Moon Jewelry

In honor of the Super Moon tonight (mentioned earlier here), I thought it would be fun to have an entire post solely dedicated to moon-inspired jewelry. I had no shortage of pictures to choose from, thanks to places like Etsy. All the pictures I got were courtesy of google. I had the hardest time with this, so much so, that I actually deleted the first version (after posting it) because it looked a bit rushed (to coincide with the Super Moon) and I wasn’t happy with the whole thing. Let me preface this by saying, moon-inspired jewelry can be pretty hard to pull off, depending on the finish, the material used, and how you wear it. Certain statement pieces can resemble costume jewelry (which is totally fine if you’re going for the whole Goth thing or Steampunk thing or whatever the kids are into nowadays), while other pieces can come across as tacky and cheap (regardless of whether you might actually have spent an arm and a leg to acquire them). I know it might not sound like it but I’m actually all for moon-inspired jewelry. However, I’m also aware of how it can come across, sometimes.

We’ve come a long way from those friendship necklaces, which generally came in a heart design – meant for you to give one half to your bestie and wear the other yourself, as the two halves fit together to make a whole heart – but also came in different designs such as the sun and moon, etc… and I just couldn’t resist including the friendship necklaces at the top (+10 points to whoever figures out where that quote is from, and here’s a clue; I don’t think it’s meant to be given to your bestie) as a nod to the friendship necklaces sold at the novelty shop (at the Ice Skating Rink), way, waaay back in the day.

What better way to start a moon-inspired jewelry blog post, than with the OG moon-inspired gemstone, officially known as Moonstone! The ancient Greeks believed Moonstones to be solidified moonlight, which is why they coined the term “moonstone” to describe the pearly, opalescent gemstone. Ideally you should have the Moonstone in your hands, and be able to move it around (read: gently), because only while you are moving it, will you be able to experience the magical play of light. That play of light is an optical effect called adularescence, and is exclusive to Moonstones, but can be found (to a lesser degree) in other gemstones. I read up on it (there was a lot of technical jargon) but basically, adularescence is the misty light, or silver shimmer or milky, bluish iridescence (comparable to the light of the moon), that appears to float on the surface, like a movable cloud (kinda’ reminds me of a magic 8 ball, actually), that makes the moonstone look like it’s glowing from within (not just on the surface). If you close the lights, the moonstone will not glow. It only looks like it glows because that’s just the way it reflects light. Think of the moonstone as a transparent, teeny-tiny Fun House (yup, that’s the best analogy I could come up with), filled with teeny-tiny distorted mirrors, some facing each other, and some overlapping each other, and all of them broken. Obviously, the light would reflect very strangely. You can see the adularescence more clearly in the first few photos of the rings up top.

Moonstones can be found in many different colors including white, gray, blue, pink, peach, orange, yellow, green, rainbow, and tan. Some types are completely transparent, and others are colorless. For those who are into that woo-woo stuff, the most agreed upon trait in moonstones is that they can help bring out a person’s psychic abilities. Aside from evolving Pokemon (thanks, google) the moonstone’s other uses include; protection for travelers (as throughout history travelers have carved moonstones into amulets, talismans, etc…), love and passion for lovers (gifted to each other), and is generally associated with bringing good fortune (good luck). There are other “uses” but I got bored of skimming page after page of this stuff, and trying to narrow it down, in my own words.

As you can see from the photos above, the cut of the moonstone (round, oval, pear, rose), size of the moonstone (from delicate to over-sized), and band the moonstone is embedded in (platinum, sterling silver, white gold, rose gold) or chain the moonstone is suspended from, can vary but they are all beautiful in their own way. Personally, I prefer the simplicity of the men’s rings (top two photos) over the frou-frou of the jewel-encrusted woman’s ring (directly underneath). Even the bands (black, silver, rose gold) drastically alters the style of the piece. Of the two necklace designs (this has no bearing on anything but one is budget-friendly while the other is crazy expensive), which do you prefer? There is no wrong answer. It’s all a matter of personal style. In my case, I find the budget-friendly one more appealing (either in the silver chain or rose gold chain but never the gold, yuck) because again, it’s simpler. As for the last two rings, one is a delicate piece, a tiny moonstone embedded in a rose band (left) while the other is a slightly more obnoxious piece, cut in the shape of a rose (right). In this case, I actually prefer the more obnoxious piece over the delicate piece because it’s more colorful. To tie everything in with the previous moonstone lore we touched on earlier, most of the rings shown above are actual engagement rings (some for men, most for women) as apparently moonstones are quite popular as engagements rings.

Next, we have Opal (and possibly some Opalite), and a single Chalcedony Wraparound Ring (top right, men’s ring), all regularly being mistaken for Moonstone (sometimes intentionally, by the seller). While Opal, Chalcedony, and Moonstone are naturally occurring in nature, Opalite is man-made. Opals displays a shining and sparkling dance of color (when you move them) known as “opalescence”, and is so beautiful that it has been copied and man-made (Opalite) since the 1930’s. Opalite is often sold to unsuspecting buyers; sometimes as genuine Opals and sometimes as genuine Moonstones based on their resemblances to each other. Puts a whole new twist on Becca Skin Perfectors (that come in the shades Moonstone, Opal, Pearl, Rose Gold, Topaz) doesnt it? Opal comes from the Greek term “opallios” which translates to color change, which in turn came from the Sanskrit word “upala” which translates to precious stone. Just like how Moonstones have a distinctive “play of light”, Opals have a distinctive “play of color”, as they flash different colors when you move them. Opals that display “play of color” are categorized as Precious Opal and their prices can rival the most expensive Diamonds, Rubies, or Emeralds, whereas Opals that lack “play of color” are categorized as Common Opal (actually considered a very common material) can be found throughout the world, and is of very little value. Again, I’ve included some budget-friendly pieces side by side with the more expensive pieces (more engagement rings). Can you figure out which pieces are Opals, and which are Opalites? Real or fake, I find White Opal (possibly Opalite) to be the prettiest, because of how it showcases the different colored sparkly bits inside!

Moving on to actual moon-inspired jewelry (as opposed to precious gemstones that shimmer and shine like the moon), here we have Swarovski Crystals (man-made) shaped into a crescent moon (and star) in everything from earrings to necklaces and chokers. Finally, something I can talk about from first-hand experience. When I was in Thailand with my husband (who is now my ex-husband), we went to this place that sold all kinds of jewelry (that came with certificates for each piece and everything). In all honesty, jewelry isn’t really my “thing” and I was actually more interested in Watson’s (drugstore that sold Asian brand makeup) which was their version of Boots. However, every single taxi driver (the rare handful of times we didn’t take a Tuk-Tuk) kept trying to get us to go to that jewelry store (which was huuuuge and filled with other tourists, mostly Japanese). At first I was like, “nope” (cuz I was so sure it was going to be something like this) but towards the end of our trip, we’d already seen and done everything else, so at my ex-husband’s insistence, we decided to check it out. I suspect the taxi drivers are given a cut or something, for bringing tourists to that place.

There might have been a tour of some sort but I can’t be too sure because I tend to zone out and block these things from my memory. My ex-husband wanted me to pick something out (possibly sick of my “jewelry” from Claire’s Accessories which is effectively a children’s store), but nothing I saw struck my fancy. I wasn’t interested in anything Gold (ugh), nor Pearls (especially since he’d just purchased a Pearl Necklace for me earlier on in our trip) and most certainly wasn’t interested in the frou-frou jewelry (too colorful, too bling-y, and too “busy” for my taste). I found the simplicity of the men’s jewelry section infinitely more appealing. That is, until I saw the crescent moon necklace (not choker) and crescent moon earrings set. It looked so cute! When I tried it on, it sparkled so beautifully every time I moved. I didn’t know what it was made of nor did I care. I just knew that I had fallen in love with this darling moon-shaped set and had to have it in my life! I’m sure it’s not anything “precious” but it looks cute, and sparkles so beautifully, but most importantly makes me happy! Those photos up top are the closest thing I could find resembling the darling set I’d found in Thailand. That said, the pictures don’t do them much justice because – and I cannot emphasize this enough – in real life, they sparkle so beautifully! Back in Kuwait, my older sister broke my darling little necklace (and my heart with it) by accidentally dropping it. She has since super-glued it together, but the damage is done, and there is a visible crack. I like to tell myself that the crack gives the necklace “character”.

Here’s another selection of moon-inspired jewelry, with the more expensive jewelry up top; the first two photos are of the Happy Diamond Moon and Stars Pendant from Chopard (you can tell from the signature floating diamonds which in this piece are the little moon and stars inside). The delicate and feminine jewelry pieces are in the middle (they might look chunky on their own but look at how tiny one of them actually is when worn, rose gold crescent moon on the model to the bottom left). The trendy pieces are at the bottom (chokers are trending, again, and velvet is also currently trending so velvet chokers shown are very on-trend). Not quite sure why, but the double horn necklace (mid-left photo, worn by model in a dark grey t-shirt) looks so distasteful to me. I find the floating moon and stars absolutely delightful though (kinda’ remind me of the little floating beads inside the bottle of Victoria’s Secret Sexy Little Things perfume) but those delicate little necklaces are the most appealing of all. I’m not big on Gold so I like that these come in a mix and match of Rose Gold, and Silver, as well as Gold. The single crescent moon is quite cute, but so is the crescent moon with a star, the crescent moon with three stars, the crescent moon with a heart, and the double crescent moon. In fact, I think the double crescent moon necklace is my favorite, out of all the pieces, in this selection!

Now, we are starting to veer off into the “less wearable” territory, at least in Kuwait. This selection of necklaces consist of a crescent moon accompanied with a charm (possibly Rainbow Moonstone but Opalite more likely), Obsidian accompanied with a tiny crescent moon as the charm, crescent moons made out of wood, blue crescent moon (Opal/Opalite?), and lastly, over-sized crescent moons. The Obsidian wrapped in leather with a tiny crescent moon charm is the most appealing to me. In fact, I actually own something similar; except instead of Obsidian, it’s actually transparent (made to look like a quartz), and instead of leather it’s actually suspended from a chain, and it doesn’t have the tiny crescent moon charm, but I find my necklace (from Forever 21) just as appealing as the Obsidian necklace! I also like the the look of the crescent moons made out of wood. So, once again, I find myself more drawn to the men’s jewelry because of its simplicity. That said, the crescent moon necklace with the iridiscent charm (Opal/Opalite?) in the first photo (top right) has an appleaing color scheme, and maybe if that Blue crescent moon necklace was fashioned from White Opal (see earlier paragraph) I’d be more drawn to it. Even that over-sized crescent moon necklace, I’d totally be hunting it down online to purchase, if only it didn’t have a star (yeah, because that’s what’s stopping it from being wearable lawl). Here’s where I’m of two minds; my Kuwaiti side is saying “no”, but my Japanese side is jumping up and down in delight screaming “Kawaiiii!”. My Kuwaiti side thinks it’s childish and cartoon-y whereas my Japanese side thinks it’s delightfully whimsical. I don’t have to necessarily wear it to weddings or work or anything like that. It could just be reserved for going over to my friends’ or when they come over. Lastly, that bottom over-sized crescent moon necklace looks straight up dangerous (I totally see myself accidentally cutting myself) so it doesn’t really appeal to me, since I have an extremely low tolerance for pain (a paper cut can break me). Whether you find these necklaces beautiful or hideous, charming or distasteful, (one more, fashionable or tacky), as I said earlier, they just aren’t as easily wearable in Kuwait.

Out of all the moon-inspired jewelry, this crescent moon (filagree) necklace design kept popping up, albeit in different variations. I can totally see Muslims wearing this style of necklace during Ramadan because of the over-sized filagree crescent moon. It’s not really my style though. Again, this can veer a bit too costume-y, especially since it’s over-sized. However, I decided to include it and the different variations of it because I’m actually leading up to something. Now that I’ve stared at it long enough, the ones with the charms dangling off them are actually starting to look pretty, but the tiny terrarium-looking globes (the one in the larger pic has seashells and sand in it, while the one in the smaller pic has dried dandelion) are absolutely adorable!

This is what I’ve been leading up to. The same style of crescent moon necklaces (again, in different variations) but this time, they glow-in-the-dark!!!! Again, it’s not my style; it’s over-sized, and overall a bit too busy for my taste. That said, I’ve never really out-grown my glow-in-the-dark obsession and therefore think that anything and everything that glows-in-the-dark is insanely cool! Plus, they come in different shapes and colors. I mean, that filagree crescent moon necklace with a glow-in-the-dark cobalt blue heart dangling from it (bottom left, only necklace in the photo) looks absolutely gorgeous!

Here’s some more glow-in-the-dark moon-inspired necklaces and pendants in a completely different design. There’s something I find aesthetically appealing about their circular shape. The ones all the way at the top are glow-in-the-dark full moon necklaces. As you can see, they come in several different colors. The ones directly beneath them are glow-in-the-dark man-on-the-moon necklaces, meant to mimic the face you see when looking up at the moon. These also come in different colors. The pendant to the side and the necklaces beneath them are meant to depict the the surface of the moon (craters and all) and also glow-in-the-dark. The ones all the way at the bottom are the tree-of-life with a glow-in-the-dark full moon in the background, an owl with a glow-in-the-dark full moon behind it, a depiction of a cloudy night with a crescent moon (both cloud and moon glow-in-the-dark), and finally half moon necklaces that also glow-in-the-dark. Some of these look really cool to me while some of them look really tacky to me. Personally, I find the white moon on a silver necklace (photo directly above the glow-in-the-dark Zodiac necklace) to be absolutely beautiful! I love that it looks so simple and yet glows-in-the-dark. I wouldn’t object to the green glow-in-the-dark full moon necklace though (top left, first photo). As I stated earlier, there’s just something I find so aesthetically appealing about their circular shape, especially the two that I mentioned.

Moving on from necklaces and pendants, we’ve got moon-inspired earrings. Starting from the top left, we have the double horn earring (which I find so distasteful for some reason), jeweled teal crescent moon earrings (actually not bad and kinda’ look cute), golden crescent moon and stars earrings (kinda’ looks cheap but maybe that’s just ‘cuz I detest Gold), and beneath that are slightly less offensive drop earrings with a crescent moon also all in Gold (aside from the charm). Beneath that we’ve got several delicate pieces that include crescent moon stud earrings. Regardless of whether they come in Gold or Silver or whatever else, I find these more to my taste, as they are absolutely adorable! Beneath that, we’ve got teeny-tiny studs for your other ear piercings. I normally get mine from Forever 21 (or Claire’s Accessories lawl) in a set of 3 or more. That said, I’ve only got 2 piercings per ear (4 in total) and don’t plan on getting more anytime soon. The more trendy pieces are at the bottom and consist of moon phase crawler, crescent moon and stars jacket earrings, crescent moon tragus stud (tragus piercings are also currently trending in Kuwait), and finally crescent moon and stars ear cuffs. Although some of these look insanely cute, and some look quite tacky (I mean, I’m all for silver but that silver crescent moon and star jacket earring, and that silver crescent moon and star cuff look so cheap), the only one I’d genuinely be interested in would have to be the silver crescent moon earrings (directly beneath the drop earrings) because they are so simple, absolutely adorable, and everyday wearable. Unlike necklaces, which can be a nightmare to put on or take off, get tangled in your hair, and can strangle you in your sleep, or rings which are so high-maintenance they need to be tried on in-store to avoid them fitting awkwardly (regardless of whether you purchased it in your regular size) and tend to angrily tug and pull on your clothes (practically creating a gaping whole in your favorite knit sweater), or watches which are so fussy that anything and everything can scratch them up, and no matter how carefully you take care of them, they still end up with a crack, and most unforgivable of all is how their batteries are constantly needing to be replaced (so needy)! As such, earrings are actually my favorite jewelry item because you just put them on and forget about them! Easy peezy lemon squeezy!

Next up, we’ve got moon-inspired rings! Starting with the topographically correct slice of moon rings in steel, gold and silver. Right next to them is a moon phase ring. Underneath that is the Eclipse in a cool geometric design. To the left of it is a brushed metal, textured moon ring. Aside from the bottom row, the rest are all different variations on the crescent moon ring; from the over-sized crescent moon ring (on the model wearing nail polish), to the white crescent moon ring (carved out of ivory), to the black crescent moon rings, to the rings with a jewel-encrusted crescent moon or the crescent moon rings accompanied with a stone of some sort, to the Victorian-esque moon-inspired gold rings, to the Celtic silver moon ring, and finally to the bizarre, a ring that depicts two hands holding the moon. Aside coming in different finishes, some are regular rings while others are adjustable rings. Some are midi-rings (or knuckle-rings) while others are stackable rings (two or more rings worn on the same finger). Personally, I find a lot of these rings to be quite beautiful, really! I mean, that textured full moon ring, in a brushed metal finish (underneath the slice of moon rings in the first photo) might look too simple for some, but I find it to be the most delightful, out of all the rings shown in this selection. The black jewel-encrusted crescent moon ring with a rose gold band (large pic in the middle) looks gorgeous to me! The more trendy tiny crescent moon midi ring and all the vertical stackables as well as horizontal moon phase stackable look so cute, delicate, and feminine inasmuch that I love them all! In fact, from those silver moon bronze stars and gold sun stackables, and up, every single ring has its own charm! From the golden entwined crescent moons, and down, not so much (although as a teenager I might’ve been interested in the hands holding the moon ring to the left). Which one appealed to you the most?

These man-on-the-moon rings deserve a section of their own. Honestly, none of these look like the face I see when I look up at the moon. In fact, the second ring (first one up top, to the right, directly above the black ring) strongly reminds me of Falkor (NeverEnding Story). Out of all of them, my favorite has got to be the black ring with a rose gold band because it looks so pretty and after this blog post, I’m starting to realize I have a preference for rose gold jewelry combined with black gems or rocks or whatever else. That said, ‘imma be real with you and confess that at first, all these rings actually looked ugly to me, but as I kept rearranging them (until I was satisfied with the layout), they grew on me, until now I just find them creepy, aside from the adorable black and rose gold ring (which I adore!).

Slightly less conventional (but I figured I’d add them anyway) are these crescent moon hair clips. Initially, when I saw the hair clip with a gemstone dangling off it, I thought “nope”, but then when I saw it on the model in the first photo, I thought “oooh purdy!”, which is why I added a second dangly-type of hair-clip. I know they look a bit OTT but they look pretty to me so… yeah. As for the bottom row, I am not a fan of the way the hair clip is situated in the first photo, but the other three are fine. In fact, the last two hair clips look pretty adorable on short hair and on a milk-maid braid!

Here we have everything from chunky cuffs (and a single arm cuff) to delicate bracelets in a variety of finishes. Personally, I’ve always had a soft spot for chunky cuffs, ever since I was a teenager, so aside from the first photo of the geometric one, I find them all appealing. That said, the delicate pieces at the bottom are absolutely adorable, and wonderful for layering.

Finally, we’ve come to the end of this post with unique pieces depicting both the phases of the moon and the surface of the moon. As I’ve stated earlier, there’s something infinitely appealing about their circular shape. I mean that necklace specifically (first photo) just looks so beautiful to me, as does the matching earrings. That moon phase bracelet though is stunning!

Out of all the moon-inspired jewelry in this entire post, from the selection of Moonstones to Opals and Opalites, to all the rings, earrings, necklaces, and bracelets, which one appealed to you the most? Did you love or hate any one piece in particular? There is no wrong answer (it’s all a matter of personal taste). This blog post was a little different from my usual posts. Hope you enjoyed it!

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