The Body Shop Collective Haulage

Looking at the sun right now, it’s kinda’ hard to believe it was raining, just a few hours earlier. I think it’s hilarious that people who live in Kuwait get so excited when there’s a little sprinkle of rain (myself included) whereas people who live in countries where it’s constantly raining, actually prefer sunny days to rainy days, to the extent that they’ll even get depressed when there’s a slight overcast. Life is funny! Personally, I love, love, love the rain! Which side of the fence are you on? Do you love the rain or do you prefer clear skies? I’ve been in the mood to listen to this song so I figured I’d share it with you guys. For those who’ve never heard it before, as well as those of you who are listening to it again, hope you enjoy!

I really must visit The Body Shop more often because I wait so long in-between visits and miss out on a whole slew of new releases that I end up going crazy (and purchase everything) when I eventually do go.

The packaging is so adorbs it’s ridic!

I don’t even like gold, and I still find this cute! You can definitely re-purpose the packaging and use it for storage.

Birds flying high, you know how I feeeeeeeeel


Wood Positive is a relatively new initiative to compensate for The Body Shop’s annual paper and cardboard consumption in product packaging. Through Wood Positive, The Body Shop working with WLT is actively supporting the regeneration and long-term preservation of habitats – providing a rich home for threatened wildlife. Through Wood Positive, The Body Shop will be helping to fund habitat management carried out by their partners Nature and Culture International, Ecuador and REGUA (Reserva Ecológica de Guapi Assu) in Brazil.

It’s a new dawn. It’s a new day. It’s a new life for me, and I’m feeling goooooooooooooood!

The Wild Argan Oil products smelled surprisingly great! It strongly reminded me of an old favorite from The Body Shop called Cocoa Nut (discontinued) as they both have that delightful nutty scent, with a hint of sweetness to it. I wasn’t even aware that The Body Shop had released a Wild Argan Oil Collection! Rather than trying out one or two products, I decided to pick up a set (that contained a mixture of full-size and travel-size products) to “experiment” with. There were different kinds of sets but I chose this one specifically based on my needs (I know I’m never gonna’ use the Miracle Solid Oil for Body and Hair, for example). This Wild Argan Oil Set was reduced to KD 6/500.

The Wild Argan Oil Set consists of a Shower Puff (itty bitty one, at that), Shower Gel (250ml/8.4 fl oz), Rough Scrub (50ml/1.8 oz/51.5g), Body Butter (50ml/1.69 oz/48g), and Massage Soap (150g/5.25 oz). The Shower Gel and Massage Soap were full sized, but the rest were all travel-sized. I figure I could always go back and repurchase them in the full size, depending on how much I liked the products and enjoyed using them.

Next, from the Voyage Collection (inspired by the scents of the world, created with ingredients sourced from around the globe) I instantly fell in love with the Fijian Water Lotus. There were other scents such as Madagascan Vanilla Flower, Indian Night Jasmine, Italian Summer Fig, Japanese Cherry Blossom, Amazonian White Lily and Atlas Mountain Rose, but Fijian Water Lotus was the only one I had my heart set on. Again, I didn’t even know that The Body Shop had come out with these! I was super excited to find them, Fijian Water Lotus, specifically. It smelled so fresh and uplifting which is one of my favorite kind of scents (after gourmands, of course). In fact, I feel like Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue (reviewed – here) and Fijian Water Lotus are in the same scent-family. Even the packaging on Fijian Water Lotus seems to suspiciously resemble the packaging on Dolce and Gabbana Light Blue.

The little wooden button, and the wrap-around closure is just too cute!

It kinda’ looks like it’s got this whole Nautical theme thing going on… or is it just me?

Again, this can also be re-purposed and used for something else, like for example, storage.

Very, very pretty packaging! I’m seriously impressed! It’s so understated but stunning, just the same!

Here’s a close-up of what it says, inside the box.

The Fijian Water Lotus Set contains a Shower Gel (250ml/8.4 fl oz), EDT (50ml/1.69 fl oz), and Body Lotion (250ml/8.4 fl oz) which originally cost KD10/000, but was reduced to KD8/000. Not bad for full-sized products, not bad at all.

I love everything about the packaging, from the color-scheme to the picture being depicted! I also simply adore the aquatic scent, as it’s just so light yet uplifting!

Another product that I’d never seen before (I’m telling ya’, they released a whole slew of new stuff) was this Fuji Green Tea Body Scrub (250ml/8.8 oz/251g) which was priced at KD7/000, but was reduced to KD4/000.

I’m obsessed with body exfoliation products anyway. The fact that this Body Scrub had Japan written on it, further increased my interest, which is why it took me all of 2 seconds to make the decision to purchase it. I mean, how fun does that look? I’m super stoked that I found this Fuji Green Tea Body Scrub!

Next, I got this Vitamin E Aqua Boost Sorbet (50ml/1.7oz/49.5g) for KD5/000, even though it was originally priced at KD7/000.

It’s not really all that new, but I’ve had my eye on it for awhile now. I like the fuss-free packaging, the aesthetically appealing circular glass jar (with sustainable weight to it) and the cute pink sorbet housed inside. I’m always on the look-out for a decent face cream (preferably gel) because I dislike applying heavier creams on my face. As such, I’m quite curious to see what this whole “sorbet” business is about. That said, there’s no point of this Aqua Boost Sorbet having a light-as-air texture, if it’s not going to be sufficiently hydrating. So, I’m hoping this stuff will absorb quickly, moisturize my skin efficiently, and preferably smell yummy, but I’m going to have to use this for a good while, before I’ll be able to report back on its performance.

I was quite indecisive when it came to this Frosted Plum Shower Gel because I kept picking it up, giving it a sniff, and returning it. I just had way too many shower gels (not including the ones from this haul) and couldn’t justify purchasing yet another one, but I also just couldn’t walk away from Frosted Plum either. As well as being a Holiday product (i.e. limited edition), it was also the last one left on the shelf, so naturally I went into panic-mode as FOMO started setting in. Normally, I don’t give a fig (or plum lawl) about their Holiday Collections (especially after this – here) but every once in awhile, they’ll surprise me with something awesome (like the Glazed Apple, green apple, people, green! – here). Also, if it was the last piece left, that meant a lot of people had purchased it, and surely they can’t all be wrong. I didn’t want to miss out.

As it turns out, this baby is my favorite product in this entire haul! I couldn’t smell it properly in-store (which is usually the case for me with most of The Body Shop scents) and I was quite wary of the fact that it had “frosted” in its name. Most scents that include “frosted” in their name, usually tend to smell nauseatingly sweet to me, and since I wholeheartedly love gourmand scents, but draw the line at “frosted”, that should tell you something. I decided on purchasing it anyway, since it was reduced from KD3/000 to KD2/000 which was pretty inexpensive, regardless of how it performed. Once I used Frosted Plum in the shower, it smelled divine! It was definitely a fruit-y scent but masculine too (I’m currently having a love affair with unisex and/or masculine scents). It smelled incredibly sexy and even though it only cost KD2/000 it smelled expensive, like a fancy spa or something! In fact, Frosted Plum smells so dang’ good, it kinda’ reminds me of my favorite scent from Bath and Body Works (Tokyo Lotus Apple Blossom, hauled – here) and I’m pleased that for once, I didn’t ignore my women’s intuition and it payed off! The scent on Frosted Plum makes me so happy!

My favorite mango-scented body wash (Mango Butter Nourishing Shower Smoothie hauled – here) accidentally broke, and I’ve been craving a sweet-mango scent ever since.

So, when I found this travel-sized (50ml/1.8oz/52.5g) Sugar Body Scrub in the scent Mango I snagged it for KD1/500 (reduced price).

I also picked up a travel-sized (50ml/1.6oz/48g) Body Butter in the scent Frosted Plum for KD1/500 (reduced price). I just can’t resist those minis! I mean I’ve always loved Body Butters from the The Body Shop but they’re so huge, and quite frankly I get bored of using the same thing over and over again. So, these minis are perfect for me!

When I found the Honeymania Shower Gel in a travel-size (60ml/2.0 fl oz) I wasn’t as excited about it (as the rest of this haul) but I was genuinely curious as to how it would perform in-shower. Would it smell like honey? Would it be sticky? Curiosity piqued, I purchased it for KD1/000 (reduced price).

Lastly, to tie this whole post with my theme of the month (Green Apples) I got this Lip Balm in Glazed Apple because I’d missed out on it the year before (haul – here). It was originally KD3/000 but I got it for KD1/500.

KD31/000 for the entire haul ‘aint bad at all.

In the future, I plan to visit The Body Shop way more frequently so I don’t go crazy… again.

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