MF Mango Pickle

On the opposite side of the mango spectrum, we’ve got Mango Pickles! The 250g jar retails for KD/495 (about 500 fils). I couldn’t find anything on the brand MF but they do have an extensive list of other condiments (pickles, sauces, etc…) including a spicier version of the Mango Pickle called Hot Mango Pickle. They like to keep it simple. I can respect that. Mango Pickle is by far my favorite! This can be found almost everywhere in the country (local co-ops, Sultan Center, Saveco, etc…) as well as other countries in the Gulf region.

I am by no means a chef. In fact, I’m scared of ovens, stoves, etc… basically any electrical appliance in the kitchen bar the fridge and microwave. I am also not a “foody” (as I’ve mentioned before – here). What I’m trying to say is, I wouldn’t even know where to begin with describing this. That said, I prefer Greengage (hauled – here), Green apples (blogged about – here), and green grapes (future blog post) over their sweeter counterparts. I love salty, sour, and tangy food especially Lay’s Salt & Vinegar Chips (reviewed – here)! I also love most condiments including Ketchup and Yellow Mustard (preferably Heinz), and even Soy Sauce! I’ve been known to binge on Cucumber Pickles (the kind that come in a jar, not the kind that come as a side with your Shawerma). I truly enjoy cucumber pickles and always ask for extra in my burger or whatever else I’m having. I guess what I’m trying to say is if you don’t like any of the above, then I suggest you steer clear of the Mango Pickle.

Mango Pickle might not look appetizing (let’s be real, when do pickles ever look appetizing?) but they taste ridiculously good! The flavor of the Mango Pickle is so sharp and tangy that I find the best way for me to eat it, is to cut up a small piece into several smaller pieces, and mix it in with rice (although I’m not a huge fan of rice) to tone down the flavor. Mango Pickle goes pretty well with “Machboos” (chicken) too. Even when drowned with “daqoos“, its distinct flavor is still very, well… distinct. Sometimes, I’ll even crave Mango Pickle on it’s own, and have a little piece (with nothing to soften the flavor) but I don’t recommend doing that, because it’s kinda’ like having a lemon, and you’ll end up with puckered lips, and possibly a little sore in your mouth (from all the acidity) which will usually go away in a day, but is uncomfortable as well as annoying while it’s there.

I used to eat Mango Pickle all the time, waaay back in the day and then sorta’ just forgot about it, until recently when out of the blue, I started craving it again. My older brother saw me having some with my lunch (he was like “whoah, throwback!”) but he had some as well, and is slowly getting back into it again. Mango Pickle is an old-y but a good-y!

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