Victoria’s Secret Collective Haul

I so rarely shop at Victoria’s Secret, for varied reasons. Clothes-wise, I don’t believe they’d have anything that would fit me. That said, I’ve never actually tried anything on in their dressing room. In fact, I’ve never even so much as glanced at their clothes or lingerie, my logic being that the Victoria’s Secret Angels are all incredibly fit, long-limbed, size-zeros, whereas I am neither slim nor tall. Makeup-wise, I’ve had several bad experiences with them in the past (as a teenager). One in particular, stands out to me; when I purchased a Lip Plumper, and instead of being a clear gloss that tingles, it was a thick (yet creamy), straight up white lipstick, with a matte finish, regardless of the fact that you applied it with a doe-foot applicator, straight from the long mascara-like tube. Apparently, you were supposed to apply it as a base (underneath a lipstick or lip gloss), and it was supposed to smooth out the surface of your lips, which in turn would make them appear bigger. Victoria’s Secret were very careful with their wording on the packaging. In fact, back in the day, a lot of makeup companies used to pull all kinds of shady stunts like that, before beauty bloggers and vloggers exploded on the scene. I’ve also purchased several hair-care products from them and was always disappointed. For instance, when I purchased a scented mousse, it was so sticky it made my hair stick together as well as stick to my scalp. I wanted volume in my hair but instead the mousse gave me a bad hair day (sticky, stringy, and flat). What’s worse was it was a floral-scent (no testers)! Scent-wise, they had such a huge selection of perfumes, body mists, and whatnot, that I was always overwhelmed, and never knew where to even begin.

That said, I think their stripe-y, pink, paper shopping bags are ridiculously adorable!The Beauty Rush Appletini Set was purchased at Mishref Fair Grounds, because of my obsession with green (granny smith) apples. I reviewed the set – here.Very Sexy Now Eau De Parfum (75ml/2.5 fl oz) was gifted to me by my husband, who is now my ex-husband (for unrelated reasons lol). Apparently, Very Sexy Now gets re-released every other year, in an all-together different scent, and different packaging. I’m not sure which year mine was released, because like I said earlier, I rarely shop at Victoria’s Secret. That said, he did tell me that he’d purchased it at Mishref Co-op (top floor).

What’s sexy right now? High-octane glamour. Bold animal prints. Vibrant, exotic colors. Hot metallic accents. This sultry, limited-edition mix of Frangipani Nectar, Jungly Lily and Purple Orchid unleashed the wild within.

Gold? Check. Animal-print? Check. Rainbow vomit? Check. It’s like they took everything I hate, and threw it all together, to create this incredibly tacky packaging. At least it’s transparent, though. You can kinda’ see the dip tube, behind the reflective gold animal print. You can also see the back (photo below)… from the front (photo above).Hideous packaging aside, the scent on this is quite lovely! At first it smells like a typical Bath & Body Works scent (I wanna’ say… watermelon?), which I personally don’t mind, but some might find it a bit juvenile. Once it dries down, it kinda’ reminds me of Dolce & Gabbana L’Imperatice (reviewed – here). It’s not sweet (gourmand), and once it dries, it’s no longer fruit-y, so it’s not my usual scent, but I find it quite lady-like. Honestly, Very Sexy Now is not something I’d ever have picked up for myself, based on the packaging alone. In fact, I’m pretty sure that the only reason why this hasn’t been used as much, was because I was so turned off by the perfume bottle itself, that I kept it in its original packaging (which isn’t any better) and stashed it somewhere, far faaar away from my direct line of vision, until I guess, I must’ve forgotten about it. I couldn’t get rid of it by just giving it to someone else, because it was a gift from my husband at the time, and that would’ve both hurt his feelings and seemed ungrateful. The only reason why I pulled it out was for this post. That said, I’m actually glad that I have it now, because it smells delightful!Bombshell (Summer) Eau De Parfum (50ml/1.7 fl oz) was originally priced at KD 19/500 and although I was completely in love with the scent, and seriously worried that they would discontinue it (I’d miss out forever!), I just couldn’t justify purchasing it because I had way too perfumes and body mists to go through, first (logic!). It’s no secret that Alshaya have strategically placed Victoria’s Secret stores wall-to-wall with Bath & Body Works stores. It’s also no secret that I visit Bath & Body Works regularly, which means I’m always passing by Victoria’s Secret. During one of my usual visits to Bath & Body Works (to replenish my supply of hand soaps and wallflower bulbs, if nothing else) as I was averting my eyes and hurriedly walking past Victoria’s Secret to Bath & Body Works, the kindly sales assistant (bless her) called out to me saying something about a sale, which made me slow my step. Seeing as how she’d caught my attention, she started rapid-firing deals at me… from memory! Like, what kinda’ training does Alshaya make their employees go through, and if said training would improve my goldfish memory, could I apply? “Bombshell Summer?”, I prompted, as I stepped closer. “Buy two for twenty KD”, she replied. I stood there and did the math (while she watched me… awkward), and two years later (which is how long it took me to do the math) I figured out that they were KD 10/000 a pop (almost 50% off) but only if you purchased two. She quickly confirmed it and I hurriedly snapped them up. Guys, it was fate. It was meant to be!

A splash of summer. A glamorous escape. Feel the radiance with sparkling, sunkissed citrus and bright florals.
Juicy Grapefruit
Black Currant
Lily of the Valley

Isn’t she a beaut? How about that ombre packaging? Just look at that gorgeousness!
I mean…
It’s ridiculous how stunning it looks!
I don’t even mind the gold, for once. I actually kinda’ like it here, and think it fits in with the overall summer-y theme. Even the cap is all pretty and sparkly! The scent itself is equally beautiful as well! It’s all fresh, light, citrus-y and delightful! Both the scent itself, as well as the packaging, make me incredibly happy! Unfortunately, Bombshell (Summer) was in fact a limited edition scent, meaning the real challenge is in forcing myself to use it up (like a normal person), as opposed to saving it for a special occasion i.e. when the the planets are in perfect alignment, etc… (like an insane person), just kidding (maybe). Just to clarify, Bombshell is still available for purchase. Bombshell (Summer) is the limited edition version that has been discontinued (joke’s on you, Victoria’s Secret, because I have not one but two). I also picked up a Bombshell (Summer) Body Lotion (200ml/6.7 fl oz) for KD 7/500 but I can’t seem to remember where I placed it at the moment.
Next up is this Sexy Faux Glow Kit which was a free gift with purchase (GWP) if you spent something insane like KD 35/000 or something close to that.
L-R: Body Prep Smoothing Scrub with Acai Extract (75ml/2.5 fl oz), All-Over Bronzing Stick (30g/1 oz), Self-Tanning Tinted Lotion (75ml/2.5 fl oz)
Body Prep Smoothing Scrub: “Create the perfect canvas for a gorgeous, golden glow. Luxurious foaming scrub with pure sugar crystals gently buffs away rough, dry spots to reveal smooth, radiant skin. It’s the sexiest way to get ready for self-tanning and bronzing.”
All-Over Bronzing Stick: “Glow, anytime, anywhere. Portable bronzing stick glides effortlessly over skin for a sleek, sexy all-over bronze.”
Self-Tanning Tinted Lotion: “Envelope your body in sexy radiance. Tinted self-tanning lotion gives skin an immediate golden glow and develops into a lasting tan within hours.”
The bag itself was aesthetically appealing (look at that rose-gold hardware), and I could already think of several different uses for it, but mostly I just really wanted to play with the travel-sized products that came in the bag.
I was only crossing through Victoria’s Secret (Avenues Branch) to get to Bath & Body Works when I was cornered by the sales assistant. I let her say her peace before continuing on to Bath & Body Works. Once I was done from there, I quickly returned to Victoria’s Secret (she had successfully suckered me in). Plus, I figured now was my chance to acquaint myself more with Victoria’s Secret products.

Feel so clean in fresh apple and lily.

I practically sniffed every scent they had in-store! Out of Victoria’s Secret entire Pink line, Fresh & Clean body mist (250ml/8.4 fl oz) stood out to me the most. These body mists retail for KD 6/500 per pop. Initially, I only grabbed one, but I needed to reach KD 35 to get the gift with purchase, so  right before checking out, I picked up another one (I didn’t fall in love with any of the other full-size scents in the Pink line.
SAM_3010.JPGHow cute is the unassuming packaging? It’s all perfectly rounded (you are looking at the cap, in the above photo). Also, pink (as in literally, it’s pink)! Plus, it’s transparent! I know, I know, some of you might be thinking the packaging might not be all that special but personally, I find it oh-so-cute! sam_3006
Adorable packaging aside, the reason why I chose this was because it strongly reminded me of Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue (reviewed – here). Since I’m pretty much obsessed with Light Blue (repurchasing it for years) and recently just finished my latest bottle of the stuff, I figured Fresh & Clean could tide me over, until I got another Light Blue. Just to clarify, I don’t believe that Light Blue and Fresh & Clean are dupes of each other, but I do believe that they are in the same family, scent-wise (as in, they both smell fresh). Also, these body mists are mostly composed of alcohol, so the scent tends to dissipate quite quickly.  As such, you need to spray this on generously and frequently. Just like Light Blue, it’s impossible to over-do it with Fresh & Clean (as in, you could literally drown yourself in it, and still smell great). Such an apt name for such a delightful scent! I’m happy to report that even after frequent use, I’m just as obsessed with Fresh & Clean as the day I got it! sam_3087
Fresh & Clean 2-in-1 Wash & Scrub (300ml/10.1 fl oz) retails for KD 6/500. I purchased this because as I said earlier, I wanted to acquaint myself with Victoria’s Secret products, and since I’m obsessed with exfoliating (as in actual physical exfoliating, not chemical peels and whatnot), and since I absolutely adore the Fresh & Clean scent (from the moment I sniffed it, in-store), purchasing this was a no-brainer. I have yet to try it out though (currently working my way through The Body Shop scrub).

Wrap your body in sexy, airbrushed perfection. Head-to-toe bronzing spray leaves skin kissed with instant golden color for a flawless look.

I’ve already got the Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs, but I couldn’t resist picking up this Instant Bronzing Tinted Body Spray (105g/3.72 oz). The Sally Hansen spray is great for my legs, but I wanted something that I could spray all over (including my face). The packaging kinda’ reminds me of my discontinued Escada Spray deodorant, but that had more of a purple ombre look to it. I’m hoping this Instant Bronzing Tinted Body Spray is going to be a legit tan shade, as opposed to the extremely subtle “glow” from other brands (*cough* Bath and Body Works *cough*). I’m actually going to be using this pretty soon, because I don’t like how pale I become during Winter.

Catch a perfectly tousled wave.
Sheer spray creates loose, natural-looking waves on all hair textures, for that effortlessly sexy, fresh-from-the-beach look.

Beach Hair Wave Spray (177ml/6 fl oz) retails for KD 2/750 and since it was basically a sea-salt spray (and such an inexpensive one, at that), I just had to purchase it (for the sake of experiencing varied Victoria’s Secret products, of course). Honestly, they had me at “Beach“. The transparent ombre packaging is so, so, so beautiful,  and paired with the rose-gold, wow! I can’t wait to actually try this out!


Sexy today. Sexy tomorrow. Sexy forever. A glamorous blend of purple passion fruit, Shangri-la yellow peony and vanilla orchid.

Bombshell Body Mist (75ml/2.5 fl oz) was purchased at the Victoria’s Secret booth at Debenhams (Avenues) for KD 5 (not too sure about the price). At first, I wanted to buy it in the full size, but then I realized I’d have to lug it around in my bag. So, I decided on purchasing two travel-sized body mists, instead. The packaging and the scent are absolutely delightful! It’s fresh and floral-y and fruity and sweet and light and well… lovely! My sister loved the scent almost as much as I did (she kept on complimenting me, every time I wore it) so I gave her the other one that I had. I even took this with me on my most recent vacation abroad, and wore it to the beach (which was where I spent 99% of my time abroad). Again, Bombshell and Bombshell (Summer) are not the same scent. It looks like they’ve updated the packaging (-_-) so if you wanna purchase the Bombshell Body Mist, be on the lookout for stripes.

Be forever sun kissed in coconut water and sunny vanilla.

The only other scent I coveted from the Pink range was Sun Kissed. I couldn’t find it in the full-size, which is why I purchased two, in the travel-size versions (75ml/2.5 fl oz) which look even more adorable (can’t get over the cuteness of the packaging!). The other reason why I purchased two of these was because I was trying to get the gift with purchase (gwp) shown at the start of this post, remember? I don’t have two anymore though because my friend loved Sun Kissed so much that I gave her one. I like how Sun Kissed comes in orange packaging, to correlate with the name and scent. From the description, this might sound like your run-of-the-mill, average, generic coconut and vanilla scent, but it’s so much more! The scent strongly reminds me of suntan lotions. In fact, at one point I could’ve sworn Sun Kissed was a dupe for Dior Sweet Sun but I don’t have it anymore, so I can’t confirm my suspicions. Regardless, Sun Kissed makes me ridiculously happy! One spritz conjures up images of the beach (for me, at least), which is why I love taking this with me when I’m going swimming at the pool or beach. In fact, I also took it with me on my most recent vacation abroad, alternating between Sun Kissed and Bombshell. It paired nicely with my Malibu Waves Sea Salt Spray (reviewed – here) and Oahu Coconut Sunset Lotion (reviewed – here). sam_3022

Love is fresh. Love is pure. Love is Heavenly.
Notes: Water Lily, Mandarin Flower, Luminous Musk

Love Is Heavenly Body Mist (75ml/2.5 fl oz) retails for KD 3/750 and even though it’s only in a travel-size, I still regret purchasing it. I guess I must’ve added it to the pile in a panic, because they were getting ready to close up shop, (I really didn’t want to drive all the way back to the Avenues, the next day, just to purchase some Victoria’s Secret stuff (that may or may not even be worth it). So I bought it and used it… and hated it. I wasn’t a fan of the name. I detested the packaging (the atomizer kept sticking, refusing to spritz) and the bottle wasn’t even pretty. The worst thing about this body mist was the scent. It’s a light scent but it’s most definitely a floral (blech!) and I don’t do florals (at least not this kind).

Provocative. Luxurious. The ultimate expression of sexy. Victoria’s Secret Seduction.
Notes: Dark Orchid, Midnight Orchid, Crushed Plum, Oud Wood.

With Seduction No 1 Dark Orchid Fragrance Mist (75ml/2.5 fl oz) I was instantly mesmerized (nay, seduced!) by the fragrance on the scent strip (perfume testing paper), handed to me by the sales assistant. First of all, let me get this off my chest. Why do brands give their products no less than 10,000 names for a single item? Why couldn’t this fragrance be called Seduction, or No 1, or Dark Orchid? Why does it have to be all of the above? Okay, rant over. The bottle is striking, with it’s dark ombre packaging, and black cap, that I don’t even mind the little hints of gold! The scent itself is pure gorgeousness! It’s all tart and fruit-y, at first. After that, I can detect some clean florals before it finally settles into a cozy, woods-y scent. Ugh, describing scents makes me feel so awkward because it seems so pretentious. Okay, think of it this way; if you enjoy Victor & Rolf “Flowerbomb”, Dior “Dior Addict”, or even Bath and Body Works “Twilight Woods”, then you would definitely enjoy Victoria’s Secret “Seduction No 1 Dark Orchid” because I believe that they are, more or less, in the same family. This is a beautiful creamy, spice-y, warm scent which is perfect for Winter. After spritzing it on, before going out, I can always smell it on my scarf, the very next day!
Finally, at the check-out counter, I randomly chose a few lip glosses (to increase the total so I could get the gift with purchase).

Color Shine Gloss from the Beauty Rush line in the shades Peek-a-boo and Totally Hot.

Flavored Gloss from the Beauty Rush line in the shade So Jelly and from the Shiny Kiss line in the shade Citrus Kissed.

As you can see Citrus Kissed is a sheer orange with a jelly finish, So Jelly is an iridescent shimmery purple, Totally Hot is a coral with a creme finish, and Peek-a-boo is a shimmery nude.

Aside from Sexy Little Things EDP (hauled – here), Bombshell (Summer) Body Lotion (which I can’t find), and some make-up bits, this is my entire collection of Victoria’s Secret products. I feel like I’ve got a good selection of products so I’m very pleased with my humble collection. Most of their products just smell so good and look so cute! Even if I’m not going anywhere, I love drowning myself in Fresh & Clean straight out of the shower, because that scent just makes me so happy! Also, those travel-size body mists are literally so light and compact (they don’t weight much), to the extent that I took a lot of them with me (for variety) on my most recent vacation abroad. I can’t wait to try out the rest of my Victoria’s Secret products! Once I whittle down my collection, I think I’ll be visiting Victoria’s Secret a lot more often.

Please feel free to share your recommendations of Victoria’s Secret fragrances in the comments sections below!

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