My Story: Curved Nails (Warning Graphic Pictures)

As you can see, I’ve got curved nails. However, not all of my nails curve. It’s just the nails on my index finger and the middle finger (that totally just reminded me of Chris Brown’s song, Deuces lawl). If I was to do regular swatches of nail polish on my blog, the above photo would be what they would look like and nobody but nobody needs to be subjected to that.

As you can see, in the first photo (upper left) the nail on my pinky and ring finger (and thumb but it’s not shown) are all normal. The nails on my index finger and middle finger, curve over my fingers. When my nails are a shorter length, they tend to behave. When they get longer, after a certain point those two start to curve. It’s incredibly frustrating because I’ve got chubby hands and it takes me forever to get my nails to reach a certain length (that actually flatters my chubby hands) only to be forced into cutting them. Once they start to curve, they remain that way (never straighten out) so I have to cut them really short and start growing them out, all over again.

All my nails are so thin they’re practically transparent (only the white part). In addition to that, my nails are easily damaged, as they are extremely delicate. Any one of my nails can partially break off, rip, tear, develop ridges, or peel off in layers because they are so brittle. You can sorta’ see that in the first photo (nail on my index finger aside from curving, has uneven edges that have peeled off). It’s not painful at all, because it’s only the free edge (white part), and not the nail body (nail plate?), that does that. Lastly, every single one of my nails is very bend-y and flexible. I’ve tried to “demonstrate” in the photo above, where I am using my thumb to gently apply pressure to the nail on my middle finger. As you can see, the nail is laying flat against my finger, completely bent. As I’ve said before, all my nails are flexible and can do that. However, they usually straighten out immediately as soon as I let go, except for the index and middle finger. Those two curve on their own, naturally. Even when I try my best to protect them (not apply any pressure, at all) so they don’t start curving. After they reach a certain length, both fingers on both hands, just start to curve over the finger itself.

My nails are so weak they are bend-y, so thin they are transparent, so brittle they break easily. Basically, I’ve got absolutely horrible nails. I believe the term is called eggshell nails (yup, that’s a thing). Apparently, there’s a lot of things that can cause eggshell nails. It could be hereditary. It could be a symptom of an underlying disease. It could be a result of stress. It could be a sign of oxygen deficiency or even a vitamin deficiency. Seeing as how I’ve had eggshell nails all my life, I highly doubt it’s something serious that’s causing it. I mean, I’m still alive amn’t I? As for stress, I’m pretty laid back. I guess I’m going to have to start taking vitamins and hope it’ll help.

That said, when I’ve got nail polish on, my nails are considerably stronger, aren’t as bend-y and do not break as easily.

17 thoughts on “My Story: Curved Nails (Warning Graphic Pictures)

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  2. Sorry to read about your nails. I think it’s probably best to keep them short to avoid chips and cracks. I understand eggshell nails can be hereditary. But there’s also chance it might be a vitamin deficiency issue. Have you ever had tests done? Even if your parents (or one of them) has the same nail condition, it doesn’t necessarily mean the eggshell nails is hereditary. It may be an underlying condition (which may actually be the hereditary condition) which is causing the eggshell nails. If you haven’t been tested (thyroid function, vitamin and mineral levels, etc), I would suggest you see your doctor. Sure, there may not be an underlying condition, but at least you have peace of mind and you don’t have to wonder. On the other hand side, if it’s something else that’s causing this, they may be able to treat it. I lived with a B12 deficiency for years without knowing about it. I always thought I was a total weakling, and I thought I’d never be able to lift heavy things. But that was all because of the B12 deficiency. I also have celiac disease which caused quite some trouble with my body’s ability to absorb vitamins from food. My body might never be able to absorb all the vitamins from food because of the intestinal damage caused by years of easting gluteney foods. Now, 5 years later, I’m still getting monthly shots from the nurse at my GP practice.

    What I meant to say is… speak to your doctor. And have them test you for everything they (and you!) can think of.

  3. Hi Mrs Strawberry Blonde (very cute name btw) Thanks for commenting and thank you so much for your concern and just know that I truly appreciate it. No, I haven’t had any tests done but I think it’s about time I begin because like you said, I’ll have peace of mind. Also, if something does turn up, I can at least start getting it treated. I’m very sorry to hear that you suffer from celiac disease and have to get monthly shots. I can’t even begin to imagine what that’s like! My heart goes out to you. Stay strong xx

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  7. Your nails look EXACTLY like mine, including the same fingers! My nails have always been this way…..i clearly remember being in 6th grade with them like this and I’m 38 now. I’ve had plenty of iron, b12, and vitamin d tests and up until the last time, they’ve always come back fine. Last labs showed a slight deficiency in vitamin d. I, like you, just try to keep them short-ish as other than looking peculiar, the nail curving downward and pretty much resting on the end of my finger is so annoying!!

  8. Hiya Amy! Sorry to hear that we share the same misfortune of having bend-y nails. It’s not exactly a life-threatening disease or even debilitating in any way so I don’t feel like I have the right to complain lol but at the same time, you see all those photos of girls on insta and wherever else with absolutely gorgeous well-manicured nails and it’s kinda’ hard not to get nail-envy, amiright? lol Having eggshell nails is a bummer :( With that being said, I’ve found that applying nail polish (even a clear top coat or even better a strengthening one like those Sally Hansen Diamond whatchamacallit) kinda’ sorta’ makes them stronger so they are less susceptible to bending as quickly. If you have any advice, do feel free to share (as in PLEASE HELP) lol

    Welcome to my blog and thanks for stopping by :)

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  11. Hi Krista! I’m sad to hear that you’re in the same boat. Unfortunately, I still haven’t solved the mystery. However, might I suggest you look into Biotin?

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  13. I have the same issue on a few of my nails and I have dealt with these nails my entire life. My eggshell nails tend to break before they get long enough to curl completely. I also have a problem with them growing unevenly — the left side grows faster than the right side … but the left side curls and the right side grows out sideways. I have found that sleeping with a small “spitball size” piece of tissue under the nail to act like a splint makes a big difference on the curling. I hope that helps.

  14. Hi, Benicia! Sorry to hear that you’ve got eggshell nails too (bummer). I know exactly what you’re talking about. In fact, I totally forgot to mention the unevenness when my nails grow out (making them look like they’re practically growing sideways) which is yet another annoying thing to contend with when people have got eggshell nails.

    Interesting eggshell nail hack lol You heard it from Benicia Livorsi here first, ladies! I’ll definitely have to try that soon (at this point I’m pretty desperate, honestly). Thank you so much for the splint tip! :)

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