Almarai Mango Milk

In theory, Mango Milk sounds delicious!

Unfortunately in reality it’s far from it. This stuff straight up tasted medicinal! I took one sip and thought it was awful. I took another sip and thought “nope, we’re done here”. My sister visits us every weekend with her kids in tow so I just passed these along to them. My sister tasted it, hated it, and got upset with me, “My kids aren’t sheep. You can’t just give them whatever”. That said, my nephew (8 years old) didn’t like it either, but his two sisters (6 and 10 years old) liked it and took the rest home with them.

Regardless of the fact that I got suckered into buying it, I’d like to know who at Almarai thought a mango flavored milk drink would be a good idea? Mango Milk is vile!

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