Cleanic Cosmetic Cotton Pads

Cotton pads for the removal of make-up from the face and neck Made of high-quality 100% pure cotton. The convex/concave surface of the Pure Effect pads guarantees even more effective cleansing. The convexities distribute the cosmetic perfectly, while the concavities gather all the impurities. Additional moistening of the pad surface with the Soft Touch ingredient makes them soft and provides comfort while cleansing the face and sensitive areas arond the eyes.

I was with a friend at the local co-op when I spotted these Cleanic Cosmetic Pads, did a doube-take, and quickly snapped them up for KD/625 only. What’s so special about these? I’ll tell you. It’s got 120 pads, meaning it’ll last you forever and a day! Okay, clearly I’m exaggerating because I’ve only got the one pad left to show you. However, these really did last me for a long, long, looong while. Even the pack is extra long!

I also love that its got the draw-string closure to protect it from the elements. I know, I know, at this point it sounds like I’m obsessed with draw-string closure because I keep harping on about it but you guys, it’s just way more sanitary.

I don’t know about all that but that last one is a blatant lie. This is cotton and therefore does leave behind fibres (as cotton tends to do!) and not only separates but also completely comes apart when you drown it in makeup remover or nail polish remover or apply medium force. It’s a cotton pad. That’s just what they do. No need to lie, bruh. At first, I thought Cleanic was a blatant rip-off Clinique but it turns out they’re legit! Cleanic is all about hygienic products for skincare, and is actually pretty well-known in Poland.

I just like these because they aren’t extra-small or extra-large, they’re juuuuust right (now I’m Goldilocks lawl). Usually, I’ll drown it in my favorite makeup remover (reviewed – here), pop one on each eye, and presto off comes the eye-makeup (including brows and concealer). I also like these for removing my nail polish in conjunction with my favorite orange-scented (I know it’s apricot kernel oil but whatevs, it smells like sweet clementines to me) nail polish remover (reviewed – here). I’ve been seeing a lot of Cleanic products in co-ops all over the country. Seeing as how this was so convenient to use, I think I’ll be trying out a handful of their other products as well. If it makes my life easier, why not?

If you’re looking for a regular-sized cotton round, that’s budget-proof, and will last you for a good while, do yourself a favor and give these Cleanic Cosmetic Cotton Pads a try. They’re great for removing your makeup, nail polish, and whatever else you might have in mind. They’re just so handy!

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