Mascara Monday: Eyeko Black Magic Mascara

Designed for after-hours seduction our ultimate mascara combines drama, volume and curl with a carbon black finish to visibly transform and intensify your lashes.

I don’t believe I’ve ever tried anything from Eyeko until started selling them. Initially, they only brought out some of the items from the Alexa Chung collaboration, but then included the rest of the Eyeko products. Even though I was smitten with everything they had, learning from my past experiences with brands that were new to me, I only picked out one item to test out.

Our curvaceous helix brush lifts lashes 90 degrees for a long-lasting curl that really holds.

I chose to purchase Black Magic Mascara solely for the curved brush. I’m happy to report that the full contact curved brush is great! It grabs every single lash, coats them with mascara, and lifts them up at the corners, for a sexy cat-eye effect.

With botanical extracts blending Keratin and Shea Butter with a water-resistant finish that doesn’t crumble or fade.

I did have some issues with the formula at first because it was super wet. Even though I adore wet formulas on mascaras, this was a bit too wet. It made my lashes clump together (kinda’ like when you splash water on your face), took a bit longer than usual to dry, and consequentially ended up transferring all over (ruining my eye makeup). So there is a bit of a learning… curve (lawl), but once you get the hang of it, Black Magic is actually a pretty easy-breezy mascara. In fact, unlike other mascaras, I only need one coat. Sometimes, I’ll even apply this at work, as it’s just that easy and fuss-free (no fancy-schmancy technique needed). While standing up and facing the mirror, I’d just tilt my head back slightly, apply one coat, and that’s it, one and done. Even though they claim the formula is water-resistant it kinda’ is and it kinda’ isn’t (which is where the witchcraft comes into play!). The water-resistant tubing formula locks in the color and curl through sweat and tears (so… the average gym experience in Kuwait lawl), and doesn’t flake off nor crumble, but is somehow also easily removed with warm water, ergo sorcery! Actually, as you can see on the packaging, it says Made in South Korea on the back. For those who don’t know, Korea and Japan are incredibly advanced (in every aspect) and are always creating “magical” (read: technologically advanced) products.

Zero-Waste Squeezy Tube Ensures Formula Never Dries Out

Yeah… about that, I was actually kinda’ surprised at how small this was. I mean it’s not It Cosmetics Tightline Full Lash Length Black Mascara Primer small, but it’s not as big as the mascaras that I’m used to, either. Also, I wasn’t expecting it to come in a squeezy tube (like toothpaste or lipgloss), I thought it looked pretty cool nonetheless. Now that I’m reading the above excerpt, it all kinda’ makes sense. Larger mascaras do tend to dry out faster, whereas the deluxe-sample mascaras remain “wet” longer. In any case, the packaging looks cool, all utilitarian and whatnot. I like it!

I loved Black Magic so much that once mine finally dried out, I immediately repurchased another tube. Unfortunately, now that my second tube is all used up, I can’t repurchase another one because (which is where I bought the mascaras) has closed down (read all about it – here) and I can’t find Eyeko anywhere in Kuwait.

If you regularly wear false lashes or prefer big, bold, dramatic lashes, skip Black Magic.

If you prefer a delicate, feminine, day-time look with extra emphasis on definition and curl, you definitely need to get Black Magic!

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