried so far, seem to be awful, which is sad because I usually get so excited in anticipation of my new mascara’s arrival and at the prospect of said mascara reaching “holy grail” status and such.

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