The Body Shop Caring Caramel Nail Color

First of all, I’d like to apologize for the awkward angles, which is also mainly why I prefer using a swatching tool to showcase nail polish. This vegan nail color in the shade Caring Caramel was purchased at The Body Shop for KD2/500 (hauled – here).

As you can see it’s a warm-toned peach-brown with a slightly glossy finish. You can also clearly see the brush-strokes, even though I applied three coats. Please excuse the state of my nails as I’d been wearing Caring Caramel for a few days, before it even occurred to me to snap some pics for my blog.

Frankly, I hate it. Every time I wear Caring Caramel and glance at my nails, I think “blech”. I can see this being a gorgeous pastel-y peach on deeper and darker skintones, and a beautiful orange-y brown on the lighter and fairer skintones but on myself, I absolutely hate it! My cousin even complimented me on it, which made me hate it even more because she and I have very different tastes. She, like my older sister, think French Manicures are chic and classy. Personally, there’s nothing I find tackier than a French Manicure. Glean from that what you will. In any case, I think it’s cool that The Body Shop sell Vegan Nail Colors. I just happened to choose the wrong shade, is all. Since she likes it so much, I’ll probably be passing this along to my cousin.

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