Japanese KitKat – Wasabi

I was at Sultan Center when I spotted these Japanese KitKats in the Wasabi flavor. Why does this even exist?

I mean I know the Japanese are quirky and all but Wasabi is just crossing the line.

I must admit, a green KitKat does look pretty! That said, I’d never put it in my mouth because 1) I don’t do chocolate 2) I don’t do wasabi either (in fact, when I’m having sushi, I always ask them to hold the wasabi).

I’m so glad this is all in Japanese though, because I have a few people in mind whom I’d love to prank (“Oh hai guys! Try some of this “harmless” Green Tea KitKit!”.

Even though I’m not big on chocolate and I’m very aware that these are wasabi-flavored (and I’d probably keel over and die if I had just the one), I’m almost tempted to try it regardless, because of its cuteness!

Watch me prep and plan, only to have them end up actually liking if not enjoying the Wasabi flavor. That would suck. I wonder if I should try some just to make sure it’s sufficiently wasabi-flavored. Then again, I don’t wanna’ die. Decisions, decisions. There’s no rest for the wicked!

One thought on “Japanese KitKat – Wasabi

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