Alshaya Haul

I was at Mishref Fair Grounds last month for the Perfume and Makeup Exhibition when I came across the Alshaya booth. I used to visit Alshaya (Soug Sharq branch) regularly, back when I was a teenager, to purchase their shower gels, every time I got bored of my Strawberry Shower Gel from The Body Shop (that was the only shower gel I’d use, aside from the random ones I bought from our local co-op, or the ones my mom got for me). Alshaya sold a Pina Colada Shower Gel (I wanna’ say by the brand Cottage but I’m not sure) which I was constantly repurchasing because it smelled amazing and only cost KD /950 (read: dirt cheap)! Then, when I learned about Philosophy 3-in-1 Shampoo, Shower Gel, and Bubble Bath and was dying to try them out, I found the Chocolate Shower Gel (I wanna’ say by the brand Cleo but I’m not sure either) which was always pretty inexpensive and smelled delightful (I love chocolate-scented products, I just don’t like eating actual chocolate) too. Once Alshaya stopped restocking my favorite Pina Colada Shower Gel, I stopped visiting them.

As I was browsing the booths at Mishref Fair Grounds, this thing caught my eye. Super cute, right?

This thing is stupid cute that it can easily be mistaken for an EOS lip balm.

It’s actually called Apple Fruity Lip Balm (as you can see from the sticker at the bottom) and is sold under the home-brand, Alshaya, but that’s not why I doubled back to purchase this. I actually bought this thing because it was in the green apple scent (which I love!). As far as I know, not even EOS has a green apple lip balm. Of course, I had to get this.

If nothing else, for the cute factor alone! The Fruity Lip Balm sold at Alshaya come in several different fruity scents and flavors, retailing for KD 1/560 per pop.

I wasn’t interested in anything else, but no less than three sales assistants were staring at me with sad puppy-dog eyes, and so I was guilted into buying more (just to humor them). I finally settled on this huge thing of body wash, by the brand Belcam. It was 500ml (16.9 fl oz) huge! It came in several scents, but this was the only one I got.

For starters, Belcam‘s whole 3-in-1 concept (Body Wash, Bubble Bath, and Shampoo) was suspiciously similar to Philosophy‘s 3-in-1 (Shampoo, Shower Gel, and Bubble Bath). I’d managed to get my hands on some Philosophy 3-in-1 products (reviewed – here) and when Harvey Nichols opened up shop in Kuwait, they started selling them as well, but I still wanted to try out the Belcam 3-in-1.

The scent I chose was from the Paris Sweets line, in the Blueberry & Lavender scent. I don’t particularly care for lavender, but got this anyway because of the adorable macaroons on the packaging, and because Paris Sweets strongly reminded me of Bath and Body Works Sweet on Paris (reviewed – here). I seriously loved Sweet on Paris (Bath and Body Works) so following that logic, I’d surely be able to love Paris Sweets (Belcam). Both scents had a gourmand element to them, making them smell sugary sweet (which I tend to do enjoy).

Yeah… no. I think I’ll be sticking to using this as a body wash, only. I don’t even want to imagine the kind of havoc this can wreak on my sad, already damaged hair.

If all of the above is true…

… then how come this expires THREE YEARS later? Hmmm, curiouser and curiouser.

I felt quite pleased with myself for choosing a huge thing of body wash (which I didn’t really want in the first place), in addition to the Apple Fruity Lip Balm (which was the only item I actually wanted), figuring it would make the sales assistants stop giving me sad puppy eyes. Come to find out, the huge thing of body wash cost even less than the little lip balm! Feeling less smug and more sheepish (hey, at least I tried), I payed for my stuff, and left to check out the other booths at the exhibit. I’d completely forgotten how inexpensive the products that Alshaya sold were. I figured they’d have at least raised their prices or something, over the years, but I guess not.

If you’re looking for an inexpensive shower gel or an EOS lip balm dupe, I strongly suggest you check out one of the many ubiquitous Alshaya stores in Kuwait.

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