Trisa Hair Brush

I purchased this Trisa Hair Brush from my local co-op for KD1/310. Apparently, it’s a Swiss brand, so that’s cool. Typically, European products seem to be of super quality and seem more trust-worthy in general, specifically when it comes to personal care tools such as tweezers, pumice stones, nail files, brushes, etc…

My lion’s mane is quite prone to tangles, so I love using a brush like this, in the shower, to de-tangle my hair.

I’d apply some hair conditioner, usually Cream Silk (reviewed – here), work up a lather, and brush my hair with the conditioner still in it.

I’d always apply conditioner from the ears down, never on the roots (scalp), crown, or anywhere above ear-length. Applying conditioner to your scalp would weigh your hair down, in addition to being difficult to rinse out, making your hair look flat (no volume) and greasy. Who would want that?

The conditioner helps the brush glide through my hair. Even if I hadn’t gone swimming (beach/pool) or back-combed my hair, I usually have at least a tangle or two in my curly-wavy hair. Those little balls at the end of the bristles, are a huge help in de-tangling my hair!

When I was a tween, my mom taught me this trick to de-tangle my hair (granted, she was talking about using a wide-tooth comb, not a brush) to start at the bottom, and work my way up.

I tried it her way, at first, parting my hair in half (bringing the back to the front), and combing it with a wide-tooth comb. The tangles were too small and the comb just sorta’ skipped over them.

I realized then and there that my mom with her silky smooth hair did not suffer from the same hair-related problems that I did, so I improvised. I tried comb after comb but none of them worked. They either skipped over the tangles or in the case of the fine-toothed combs, they literally broke. So I switched to brushes.

Through trial and error, I learned which brushes could withstand water without coming unglued and falling apart. I also learned which bristles could withstand de-tangling my hair without bending or breaking off. Typically, I’d buy something slightly wider than the brush shown above but since I couldn’t find the one I usually purchase, and the cushion had come unglued on my latest brush, I went with the closest alternative.

Notice how it’s aerated (the two little holes) which ensures that the brush dries off faster. I could lay it face-down and let it dry off, or I could squeeze the excess water out by applying pressure to the rubber cushion. That way, the brush lasts longer and doesn’t grow any mold.

Honestly, if you don’t dry anything off properly (from loofahs and shower puffs to towels), it’ll smell funky, which means it’s already started growing mold. I’m equally both terrified and disgusted by mold, which is why I grab every opportunity I can, to instill the merits of properly drying wet things, by lecturing friends and family, which they think is funny, and even go out of their way to do the opposite of, which drives me nuts!

I’m aware brushing wet hair is a no-no but nothing else can de-tangle my hair. In fact, before I discovered the right type of brush, I used to spend upwards of an hour, in the shower, just attempting and failing to de-tangle my hair.

Even with all the extra conditioner I used (dollop after dollop), it still took forever! I’d end up tired (my arms would be sore), frustrated, and resentful! I straight up hated dealing with my hair!

Discovering the “proper” brush (it was right underneath my nose at my local co-op this whole time) was life-changing! I’ve been repurchasing it over and over again, ever since I was a tween (decades ago). It might seem like an exaggeration but honest to God, hand on heart, finding the right type of brush for my problematic hair, truly was life-changing!

De-tangling my hair became less of a challenge, which meant I didn’t have to spend a year in the shower anymore! I didn’t have to weigh the pros and cons before going swimming anymore (if everyone was going swimming for less than 2 hours than I’d opt out, because I’d have to deal with de-tangling my hair for an hour or more in the shower). I could now go swimming whenever I wanted! I never got sore arms (from de-tangling my hair) again!

One of the things I prefer in a brush (specifically for de-tangling my hair in-shower) is metal bristles because I find that they are the best at de-tangling my hair and tend to outlast all the other kinds without suffering as much damage (bent bristles or breaking off, etc…).

Those little balls at the end of the bristles, as I’ve mentioned earlier, are handy at de-tangling, but only in-shower. I wouldn’t recommend them for brushing through curly or wavy hair when it’s dry, as that can be quite painful.

In the shower, they’ll glide through my hair, only getting caught if there’s a tangle (basically alerting me to said tangle) leading me to brush through the tangle a couple of times, and effectively de-tangling it.

Last but arguably most important of all is stiffness. If a brush has way too much give, it’ll just skip over the tangles without de-tangling them. That’s why I prefer my hair brush to be extra stiff.

I don’t think I need to point this out but I will anyway. If the bristles are too short or too wide, it won’t be able to get caught on the tangles or even de-tangle them, regardless of how stiff the brush is. Those are just some of the things I look for in a “shower brush”.

I’m aware of the Tangle Teezer and I’ve even purchased one of my own (a looong time ago) but I’m so set in my ways when it comes to my hair (and honestly my tangles are no joke) that I haven’t even opened up the Tangle Teezer yet (still in its original packaging, unused).

Also, keep in mind that everyone has different hair and what might work for me, might not exactly work for you. For reference, my hair is dry yet soft-to-the-touch, naturally voluminous, textured (dries with a curly/wavy kink), wild and unruly (only certain products combined with extreme heat can tame it), and super-prone to frizz and tangles.

Actually, what am I doing? You can check out actual pictures of my hair (this post – here).

Lastly, I am in no way advocating the brushing of wet hair!!!!

Brushing your hair when wet can and will damage your hair! In fact, when dealing with particularly nasty tangles, my hair has been prone to snapping off.

In my case, I don’t really care, since I’ve been dealing with tangles ever since I was a kid and I’m so over it. I truly don’t care about a little breakage or losing a few hairs or any of that.

As long as my hair is tangle-free, I’m happy. Getting my hair de-tangled is my top priority. Brushes like the one shown are very helpful in that aspect.

2 thoughts on “Trisa Hair Brush

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  2. My daughter brought me a Trisa hair brush from Switzerland. The bristles are fine but the varnish, or coating, on the wooden handle has become sticky and is rubbing off. This is not the quality one expects and usually gets with Swiss products.


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