Rimmel Nail Polish Remover

I don’t even remember buying this Rimmel Nail Polish Remover (100ml) but it was most probably from Boots. I’m not even sure how much this cost but seeing how it was from Rimmel, it was probably inexpensive. I might have purchased it because I couldn’t find my favorite nail polish remover which happens to be by Boots (reviewed – here).

The fact that is says “strengthening” might also had something to do with why I purchased this because I’ve got ultra-weak nails (read my story – here). It also says “with protein & pro-vitamin B5” so I’m guessing that’s pretty standard for most nail polish removers nowadays to have some form of B5 because even my favorite one from Boots has some form of B5. The packaging isn’t particularly exciting and I find it quite droll. It also has the typical nail polish remover scent which I don’t enjoy. There are plenty of nail polish removers on the market nowadays that have less offensive scents (like fruits, for example) and are just as inexpensive as this one. Overall, this no frills Rimmel Nail Polish Remover was not bad as it sufficiently removed my nail polish as easily as can be expected.

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