Cold Pressed Granny Smith Apple Juice


I was browsing the frozen drinks section at Sultan Center (Soug Sharq) looking for my favorite flavored dairy drink (so hard to find at the local co-ops) when I found these. *cue angelic music* Initially there were 6 but I drank 2, and then half of 2 more before eventually getting around to taking photos for my blog. There was also a lot of the behind-the-scenes drama (camera-related). I took so many photos only to find out that the SD card had been corrupted. Then the camera straight up died on me. I got a new camera which was so tiny and cute but it didn’t occur to me that I’d need to be able to actually see through the view-finder, as opposed to crossing my fingers and hoping for the best (as shown in my ChapStick Green Apple review – here). I finally got a new camera that’s pretty decent. Hopefully you will like the quality of the photos way better than the previous ones. That said, I’ve still got several upcoming posts that will include photos taken by my old camera (before it died obvi).

Cold Pressed Granny Smith Apple by the Australian brand Preshafruit is simply delicious! It’s perfectly tart and tangy with very little sweetness. Best of all, it doesn’t turn brown after an hour. So, I can drink it, cap it, and replace it back in the fridge to drink later on when I’m craving it again. Not too sure about what kind of witchcraft they use, but they call it cold-pressed (like the cold-pressed Strawberry Sorbet from The Body Shop hauled – here). If you look at the last photo at the bottom, it’s mentioned on the packaging (I wanna’ say on the back but it has three sides so…) that this process helps retain the fruit’s nutrition (which I touched on – here).

They come in triangular packaging that looks pretty cool!

See how it has three sides? Notice the icicle on the cap, which touches on this whole cold-pressed business. I don’t understand it (not one bit) but it sounds pretty chill. I get to have my cake (read: apple) and eat it too!

Here are some photos I’ve taken to show you what it reads, on all three sides. Once I was down to my last 2 drinks, I went to Sultan Center to get some more only to find them gone! All gone! I love Granny Smith Apples, in any and every form, and after having a legit Granny Smith Apple Juice (that actually tastes like the real thing) I refuse to go back to drinking the lesser-quality substitutes. Preshafruit, we need you in Kuwait (and by we, I mean me)! Seriously people, if you manage to find this, give it a try. It’s so, so, so good (and it even says that on the packaging “Drink us, we’re good for you” lawl). It doesn’t get any clearer than that. This stuff smells good, tastes even better, and is actually good for you!

Hope you guys enjoyed all the apple-related posts every other day, this month!

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