Candy Haul

One minute I was at Sultan Center, and the next, I was home, with all this candy…

I don’t even like jelly beans… at all, and yet somehow, I ended up with three packs of Jelly Belly.

Imma’ be honest, I totally got suckered in by the adorable packaging on the Hello Kitty one. I just can’t resist Hello Kitty anything. I just can’t. I mean just look at it. Isn’t it ridiculously cute?

With flavors like Cotton Candy and Strawberry Cheesecake, I didn’t even want to resist. Back home, I kept staring at the french word for Cotton Candy which was “Barbe a Papa” and couldn’t shake the feeling that I’d seen it somewhere before. Then it finally clicked. I’ve read it on my favorite candle of all time (hauled – here) from Bath and Body Works. It has nothing to do with anything really, but I wanted to mention it anyway.

I got the Ice Cream Mix because, well, it’s Ice Cream. I don’t think I need to elaborate. Who doesn’t love Ice Cream?

Aside from Chocolate Chunk (I hate Chocolate), all of those look like they’d taste yummy!

Since I was already going to purchase two anyway, I figured why not get the Tropical one, and make them three.

Green Apple was the main reason (read: only reason) I got Tropical Mix.

Aside from Cherry Passion Fruit (I can’t stand cherry, either) the rest of these looked pretty good, so I tore open Tropical Mix as soon as I got home, and immediately remembered why I don’t like jelly beans. I hate their texture! They are fine when I first bite into them, but once I start chewing them, they start dissolving into a sickly sweet, grainy texture. It feels like I’m straight up eating granulated sugar (regular, everyday, white sugar)! Thankfully, I’ve got little nieces and a nephew who happen to be way less picky than their Aunty.

I don’t believe I’ve ever tried anything from The Natural Confectionery Co. prior to these Sour Chews. “Sour fruity with a tasty tang”

Grape, Lemon-Lime, Raspberry, and Apple! Yes, please! As you can see, Apple is in green, which led me to believe that the apple flavor in question was probably going to be a green apple flavor, and I absolutely love green apples (as mentioned – here) which is why I purchased this! Funny how after polishing off the entire bag (not in one day, I’m not an animal… it took two days lawl) only now am I noticing that the back reads “halal beef gelatine” and I must say, that certainly does not sound appetizing. That said, these tasted great, as evident by how quickly I finished (read: inhaled) them.

In all honesty, I was looking for the coffee-flavored candy to place on my desk at work (so I could offer it to whomever, as well as binge on it while working). I can’t remember its name but it had black packaging, c’mon, you know the one, it’s pretty old-school, but after not being able to find it at Sultan Center, settled for Werther’s Original (such a throwback). The image in the upper left-hand corner seriously reminds me of old-school Anime that I used to watch on tv in Arabic as a child, like Hello! Sandybelle, and Flower Child LuLu (Hana no Ko Lun-Lun), or even Heidi (before my time, but they aired reruns a lot).

Personally, I find Werther’s Original too syrupy sweet for my taste. I can have one piece, every once in a blue moon, and actually enjoy that one piece, but that’s it. One and done. I can’t have two pieces, back-to-back, or even in the same month really, because then it starts tasting too sickly sweet for me. I think it might be the caramel filling. In any case, I don’t crave Werther’s Original. As a matter of fact, I don’t even like Werther’s Original (but I don’t hate them either, unlike jelly beans).

Skittles! I absolutely love Skittles in the Fruits/Original flavor (blogged about – here) so I’m always replenishing my supply (even though most of the people in my life regularly give me Skittles, I straight up binge on them, so I’m always running low). Also, anything mini (or travel-sized) looks adorable, to me.

Look at how tiny the Fruits one is, in comparison to the Crazy Sours, so cute! I keep being drawn in by the word “sour”, and repurchasing Crazy Sours, completely forgetting how awful they taste. Even my sister’s kids refused to take them off my hands, and they, like most kids, are sugar fiends, so the fact that they’ve turned their little noses up at Crazy Sours, is saying something. Personally, my favorite Skittles are the Original pack also known as Fruits, but I love trying out different Skittles (just not the Crazy Sours).

Last, but certainly not least are Haribo Worms (another binge-worthy candy). I usually get them in the size shown above, because the ones in the smaller sizes are always somewhat dry. These taste so good! They are neither too sweet nor too sour, at least for me. I also love their chewy texture! In fact, I’ll eat anything from gummy bears to the little burger-shaped gummy candy (I don’t like the texture of the “bread” pieces, though) to cola-flavored gummy candy. Haribo happens to make all the ones I just mentioned, and then some. As long as my gummy candy doesn’t come with any sugar sprinkled on it (ugh), I’m happy.

I know that these aren’t exactly healthy, and that they are chock-full of sugar and dyes and whatnot (regardless of what it might say on the packaging), but I have a weakness for Gummy Candy, Haribo Worms, more specifically. In fact, they are right up there with Skittles. Well, not quite, because Skittles are my absolute favorite, but Haribo Worms are a close second!

When I said I live on junk food (in this post – here) I wasn’t kidding ^_~

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